Erin Mckenna’s Allergy Friendly Bakery Celebrates Disney’s 50th Anniversary

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Fun treats and good allergen friendly eats are always on the menu at Erin McKenna’s Allergy Friendly Bakery in Disney Springs.

Formally known as Baby Cakes, this little bakery packs a big punch by providing many of the allergen friendly treats across the Disney World Resort.

Inside this bakery you’ll find that everything is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Egg Free, Peanut Free and *mostly* treenut free (shared equipment)

There’s seriously so many great options here at Erin Mckennas that I couldn’t choose just one! But there are some other 50th options at the Disney Bakeries if you are comfortable with shared equipment.

To celebrate the WDW’s 50th anniversary, they have whipped up several delicious options 😋 

Erin Mckenna’s is one of our favorite places and dedicated bakeries, you can see the full review here with pictures of many of their allergen free goodies!

First up we’ve got two cupcake flavors, vanilla and chocolate. They are topped with colored vanilla frosting and pearl sprinkles. The dye is natural coloring. 

Currently they are only offering the brownie, but they may bring back other 50th items throughout the 18 month long celebration.

Next is the 50th brownie bar! This is their regular brownie bar topped with colored vanilla frosting and a fun “50th” with pearl sprinkles. 

Lastly is the dipped blue donut. (Not pictured!). 

The whole celebration they’ll have these delicious options available, but they are selling out some days. It’s recommended to come early in the day if you plan to stop by on the weekends.

Check out the food allergy disney guidebook, and Disney Food Allergy Touring Plan for more helpful info when planning a Food Allergy Friendly Disney World Vacation.

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