You’ve heard that Disney is easy for food allergies, but you’ve also likely heard the horror stories of their ‘Friendly Menus’, Hidden Third Party locations, and complaints from others about eating the same safe thing at every meal (it’s safe, but cmon, we need diversity!). 

In the last 6 years, I’ve walked the parks over a thousand times to find exclusive information that Disney doesn’t share online including information about cross contact, mislabeled allergens, third parties and allergy procedures + created a full comprehensive snack and menu guide because I was tired of my kids being left out on vacation. 

And I’ve shared all the information online so you can get back to planning the Magical parts of your trip while knowing you have safe and unique food options waiting for you! 

Your Easy Disney Food Allergy Vacation just got easier…

Your most magical vacation ever!

Easy plans and detailed allergens for an amazing trip.

Know the best places to go based on current menus and reviews

Guide updated monthly!

Get a list of snacks for every park

Quick access snack guide to save you time on vacation.

Exactly where to eat all the snacks!

2024 Disney World Food Allergy Snack Guide ✨


Your Worry free Bundle to Ordering Safely on Vacation

Disney World Food Allergies Made Easy Bundle ✨


You're planning the family trip of a lifetime,
but food needs have you feeling frustrated

Disney World is the most magical place on earth… unless you’ve spent countless hours researching, worrying about what to eat, and all the other needed information  (and you haven’t even left for vacation yet!) 

Join 100’s of other families who’ve discovered the magic of a Disney World Vacation while eating delicious and safe allergy friendly foods across the resort. 

the only food allergy guide for Disney World available online

 So that you’ll know where to eat at the parks and resorts, what to do about breakfast, what snacks to get, how to change plans last minute, secret menu items and more.

Just like a ride could take 5 minutes to 20 minutes to an hour, no two allergy meals will be exactly the same.

This guide is guaranteed to make your vacation easier, it will give you the blueprint you need to plan your vacation, and will save you at least an hour looking for safe snacks (or your money back!) 

Inside the Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy Bundle you’ll find:

– The Unofficial Disney World Food Allergies Made Easy Guide (table of contents below!) 

-No fuss Snack Guide, with over 200 snacks with listed allergens!

-Disney World Food Allergies Water Parks Guide 

-Quick Service Guide with Menus

Snacks, Ingredients, Images- for all Four Parks

2024 Disney World Food Allergy Snack Guide ✨


Your Worry free Bundle to Ordering Safely on Vacation

Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy Bundle ✨


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Hi! I’m Seely, happy to internet meet you! 

If your here, then you understand that food is both a welcome source of energy and a big source of stress. 

Now there’s extra work, extra anxiety and extra research just to do normal everyday things. 

It’s not all bad news thought… this free from community is amazing.

Even better? You’ve got all the research and tips for a magical allergy friendly/dietary safe vacation at Disney World right at your fingertips 

From a mom who gets it, 


Disclaimer:This information is assembled in good faith, The Author is not employed, endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Disney World, it’s parent companies or subsidiaries.

The author makes no claims for accuracy as Disney and company can modify menu and offerings at any time.

This is not a medical device.