5 Amazing things about Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival

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I try not to pick favorites, really. And when it comes to Disney World that can be hard- but I really want to remain impartial so I can share the best knowledge possible. BUT. Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival is definitely at the top of my list of favorite things about Disney World!

I just can’t help it, they make it so easy to love this festival!

If you haven’t been, you’re in for a real treat. But for those who’ve gone before, you know what I mean. There’s just so many amazing things to see and do!

They really make it a fun adventure and a family affair, from fun stuff for the kids of all ages, to adult only fare- it is great for everyone!

Let’s look at all the fun planned for 2019!

Concert Series- number 5

Epcot is THE place in Disney World to catch a good concert at many times throughout the year. From the holidays to the festivals, they make it a priority to have a concert series at each event.

This year they have a full lineup for their ‘Garden Rocks’ Concert series. Check out the preformers here for dates and times!

5 super cool things about the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot this Spring!

Plenty of time to play!- number 4

Not only does Disney make the festival tons of fun, but they give you plenty of time to do it!

The international flower and garden festival runs a whopping 3 months total. From March 6 to June 3rd. This gives you plenty of time to play and enjoy all of the fun events planned.

butterfly topiary at flower and garden festival

This is great for people who are planning their trip to Disney- they are able to look at all the dates that work for them and make the trip without having to stress about only having a few weeks to make it!

The flower and garden festival can also get really really busy! But with three months to enjoy the festivities, it makes it easier for those annual pass holders to enjoy the activities.

It’s super interactive with something for kids of all ages!- number 3

One of the great things about the festivals is the play areas geared towards children. Let’s just be honest, they need somewhere they can run and play- even at Disney, and Epcot doesn’t disappoint during the festivals.

playground at Epcot flower and garden

With lots of seating for the parents and caregivers! I’m all about taking a break in the shade!

playground seating at epcots flower and garden festival

They also have an AMAZING butterfly garden. This is a favorite place to stop each and every year. You enter into a beautiful Butterfly garden that has been sectioned off from the other areas- and get to see so many in all their stages.

butterfly garden at Epcot international flower and garden

Yep- you’ll probably have a butterfly land on you- which is pretty cool as an adult and super fantastic when you’re a kid.

There’s also some stuff for the bigger kids- both those in age and size! The first is a scavenger hunt that runs festival long, and is centered around Spike the Honey Bee! Join Spike (and a map your purchase at the beginning of the world showcase) and take to the skies as you find all of the cool things he has in store for you around the festival.

The next scavenger hunt is an Easter time favorite! From April 5th-21st you can participate in the Egg hunt as you look for giant orb sized Disney creations! This is especially fun for annual pass holders to break up the time length of the Festival (I mean, it is 3 months long!).

Art in the Garden at Epcot!- number 2

True to it’s name, the flower and garden festival is filled with many wondrous sites. These creations are truly art, some of them taking many many months to grow and prepare for our enjoyment!

Winnie the pooh topiary at Epcot flower and garden

All throughout Epcot you will see different areas dedicated to the greenery. Some notable features are the wildlife exhibits, where they show you what animals and creatures would live, and how you can encourage them in your own backyard!

Other areas have budding displays of brightly colored flowers and plants in beautiful designs (yes! lots of hidden mickeys!)

one of the many gardens at epcots flower and garden

One of the best parts about the art in Disney is seeing your favorite characters come to life through the topiaries. These larger than life plant features show some of Disney’s most talented plant designers as they portray the characters. It is so fun to see what they come up with each year!

In 2019, Disney has 25 topiary displays throughout the park. Some of these are in Future World and the Showcase Plaza (at the beginning) but the vast majority of them are in the world showcase.

Grab the Festival Passport to check out what characters made the topiary list and where you can find them!

Lightning and Mater at Epcot topiary

Way more food than you can eat in one day- number 1

I know this is the “Flower and Garden” Festival- not food, but I would be lying if I said the food wasn’t number 1!


They’ve got something for everyone, and it’s highly themed to the festival. Allergy friendly, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian- plus stuff for the foodies.

macaroons in Epcots france
Gluten free macaroons in France!

On their guide map you will easily find food labeled gluten free and also vegetarian. When you get to the cashier, you can ask to talk to a manager to see how you can change the foods to accommodate your needs.

Epcot has 18 outdoor kitchens plus all the food places they traditionally have.

The outdoor kitchens are the highlight of the festival, with so many different yummy food and treat options! They are themed to fit the festival- you’ll find lots of fresh goodies available for eating in beautiful displays.

My favorite was the macaroon on a stick in France- it seriously tasted like a brownie! And the Citrus Blossom is where you’ll go to get the custom drink “Orange Bird Sipper” that you see all over instagram!

One thing is for sure, you don’t want to miss the food!


Epcot Flower and Garden Festival is a great time to go to Epcot! Not only does it have tons of fun for the whole family, but lots of food options and educational material.

Even if you only get to go for the day, I highly recommend it!

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5 amazing adventures at Epcot Flower and Garden Festival.

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