EPCOT Festival of the Holidays Allergy Friendly Offerings (Gf, Df, Ef, Sf, Pn/Tn, F/Sf options) 2021

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It’s that time of year!

We are back at EPCOT for the Festival of the Holidays…

Come join us for the 2022 version! There’s the full Allergy Guide for the Festival of the Arts, and also the Gluten Free Guide for the Festival of the Arts !

And were hunting down some allergy friendly offerings for our Free From Disney Family!

As a quick note, these offerings are made in a shared kitchen and bused over- and allergen procedures are not applied in the kitchens. My husband and I will sometimes take the risk (though I do many pictures without eating the goods) but we typically don’t share these fun treats with the kids due to their allergens.

Basically- if you have a severe allergy- enjoy the regular options at EPCOT and not the Festivals (find the regular EPCOT options here!)

These reviews are sorted by booth!

Allergy Friendly Options at EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays

Mele Kalikimaka Booth 

Kalua pork has soy, gluten and coconut 

Lomi Lomi Salmon has soy and fish. It’s gluten and dairy and egg and nut free. 

Haupia is shellfish/fish & peanut free. 

Holiday Sweets and Treats 

Peppermint sundae has dairy and red dye #40. It is soy, egg, nut, gluten, sea free. 

It’s chocolate soft serve with whipped topping and peppermint candy. 

Hot chocolate is gluten friendly. 

Holiday Hearth Desserts

Peppermint Bark contains Soy and Dairy. It’s free from gluten, eggs, nuts. 

Refreshment port

Turkey poutine minus the gravy is gluten friendly. You can also get a very expensive side of fries with no topping. 

Yukon Holiday Kitchen

Modified Seared Scallops are nut free, soy free, dairy free, egg free, and gluten free. 

L’chaim Holiday Kitchen 

Potato Latkes contains soy lethicin and coconuts. 

The Salmon Potato Latkes is the same latke as above, with the addition of Smoked Salmon.

Tangerine Cafe 

Grilled Kabobs are labeled Gluten Friendly. 

Shi Wasu Holiday Kitchen 

Chirasi Sushi Tree: contains soy, egg and fish. Free From Gluten.

Funnel Cake 

Mini Pumpkin Funnel Cake contains wheat, egg, milk. It is cooked in Soybean Oil. It is produced in shared nut facility. 

American Holiday Table

Holiday Pot Pie contains wheat and soy. It is Dairy and Egg Free. 

Las Posadas Holiday Kitchen 

Tamal de Barbacoa is gluten friendly, and modified dairy friendly. Contains Soy. Significant chance of cross contact here. 

Chestnuts and Good Cheer 

Nuts are gluten, dairy, soy, peanut, and egg free. Contains Nuts and Cinnamon.

Donut Box

Gingerbread Milkshake contains milk and cinnamon and *may contain* warning. Modified it is gluten free. Does not contain soy, egg, or nuts. 

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