Erin Mckenna’s new signage at Disney Springs location (allergy friendly bakery)

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Erin Mckenna’s (formely known as Baby Cakes) is an allergy friendly bakery in Disney Springs… well it was labeled as vegan and allergy friendly until just recently.

As labels change.

And the signage at Erin Mckenna’s is not immune to change!

Recent Signage Update at Erin Mckenna’s in Disney Springs

I was told that they removed some of the allergy friendly labeling because of the types of flour they use. Specifically that because Bob’s Red Mill (their current flour supplier) uses soy flour, they can no longer claim soy free and updated their signage. They also decided to remove the nut free signage and explanation as well.

Old Signage:

New Signage:

Bob’s Red Mill states that ‘Our Gluten Free Facility processes almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, coconut, macadamia nuts, pecans, walnuts, soy and sesame seeds.’

But the Cast Member told me that they do not use Soy of Peanut in any of their products, as well as Coconut being the only nut they use in the bakery.

The change is to reflect that Bob’s Red Mill has a shared facility. (you can read more about Bob’s Red Mill here) And should you have concerns or questions, speak to the very helpful staff there.

The signage just doesn’t say that anywhere… so be sure to ask when visiting. I don’t think that Erin Mckenna’s is planning to change up a bunch of their already proven recipes, but if they do I’ll be sure to share the info here (and you know, ask every time you enjoy their products! #everylabeleverytime)

The new signage also reflects a lack of pricing. And I’m just now realizing after checking the menu and my pictures that certain items have been removed from the menu.

Notice the statement that menu items are subject to change daily? It’s my hope that the Thin Mint Cookies (my all time fav) are gone from the menu only temporarily, while items like the cinnamon roll and pineapple upside down cake have been added. I didn’t get a chance to ask as I was preoccupied with the February Offerings.

The new menu is certainly easier to read! (and yes, that me being optimistic, because change is inevitable!)

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