Eating Gluten Free at Typhoon Lagoon Water Park at Disney World

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This guide is going to cover Typhoon Lagoon, as Disney is currently operating only one park at a time. Blizzard Beach is the other park, and has some similar options, which you can see at the Blizzard Beach Gluten Free post.

Since Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is a hybrid themed Water Park, You might be wondering if Typhoon Lagoon is worth it. You’ll find all the Pros and Cons of Typhoon Lagoon in this guide.

✨ First time to Disney World? Grab your Gluten Free Disney Guide

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Quick Note: Typhoon Lagoon is different than the Theme Parks

Because Typhoon Lagoon has lower attendance and shorter hours that the four Main Disney World Theme Parks, things are different.

For one, there is only one quick serve that is equipped to deal with Gluten Free, and no table service (sit down) options.

For two, there are snacks here, but again, they are limited and tend to sell out fast when the crowds are higher. If you are bringing food, think about your transportation options. Need Specifics for how to get to Typhoon Lagoon from the Parks or Resorts? Here’s a quick Transportation Guide for Typhoon Lagoon.

For three, the options available at Typhoon Lagoon are limited simply because they don’t get as many people asking for options. Read on below to see current available options, some tips, and nearby locations you can head to! 

And for more about the fun you can have at Typhoon Lagoon, see the 10 Tips you need to know for a Magical Day at Typhoon Lagoon

Quick FAQ for Typhoon Lagoon with Gluten Free

Can you bring in food to Typhoon Lagoon?

Yes, you can bring in a food to Typhoon Lagoon! It needs to be in a small bag, or a soft sided cooler with no loose ice (Disney wants you to have hard ice packs instead). You don’t need to tell them it’s for food allergies, as anyone can bring in a meal or some snacks.

Need to know what else to bring? See the Typhoon Lagoon Packing Guide in this up to date post.

Can Typhoon Lagoon accommodate Gluten Free food options?

Yes. Typhoon Lagoon has one Quick Serve that has an Allergy Menu and Coordinator. The options are similar to the Park Quick Serve, and features mostly ‘fast foods’ like Sandwiches, Burgers, Rice Bowls, fruit and sides.

Does Typhoon Lagoon have a dedicated Gluten Free Fryer?

Yes! Typhoon Lagoon has a dedicated Gluten Free Fryer. It is used to make the french fries and the gluten free chicken tenders.

Are there more options than what is available on the Gluten Free Menus?

Yes! Even comparing the Physical Allergy Menu from the Registers with the Online Mobile Ordering App, there are discrepancies between what is offered! I do recommend talking to a Coordinator or Allergy Trained Staff to go over your options if you don’t see what you need. 

Can the Plant Based options be made Gluten Free? 

Many can. Like the Rice Bowl and Impossible Burger. 

Can you mobile order Gluten Free food at Blizzard Beach?

Yes, and this would be the one place I’d recommend mobile ordering! They typically have pretty low wait times, and it’s very easy to flag down a coordinator to check items before you consume them. Place your mobile order while your hanging out in the park, and then check with a Coordinator right before you hit the ‘I’m Here’ button to make sure your order is right for you! Mobile ordering also leaves out a lot of modifications and ‘secret menu’ items, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, order in person. 

Gluten Free options at Typhoon Lagoon

There are a LOT of places to eat at Typhoon Lagoon, but only Leaning Palms Quick Serve is equipped for Gluten Free. (you can try the other locations for food, but I don’t recommend it because of staff training and possible lack of ingredient lists. They will typically send you back to the Quick Serve, unless you are getting something simple like Ice Cream )

Leaning Palms is on the left side of the park.

Before crossing the Bridge over the Lazy River, take the left walkway. Follow this down about 100 steps and you’ll see Leaning Palms on the left.

Typhoon Lagoon has an Allergy Menu- here’s some of the options available:

Sides include: Cuties Mandarins, Fruit Cups, David’s Gluten Free Brownie, David’s Gluten Free Cookie, French Fries (dedicated fryer), Applesauce

Gluten/Wheat Friendly: Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Hot Dog, Impossible Burger, Caribbean Salad with Chicken, Rice Bowl, Jerk Chicken Rice Bowl, Rice Noodle Mac and Cheese, Chicken Strips, (No longer on the Menu: Pizza)

Tri-Colored Chips have corn and soy oil. Have red, yellow and blue dye. Shared wheat facility. ** Note that they are listed Friendly for wheat/gluten despite shared facility. Disney doesn’t take shared facility into account

If you need all the Allergy Information for the Top 9 Allergens that Disney Covers, you’ll find that in the Food Allergy Guide for Typhoon Lagoon.

Gluten Free Snacks and Dessert options at Typhoon Lagoon

Snacks are my jam, and there’s a few really good ones I’d recommend at Typhoon Lagoon.

First up, there’s several prepackaged options at the shop there. From chips and candies to They used to have several allergy-friendly options, but that line has disappeared from Disney World due to supply issues. Hopefully it comes back soon!

Then there’s various Prepackaged Ice Cream/Cold items! These include items like the Mickey Ice Cream Bar, and the minute maid frozen lemonade.

And Popcorn! The Popcorn lists Coconut and Corn but no other top allergen (they do have a natural flavoring with no allergen warning) Bring your reusable buckets if this is a staple for you!

You’ll also find fruit options like grapes, watermelon, strawberries, pineapple (whatever is in season) and then cheese cups and pickles.

Next to the Ice Cream Stand is a Dippin’ Dots Stand. Several of the ingredients are made without Gluten (the Rainbow Ice, Cotton Candy and Chocolate) They do have an Allergy Book on site, and you can also do an online search for more information. Note that this is made in a shared facility and may not be right for your needs. 

There’s several places to grab a bucket of ice cream, but I recommend the location right by the Leaning Palms Quick Serve. The location is called, Happy Landings on the map.

If you’re over in the area you can’t miss it! Ask them to call over a Coordinator from Leaning Palms, who can help you manage your ice cream needs without the cross contact (As the location is small!)

Nearby Locations to Typhoon Lagoon if you need to grab food at another place

Sometimes Typhoon Lagoon doesn’t have the options you need or want, so you can hop to these nearby locations.

If you are using a vehicle, you may get turned away from some of the resorts, but parking is Free (and kinda easy) at Disney Springs.

Disney Springs Recommendations:

  • D-Luxe Burger (Disney Owned, Top 8 Free options and Gluten Free options)
  • Chicken Guy

Nearby Disney Resort options:

  • Disney’s Old Key West Resort
  • Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort
  • Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter/Port Orleans Riverside
  • Disney’s Riveria Resort
  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort 

How I use Typhoon Lagoon as part of my Gluten Free Touring Strategy

Because the hours for the waters parks are generally shorter ( normally 10 am opening and 5/6pm closure on slower seasons and occasionally open later till 7 or 8 pm) it makes sense to include this as part of your day but maybe not the whole day.

For myself, when I’m visiting and not staying on the property, I enjoy coming for a few hours in the afternoon to cool down and get refreshed before heading back to the parks for the evening.

For those on vacation, it’s quite fun to pair several hours at Typhoon Lagoon with other activities, like mini golf (it’s connected to Typhoon Lagoon) or head over to Disney Springs across the street by driving or taking Disney Bus Transportation.

Bonus reminder, Typhoon Lagoon is VERY close to Port Orleans French Quarter which has these Gluten Free beignets. Spending a few hours at the water park, hoping on a Disney Bus to Port Orleans French Quarter for some beignets, and then coming back to close out the water park is a fun adventure (buses are free and you do not need to be staying on property to use them) 

Old menu from 2019:

Old Snacks from 2019:

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