Everyone deserves a seat at the table on vacation

even those of us with dietary needs

You’ve found the Complete Insider’s Guide to Food Allergies at Disney – and now you can confidently plan a safe and magical vacation.

You're planning the family trip of a lifetime,
but food needs have you feeling frustrated

Disney World is the most magical place on earth… unless you’ve spent countless hours researching, worrying about what to eat, and all the other needed information  (and you haven’t even left for vacation yet!) 

Don’t let the planning and fear get in the way of a magical trip full of precious memories… 

Join 100’s of other families who’ve discovered the magic of a Disney World Vacation while eating delicious and safe allergy friendly foods across the resort. 

ditch the anxiety of endless hours of research (know exactly where to go with our Touring Plan of Resturants)

Stay in the know with up to date Pictures, easy checklists and stress-free hacks

Be totally prepared for changing food plans on the go (so no one gets hangry on vacation)

When you Join' Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy' you'll get Instant Access to

✨ Must see Updated Pictures and checklists
✨ the M.O.U.S.E. Method for easy planning and reduced planning time
✨  Confidence that a Disney World Vacation with Food Allergies is the right fit for your Family
✨  Relevant, up to date allergy information from boots on the ground
✨ and guides that are GUARANTEED to ease anxiety and boost vacation confidence. ✨✨ All tailored for allergy families from a Disney World Food Allergy Expert✨✨ 

Have we met?

Hi! I’m Seely, happy to internet meet you! 

If your here, then you understand that food is both a welcome source of energy and a big source of stress. 

Now there’s extra work, extra anxiety and extra research just to do normal everyday things. 

It’s not all bad news thought… this free from community is amazing.

Even better? You’ve got all the research and tips for a magical allergy friendly/dietary safe vacation at Disney World right at your fingertips 

From a mom who gets it, 


take a peek inside the 2022 update for
'food allergies at Disney world made easy guidebook' ...

cheat sheets that let you know what to expect (even when other sites/groups are outdated because the changes happened after their trips)

Detailed Pages with tips, what to expect, important information and so much more

informative images letting updating you on the latest changes

Even though it felt impossible at first, my children with severe allergies can actually be 'normal' on vacation. 

A simple yet highly effective guide to travel to Disney World with food allergies: 'Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy'.

And because I've dealt with the top 8 allergies + Gluten Free Celiac... there's planning info for every situation inside.

Food Allergy Touring Plan *only*

$ 19
  • Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy Restaurant Touring Plan
  • Perfect option for Experienced Vacationers that just need information
  • The items listed below are not included in this bundle:
  • Food Allergies at DIsney World Made Easy Guidebook
  • Planning Template Printables

Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy Bundle

$ 35
  • Food Allergies at DIsney World Made Easy Guidebook
  • Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy Restaurant Touring Plan
  • Planning Template Printables
  • Designed for People New to Disney or New to eating with dietary needs

FAQ's for 'Food Allergies at DIsney World made easy bundle'

This is the 2022 update! 

You’re all good! This guide is designed to help you plan your vacation, from places to eat, to what to expect, to where you can find fun allergy friendly treats. 

Congrats! I know that can be a large task. Use this guide to find places to eat, what to expect at each park, and what to do in case of an emergency!

Yep! Everything is immediate access. You’ll get an email for any updates. 

Instead of focusing on the just restaurants, this food allergy guide emphasizes strategies and information important to know for your vacation. 

Instead of focusing on the just restaurants, this food allergy guide emphasizes strategies and information important to know for your vacation. 

Let me know within 7 days if you have an issue and receive a 100% refund. Instances past 7 days will be a case by case basis. Please email me! Seely @ mouseearmemories.com

Janel Berchelli
Janel Berchelli @glutenfreeandthemouse
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As a frequent Gluten free guest at Disneyland I was so overwhelmed with the thought of how differently things were at Walt Disney World. This guide helped me better understand the WDW lingo, food ordering process and what to ask for when searching for the list of ingredients. After reading this guide I feel confident that I will be able to eat safely at Walt Disney World.
AmySouth Carolina
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I Am Blown Away By How Much Better I Feel After Ready Just A Few Chapters!
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My Daughter Is Going To Be So Impressed With This Plan, She Won’t Be Able To Say No To A Trip With My 9 Year Old Grandson ​

Enjoy your Disney Vacation with 'Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy Bundle'

I'm not saying you shouldn't pack snacks (because you should always have a backup option!)
But you also shouldn't go into a vacation with uncertainty, confusion or bad advice.
If you need help with planning, or the confidence to take the trip, join today!

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The author makes no claims for accuracy as Disney and company can modify menu and offerings at any time.

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