Your Essential Guide to Peanut Free Disney World

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It’s time for vacation at the Happiest Place on Earth, and you need to make sure that everyone is eating well, including those with Peanut Allergies. The Good news is that Peanut Allergies are not difficult at Disney World! The Bad News is that you’ll never want to leave.

While Disney World has a reputation of the best place in the World for Food Allergies, it is not the most perfect place in the world! There are still several things you can do to make this trip extra magical and low stress (which we’ll talk about below).

When checking Allergy Menus at the available locations, you’ll notice that Peanut and Treenut are grouped together. Disney does this in many locations, and you can ask for specifics (as some items are labeled Peanut Free but not Tree Nut so they get left off the menu).

To see more about Tree Nut Free Disney World, head over to the Tree Nut Disney Guide.

Is Disney Popcorn Peanut Free?

The Fresh Popped Popcorn at the Popcorn Stands in the parks is made without Peanuts. There is a cross contact risk at some Popcorn stands that also sell Peanut Covered Treats like Bananas and Churros, and Roasted Treenuts that have a Peanut Cross Contact Warning.

Are Mickey Pretzels Peanut Free?

Fresh Breaded Mickey Pretzels are generally safe for a Peanut Free Diet, and made without Peanuts! There is a cross contact risk at some Mickey Pretzel stands that also sell Peanut Covered Treats like Bananas and Churros. Packaged Mickey Pretzels in the shops are made in a Dedicated Peanut Free Facility.

Are Mickey Bars Peanut Free?

Mickey Bars are made without peanuts and do not have a peanut ‘may contain’ warning. They are not labeled Peanut Free, but they also do not have any Shared Facility, or Shared Equipment Warning to confirm if there is cross contact or not.

Is Disney Dole Whip Peanut Free?

Yes! Disney Dole Whip is labeled Peanut Free. There is a cross contact warning at some of the locations, so check with staff to make sure before ordering.

⭐ If this is your First Time to Disney World, you’ll want all the insider tips and done for you plans found in the Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy Guide , If you’ve been here before and just need the best places to eat and snacks, see the Touring Plan and Snack Guide. Just Gluten Free? There’s a guide for that too!

***As Always, please speak to a qualified restaurant employee when ordering food. In order to see the most accurate ingredients and risk assessment, you will need to confirm allergy safety in real-time. This is my personal experience, I am not employed or endorsed by companies or brands mentioned.***

Peanut Free is actually Peanut Friendly at Disney World

One of the things talked about in the Disney World Food Allergy FAQ, is that Disney has strict disclaimers in place.

Because of these strict disclaimers, Disney labels everything ‘Friendly’ and they are not always consistent.

So that means that we still need to do the whole allergy song and dance, ask about procedures, ask about brands, and ask how items are made. Disney does not include ‘may contain’ statements in their allergy menus, and they’ve been known to make mistakes with labeling.

Thankfully, Peanut is not commonly mislabeled at Disney World, and I rarely find an issue with it (like one every other month it seems). Disney has and does Mislabel items. An example of this was a Brownie at The Confectionary, which was supposed to have M&M’s in it, and labeled Peanut Friendly. It actually had Peanut M&M’s and caused anaphylaxis with a positive outcome. The allergen sheet was corrected within 48 hours, but the fact remains that mistakes happen at Disney just like they do anywhere in the world.

I would highly recommend you talk to Disney Staff at every location and check ingredients to make sure there is no peanut, or hidden peanut, in the product. Ask about cross contact, shared fryers, and how it’s made. Disney Staff is great to talk to, and you’ll find some hidden menu items or unique modifications when you ask in person.

You can get Free Chef Cards from Kids with Food Allergies through the AAFA here, then use these to hand out to Chefs if that would make you feel more comfortable. I find that Chefs are very familiar with Peanut, but sometimes struggle with Tree Nuts or Cross Contact Concerns.

You should also consider bringing snacks just in case, and there’s some other things to consider packing for a safe allergy trip.

Best Peanut Allergy Friendly Restaurants at Disney World

While there are a lot of restaurants to choose from (and many that are really good for you!) there are some I would recommend over others and then ones I’d skip. For the current list of ones to skip, check the Restaurant Skip List.

I did not list any third party restaurants (they are officially called ‘Operating Participants‘) here, only those owned by Disney. While many third party locations have great allergy procedures in place, they vary by location and some are no better than your restaurant’s back home.

My top three favorite locations for lots of Peanut Free options (including a dessert and bread) would be:

  • Coral Reef Restaurant (EPCOT)
  • Tony’s Town Square Restaurant (Magic Kingdom)
  • 50’s Prime Time (Hollywood Studios)

These locations are all table service locations, and table service locations do typically require a reservation and cost more. You can find great Peanut free options at Quick Serve Locations too!

For Peanut Free Quick Serve, I recommend:

  • Pinocchio Haus in Magic Kingdom
  • Connections Eatery in EPCOT
  • Restaurantasaurus at Animal Kingdom
  • Backlot Express in Hollywood Studios / Docking Bay 7

There are a lot more options than that, and many can find something to share with you. Please don’t think you can *only* go to those locations listed above- there are many more where that came from!

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    Disney Mobile Order with a Peanut Allergy

    In 2020, Disney World introduced Mobile Order, and shortly after brought Allergy Mobile Order to the table.
    It’s a nifty addition, BUT, it is not a very safe addition for many with an Peanut Allergy.

    Mobile order is great for a minor restriction, but not for moderate or severe allergies. There’s a few reasons why it’s not so good.

    For one, you can only choose one allergen, which means it’s not an option for people with multiple food allergies.

    For two, the allergy menus can sometimes be wrong (about 1 out of every 30 times is my experience) and you need to double check ingredients to be sure.

    For three, Mobile Ordering does not take into account ‘may contain’ or ‘shared facility’ statements. If you aren’t comfortable with those, please speak with someone to check products.

    You can mobile order safely by selecting what you’d like, and then asking to speak to ‘someone’ (generally a coordinator) before placing your order! Then when your order is ready, just double confirm that it’s for your allergy.

    I’m not saying Don’t Mobile Order, but I am saying that it’s a helpful tool once you understand the limitations and make the best decision for you and your family. See this post for a full guide for Mobile ordering with Allergies, including images, examples and more things to look out for.

    Character Meals with an Peanut Allergy

    You can dine at and enjoy Character Meals with a Peanut Allergy.

    While many of the below options are Buffet Style, You can still eat safely at a buffet at Disney World. I like to ask for the Allergy Menu, and speak to a Chef to confirm items, then get the items from the back to avoid Cross Contact. You can see specifics for Disney Buffets with Allergies here including photos and what to say to the Chef.

    Each of the Character Meal Restaurants has an allergy menu (and you can see all the Peanut free reviews and allergy menus here), and then you talk to a Chef or Manager about the best options for you.

    While it may take a few minutes longer, I do recommend getting all items prepared by the Chef to avoid cross contact.

    But not all Character Meals are worth it, and would caution against a Character Meal if you or your family have a severe Peanut Allergy, have severe anxiety, wouldn’t feel comfortable hugging Characters because of the cross contact risk (etc). You can still have a great time meeting characters outside of the restaurants, and enjoy Table Service locations without Characters instead.

    Areas of Concern when managing a Peanut Allergy

    There are several locations that I would recommend skipping, as they are actively roasting Tree Nuts (almonds) which have cross contact warnings for peanuts. This includes a Nut Stand in Hollywood Studios by the old Little Mermaid Attraction, Big Top Souvenirs in Magic Kingdom, and The Confectionary in Magic Kingdom.

    You should also be aware that there is Peanut cross contact at the Popcorn Stands because Cast Members give out Peanut covered Bananas (that are pre wrapped) and then use the popcorn scoop. Look for Nut Free Popcorn Stands.

    Disney likes to let us know when shared kitchens or shared equipment is used. We have every reason to believe that there are serious, because when I ask about other items available, I can see where the cross contact for nuts has occurred.

    Popular Peanut Free Snacks at Disney World

    There are a lot of snacks at Disney World, and some could argue that the main point of a Disney vacation is the ride, entertainment and fun eats!

    If you want a full list of snacks for quick planning (or quick change of plans on vacation!) grab the Touring Plan with Snack Guide.

    At Disney World, these are the most popular Peanut Free Snacks.

    • Dole Whips
    • Mickey Waffles
    • Mickey Premium Bars
    • Themed Animal Crackers
    • Mickey Puffy Snacks
    • Mickey Pretzels (fresh)
    • Mickey Pretzels Bagged

    You’ll want to plan on skipping the confectionary items, as those have a lot of cross contact. See what I mean by Cross Contact in the Bakery items here.

    There’s so much to eat at Disney World while Peanut Free!

    Peanut Free / Friendly Disney World is possible. Disney can manage options for a wide variety of Peanut comforts, from Shared Equipment with Peanuts to No shared Equipment or Cross Contact Risks.

    Everyone should eat well on vacation! Learn more common questions and concerns in the Food Allergy FAQ or the Gluten Free Disney FAQ.

    Plus the latest Disney News when it comes to Food Restrictions, eats, and offerings. Connect with the MouseEarMemory Gluten Free and Allergy Community at the socials listed below or @Mouse.Ear.Memories

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