At a glance:

-The Confidence you need to take a trip with Food Allergies

-Easy reading with practical tips- You’ll love how easy this ebook makes your vacation planning! 

-It’s the Peace of Mind you need to pack up the family and go somewhere without packing your entire kitchen


  1.  Ordering Food at the Parks
  2.  Ordering Food at the Resorts 
  3. Mobile Ordering and ADR
  4. Sweets, treats and special events
  5. Must Know Tips to make Food Allergies at Disney World Easier 
  6. Pros and Cons to staying Onsite or Offsite with allergies 
  7. Handle Emergencies (it pays to be prepared!)
  8. Resource Guide/ Extras 

Food Allergies Made Easy; The Ultimate Disney World Guide

Everything you need to vacation at Disney World with Dietary Needs

For everyone of you that have cursed food allergies and bemoaned how difficult they have made your life, I have good news. 

You have the most comprehensive book anywhere in digital or print to make your vacation planning with food allergies a breeze. 

The bad news is this:

If you don’t grab this book, you’ll be like me in 2015-2017, researching for hours online and spending a lot of money and tears trying to figure out where to eat.