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At a glance:

-Planning the Top 8 Most Common Allergies (Dairy, Wheat, Soy, Peanut, Tree Nut, Fish and Shellfish), Single Allergies and Multiple Allergies, plus Gluten Free info

-Easy reading with practical tips, M.O.U.S.E. Method for planning your trip, Best Resorts to stay at, Ordering Concerns and Hacks

-Low Anxiety guide so you have Peace of Mind (without packing your entire kitchen)

Always Free for Qualifying Families

Easy Access: Phone/Tablet/ Desktop +printable version

Language: English 

Updates: every 4-6 weeks

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Inside the Bundle

Bonuses Included!

Bonus 1- All about Disney Bread

Bonus 2- All about Frozen Snacks

All of the Bread Options found at Disney, from Bread Service to Sandwiches to Breakfast. Find Manufacturer information, Ingredients, Locations and Cross Contact (or Allergy Procedures!)  

Bonus 3- Easy Itinerary

Know all the recommended locations (by Allergen and Park!) plus all the options where you can find an Allergy Menu

There’s lots of Frozen Treats around, and we dive into the options with Ingredients, Allergens, Locations and where to find Unicorns like Dairy Free, Soy Free, Egg Free  and Nut Free options   

Bonus 4- Quick Reference Snack Guide

Broken down by Allergen and by Park, this is the perfect 5 minute snack guide for finding a quick treat! Screenshot the options and send it to other people in your party so they know what to get at a glance. 

Bonus 5- Holiday Options

Covering Halloween and the Holiday Season, I’ll share about finds around the parks and resorts, plus Mickey’s Halloween and Christmas Party

Bonus 6- Character Meals

Menus, Tips and What to Expect with Allergies at Disney’s Character Meals (both inside and outside the park!) 

Food Allergy Snack Guide

Over 200 snacks with Allergy Details
$ 17
  • Full List of Snacks
  • Bonuses Included

Food Allergies Made Easy

Your Guide to Food Allergies at Disney
$ 36
  • Insights and Tips for Managing Food Allergies at Disney
  • Snack Guide, Itinerary, Ingredient Lists and more!


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Yes! Every 4-6 weeks (unless there’s an emergency and it needs to be updated sooner)

Yes! This is a PDF you keep forever, but updates only run through March 2025 to give you plenty of planning time. 

I am currently updating Sesame as I find the information, Disney is still updating Sesame as well with the roll out of inclusion. 

I do not, I have not, and this guide is 100% independent from Disney, it’s companies and brands. Disney has it’s own special diets department, that you can contact about Food Allergies, and I have no relations with them. 

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Author: Seely Lee Haislip 

First Edition was 2020 with Yearly Copies made

Disclaimer: This information is assembled in good faith, The Author is not employed, endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Disney World, it’s parent companies or subsidiaries. 

The author makes no claims for accuracy as Disney and company can modify menu and offerings at any time.

This is not a medical device.