At a glance:

-Planning for Gluten Free, The top 8 most common allergies (dairy, gluten, soy, peanut/treenut, fish and shellfish), Single Allergies and Multiple Allergies

-Easy reading with practical tips, M.O.U.S.E. Method for planning your trip, Best Resorts to stay at, Ordering Concerns and Hacks

-Low Anxiety guide so you have Peace of Mind (without packing your entire kitchen)

Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy: Bundle with Touring Plan

Save Time, Lower your stress, and have a great time while managing your food needs! 

Everything you need to vacation at Disney World with Dietary Needs in 2022

Inside the Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy Bundle you’ll find:

– Exactly what to expect in easy to read (plus picture) explanations

-Done for you- 7 day Touring Plan with recommendations for Quick Service and Table Service 

-No fuss Snack Guide. Over 200 snacks with listed allergens!

*info for Dairy, Soy, Wheat/Gluten, Egg, Peanut, Treenut, Fish, Shellfish plus Corn and Dye Free options! *

Grab the Guide for $38

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Easy Access: Phone/Tablet/ Desktop +printable version

Language: English 

Updates: every 4-6 weeks

Vacation: Simplified 


Yes! I guarantee this will save you at least one hour of planning time, if not, contact me within 7 days for a full refund 

Yes! Every 4-6 weeks (unless there’s an emergency and it needs to be updated sooner)

I will update this book through March of 2023, to help with planning. 

The 2023 version will be for sale in December.