Do you want to Vacation without
Packing your Kitchen?!

Food Allergies have changed your life, don’t let them change your vacation! 

Going to Disney World with food allergies just got a lot easier 

ditch the anxiety of trying new places and things (know exactly where to go!)

Pictures, Checklists and Hacks to make your trip Easy

Hidden Surprises? Nope, you're prepared for an awesome Vacation

I couldn't even say the word "vacation" without Crying

I’ll never forget the day in 2015 that I learned that my precious infant had F.P.I.E.S.- a rare food allergy that is still misunderstood. 

I cried for days. 

I felt like everything I had hoped my son would experience- birthday parties, family vacations, school parties– had been ripped from our future. 

Add in food allergies for the rest of my immediate family, and it felt like “normal” would never be our life. 

We’d be a slave to the kitchen and packing our own coolers of food for the rest of our lives. 

Even though it felt impossible at first, my children with severe allergies can actually be 'normal' on vacation. 

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✨ and guides that are GUARANTEED to ease anxiety and boost vacation confidence.
✨✨ All tailored for allergy families from a Disney World Food Allergy Expert✨✨ 

All your Dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them (walt disney)

Fast Forward 30 days from now

You’ve read the guide, and now, you’re finally taking the leap. 

You’re going to tell the kids that a vacation is not only possible, but that you’ve already booked it! 

The best part? You get to share with them that they are going to get to be normal… maybe for the first time in their life, food allergies won’t be the reason they are left out. 

Easy Disney Vacations

Basic plan for getting started
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  • 7 Day's of Food Allergy Touring Plans for Disney World Resort
  • Bonus: Snacks with Character's Quick Guide

Ultimate Disney World Guide

Food Allergies Made Easy
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  • Food Allergies Made Easy; Ultimate Disney World Guide eBook
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Food Allergy Confidence at Disney World
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I'm sure your thinking, how will one random person I've never met on the internet help me with food allergies?
I mean, my family has these unique challenges, and it's not something everyone deals with.

But this isn't just a list of restaurants.

This is strategies to find the best places to eat, this is guide to help you know what to expect so you can squash your anxiety, this is the detailed information that will answer your questions without hubris.

A simple yet highly effective guide to travel to Disney World with food allergies.

Food Allergy Freedom.

What others have asked before joining the Disney Food Allergy Family

You’re all good! This guide is designed to help you plan your vacation, from places to eat, to what to expect, to where you can find fun allergy friendly treats. 

Congrats! I know that can be a large task. Use this guide to find places to eat, what to expect at each park, and what to do in case of an emergency!

Yep! Everything is immediate access. You’ll get an email for any updates. 

You can do whatever you want! Just know that reading the guides at home in your pajamas is a lot less stressful than frantically looking through them at the parks. 

Instead of focusing on the just restaurants, this food allergy guide emphasizes strategies and information important to know for your vacation. 

Instead of focusing on the just restaurants, this food allergy guide emphasizes strategies and information important to know for your vacation. 

Let me know within 7 days if you have an issue and receive a 100% refund. Instances past 7 days will be a case by case basis. Please email me! Seely @

The People have Spoken

I am blown away by how much better I feel after ready just a few chapters!

Amy- South Carolina

My daughter is going to be so impressed with this plan, she won’t be able to say no to a trip with my 9 year old grandson

Carol- Tennessee

Have we met?

Hello Hello! 

I’m Seely, and I’m going to talk about myself in third person now because it’s what the experts say I’m supposed to do here…

“Between her Husband, 3 Kids and Herself, she manages over 20 severe allergies (sad face! but we’re the healthiest we’ve ever been, so Thank you God!).

She shares reviews and tips on her site (and hidden blood, sweat and tears!) Mouse Ear Memories, and makes it her mission to spread Food Allergy Awareness. 

Now, drawing on her allergy experience (unwanted, but lets make lemonade here) , her M.A. (wanted, but also don’t recommend) and several years as a public educator (still recovering! still don’t recommend) , Seely is bringing the info to you!”

Are you finally ready to go on vacation without being worried about the food?

I'm not saying you shouldn't pack snacks (because you should always have a backup option!)
But you also shouldn't go into a vacation with uncertainty, confusion or bad advice.
If you need help with planning, or the confidence to take the trip, you'll find several options for making this trip a dream come true!