Where to find Enjoy Life Products at Disney World

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When you have allergies, you know the names of your favorite brands, and one of the most recognizable brands (especially when it comes to treats for the kiddos) is Enjoy Life!

These products are top 14 free, plus a few others, and are a great addition in snacks and treats.

Unfortunately, the Snacks with Character brand of Enjoy Life products hasn’t been seen in almost a year, but you can still find Enjoy Life Products around Disney World!

I created this post because many people didn’t know about Enjoy Life Foods at the parks. Often this is because sometimes it’s in different packaging. Normally, they are in the bright teal packages–but at Disney, things are different.

Yes friends, you can find Enjoy life products at quite a few places (not everywhere but many places!) 

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Locations for Enjoy Life Products in December 2022

In late 2022, Enjoy Life Products have been spotted in Several Resorts! Both Port Orleans Resorts, The Contemporary in the Contempo Cafe, POP Century, Art of Animation and All Star Music. All of these locations have Enjoy Life cookies in the Quick Serve locations.

Enjoy Life Cookies can also be found at many of the Table Service options. This are not listed on the menu, and you will need to request them. Most commonly found at all Character Meals, and at many of the Table Service locations at the resorts.

Enjoy Life Products are no longer found for sale inside the Disney Parks. But you can find the Snacks with Character Gluten Free and Nut free items. Some are Soy and Dairy free too! Update for June 2023, It’s likely that this Snack with Character line has been discontinued.

Where can you find these fun rebranded snacks with character treats in 2020

With the shutdown, it impacted production of enjoy life products, and you will find that NOW in 2020, many of these locations DO NOT CARRY enjoy life products currently. I dont know how long this will last as these were incredible popular with the free-from and the plant based community.

in 2020 post-shutdown in the summer I have personally been to every park to check for food allergy options. You can find a few treats at the World of Disney in Disney Springs, and some at the confectionary in Magic Kingdom. OTHERWISE, besides a chocolate bar in Epcot, the other three parks do not have enjoy life products.

Let me repeat that. If you are going to Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios there is a 99% chance you WILL NOT find enjoy life products. HS normally doesnt have them anyways. Epcot had a chocolate bar and Magic Kingdom cut their allergy friendly section in half.

Water parks aren’t open, and with half of the restaurants closed, I’m not seeing the cookies being offered much (but I did have one at 50s prime time the other day! so they still exist in the parks)

Furthermore, I went to many of the resorts, specifically DVC resorts that carry more food items, and the only enjoy life products I found were the chocolate bars. I’m interested to see what other options resorts are carrying once visitors increase. Follow along on Instagram and save this post to check for updates.

*Late 2020 UPDATE

💜 most resort gift shops 

💜 Main Street confectionary (mk) 

💜 Zuris Sweet ship (Ak) 

💜 many gift shops in the Disney World Parks (not Hollywood studios) 

💜 Blizzard Beach 

💜 Typhoon Lagoon 

So let’s talk about where you can find them and what’s offered at the parks– especially when you need a safe treat and don’t have any other safe options!

This post may contain affiliate links, read my full disclosure here.

At Restaurants

Before we start, I want to say… you can find Enjoy Life cookies at many, many of the quick service options and many of the sit down restaurants.

What we’re going to cover in this post is where you can buy the products for snacking–not necessarily a dessert from a restaurant.

But many places have them–like Beaches and Cream.

At the Resorts

This is going to be the place where you find the largest selection! You’ll find many Enjoy Life products, like the cookies, the chocolate, the seed mix and the regular version of the Enjoy Life products. (So not in the rebranded “snacks with character” line.)

enjoy life disney world
This is at a Value Resort- All Star Music

Sometimes you have to hunt for the items–sometimes not. You’ll find them in little shops and food courts at the resorts!

enjoy life disney world
This was one of several places at Caribbean Beach Resort

And I’ve been finding the protein bites at many of the resort gift shops, which is perfect for me. Nothing like a late night snack or something to bring into the parks.

We always like to grab a bag of these to keep in the room too- it seals nicely and is a great snack instead of having to walk around and find something.

Disney Partnership with Enjoy Life

As mentioned above, Enjoy Life won’t always be in the standard teal packaging.

So let’s talk about that! Disney has a partnership with Enjoy Life to rebrand their products for sale under the “snacks with characters” line. I love this and I hate this.


Because not all of the snacks with characters line are allergy friendly, so it can be deceiving. For one, you might think everything from that brand is safe (it’s not).

For two, you might not get some Enjoy Life products from the brand because you think it’s processed on shared equipment (it’s not–Enjoy Life packages it).

enjoy life disney world
Rebranded Enjoy Life for the “Snacks With Character” line

Where can you find Enjoy Life products at Disney World?

The parks have many wonderful treats that lots of people can enjoy–but not always. For instance, breakfast time is notoriously hard for those with allergies.

And with large crowds, you might need a snack that you can safely grab and eat while you wait!

Let’s see where you can find treats in the parks!

Magic Kingdom

You can find quite a few options at the bakery on Main Street!

Which is totally amazing when you know that this is right when you walk inside the park. You can swing by and grab some treats on the way in, or as you exit the park!

enjoy life disney world
Some more repackaged Enjoy Life products!

Animal Kingdom

Located at the back of the park, you’ll find quite the selection at Zuri’s Sweets Shop.

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is one of my least favorite for allergy friendly options (but they are adding stuff, so don’t be discouraged from going–just be aware it’s not the top dog).

You’ll only find the seed mix here and no where else in the park carries it in store (you can find it at some quick serve and restaurants though)

So I went hunting for Enjoy Life products and really had to dig to find them! They are located at the beginning of the park on the right, and they only have the seed mix. I even got several managers involved.

enjoy life products disney world
this is all they had!


Epcot has quite a few seed mixes (in fact I’ve seen them at every store) but the one place that has quite a few goodies (the cookies and other options) is smack in the middle of the park at the beginning of the world showcase.

Find an assortment at Disney Traders!

Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach

Each of the water parks have some Enjoy Life products. I’ve seen the seed mix at each of the shops, and the quick serve locations have cookies.

Disney Springs

I haven’t found them at Disney Springs–if you find them, let me know!

There’s lots of options

As you can see, there’s quite a few places to locate Enjoy Life products at the Disney World parks! It makes eating with allergies just a little bit easier.

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