At a glance:

-Planning for Celiac Gluten Free, The top 8 most common allergies (dairy, gluten, soy, peanut/treenut, fish and shellfish), Single Allergies and Multiple Allergies

-Easy reading with practical tips, M.O.U.S.E. Method for planning your trip, Best Resorts to stay at, Ordering Concerns and Hacks

-It’s the Peace of Mind you need to pack up the family and go somewhere without packing your entire kitchen


  1.  Ordering Food at the Parks
  2.  Ordering Food at the Resorts 
  3. Mobile Ordering and ADR
  4. Sweets, treats and special events
  5. Must Know Tips to make Food Allergies at Disney World Easier 
  6. Pros and Cons to staying Onsite or Offsite with allergies 
  7. Handle Emergencies (it pays to be prepared!)
  8. Resource Guide/ Extras 

Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy: Bundle with Touring Plan

Everything you need to vacation at Disney World with Dietary Needs in 2022

There’s a shock factor that comes from a Food Allergy diagnosis, and for the first two years I lived in constant fear of everything food related (yes, even Disney)

Eventually I found some courageous folks online that shared their journey with the world. Their travels (+precautions), the realities of mingling with the outside world when you have allergy needs. The plans and dreams and hopes of people I had never met in person planted a seed that grew into mouseearmemories today. 

The real win for me was finding sustainability and safety. That my family could be “normal” in many ways (vacations included).¬†

I’m so glad that You are here, and you are considering a vacation with food allergies. I know it can be a big undertaking, and when your ready, everything you need for an amazing Disney World trip is here for you.¬†

There are two options (plus both bundled together). The first is a Touring Plan (good for those that have been, or have intolerances). 

The Second is the Food Allergy Guide Book, which walks you through what to expect, where to order, where to stay and demystifies the allergy process on vacation. 

*Digital Guide* not a physical product