Face paint at Disney World- ingredients and allergy-friendly review

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The first time I realized face paint was gonna be an issue, I was over in Dinoland hanging out in the kids section. And If you’ve been around Dinoland USA, you’ll see it set up with a super kid friendly atmosphere. Almost like a prehistoric carnival! Then, located inside the Dino-rama section, you’ll find lots of cute games and (of course- my boobytrap!) a face painting booth. 

This is definitely one of our kids favorite places, mostly because it has a good number of characters and the prehistoric dumbo ride (jk jk) so it was inevitable that we would be faced with the face paint dilemma

Well, today was the day to find out, so we stopped by and got a look at the ingredients to see if they would be ok to use for our allergies.

The designs are super cute, and the price point is great considering the prices for bibbidity bopping boutique or the pirate makeover at magic Kingdom. 

But AFTER we went to check this out, we also walked around Pandora (the avatar land) and then headed over to Hollywood Studios.

Lemme tell you- these face booths are everywhere! Despite going weekly I some how ignore these booths, but once the oldest realized what face paint was, he asks all the time.

here’s a few places we’ve seen them!

Hollywood Studios- inside the shop next to the little mermaid AND by Rockn Rollercoaster

Options over by rockn roller coaster in hollywood studios

Epcot- Over by Africa in the World Showcase

Magic Kingdom ( I think this is only Bibbidty Bobbidty Boutique!)

Animal Kingdom- In pandora over by Navi River Ride and in DinoLand USA

Pandora Face Paint options

Things to consider 

First, lets take a look at the ingredients list (which are listed below) and then we went ahead and got a swatch test on my arm. 

My oldest was a super sensitive baby, to the point that we had to change everything in our house, so I was curious to see how he reacted! I highly recommend this if you think you might have a reaction, and the cast members were very understanding about it! 

testing out the paint to see if I have a reaction

What’s available 

Here’s all of the cute designs offered- I share this not only for the options and the price points, but so that you can notice the different colors used (some are dye sensitive) and how some designs are around the mouth and eyes, and some are further away from those sensitive spots. 

Is it hypoallergenic?

The products used are hypoallergenic BUT the allergen procedures promote cross contamination.

Is it gluten free

Yes- ingredients confirm it is gluten free and I did a swatch test. It did itch some but no major reaction which leads me to think it was more of a soy issue.

My husband did this as well (celiac) and did NOT have a reaction.

Please consider a swatch test as products could change!

Allergen procedures 

What I like about bibbity boppity boutique is the options for single use products. While this seems wasteful to most, to an allergy parent it’s essential to avoid some cross-contamination. 

I didn’t like how each of the products was reused, and was told this was standard procedure. We could get a new sponge, but the base of the cream and liquid would still be the same that everyone else uses. 

Products and ingredients 

They use two types of products to make the designs, both by the same manufacture. 

AND I MUST TELL YOU- different places gave me different brands.

Here’s the piece of paper I walked away with from the booth at Hollywood Studios.

As you can see below, what they told me at DinoLand are the Mehron Products- but above at hollywood studios they told me about Krylon.

Please make sure you test each place before hand and do not assume they use the same product at each place.

The first is a liquid. The Second product is a cake. Both are used to create the designs you see above! 

Then there’s the liquid!

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