Gluten Free Disney Springs Eats, Reviews, and Photos

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While Disney Springs is known for it’s shopping, it’s also known for its food! But what about for those that have allergies or food limitations? Is there only one place to eat?

Sometimes just building up the courage to even eat out is scary in itself! But Gluten Free at Disney Springs is easier than most places… just keep in mind that many of these are third party restaurants. So while most of the dining facilities are not owned by Disney… but some are owned by Disney (and you can read about why that many be relevant to your trip!)

In a Hurry? The top five recommended places to grab Gluten Free at Disney Springs are: Chicken Guy, D-Luxe Burgers, Morimoto, Cookes of Dublin, and Polite Pig.

In fact, this quick serve is my top recommendation!

🏰 Let’s talk food at Disney Springs, but just in case you need even more guides, don’t hesitate to check out Universal Orlando Gluten Free Options , the NEW Galaxy’s Edge Gluten Free options, and the top 5 BEST gluten free snacks you’ll find inside Disney World Parks. 🏰

Places to Eat that have Gluten Free Options

Here’s the thing. I’m local. We go to Disney Springs frequently. But I’m also a chicken when it comes to places not owned by Disney. I’m breastfeeding an allergy babe and my kids are little, so a reaction is pretty severe in kids.

That said- I haven’t eaten at all of these places, but I have eaten at many.

You just know if they are going to take you seriously by how they act and what kind of menu they have. Use your discretion!

Here’s a mix of quick serve and table restaurants you’ll find throughout Disney Springs (many of them take the dining plan!)

Frontera Cocina Mexican – get the corn tortillias!

Blaze Pizza- has several options for gluten free pizza and we’ve eaten there successfully with their protocols. Make sure to speak with a manager!

Chicken Guy- Chicken Fingers and Fries is our go to here, but they also have gluten free buns!

chicken guy food allergy

Terralina- Antipasta Tower and other italian options

Raglan Road- Fish and chips and onion rings! And the Shepards Pie. Very much homestyle heavier foods. They share a kitchen with cookes of dublin.

Cookes of Dublin– the quick service version of Raglan Road. Sometimes they have the onion rings sometimes they dont. But you can get the fish and chips!

the infamous gluten free onion rings

The Boathouse– apparently they have a delicious dessert. It’s signature dining! I’ve heard it’s hit or miss, but I haven’t been.

Morimotos- yummy rice bowls that you need in your life!

TREX– sandwiches and allergy strips and meat and veggie options. We’ve been a few times and the ambience is nice but the food was bland.

Rainforest Cafe- sandwiches, allergy strips and meat/veggie options. Last time we went it was a bad experience (after like 5 good experiences)

D-Luxe Burgers– the burger bun was pretty yummy! Fries and shakes good too.

Polite Pig– had a really good brisket. Traditional BBQ.


My oh my! I’ve saved the best for last!

There are a few places you can go to for desserts at Disney Springs. I’ve personally EATEN at all of them, with no reaction what so ever and with proper allergy measures taken. However, only one is 100% gluten free with no risk of CC, so let’s talk about that first. We’ll also go over the other items so you can make an informed decision about the best course for your health.

Erin Mckenna’s Bakery NYC (formerly Babycakes)

The guaranteed place to eat is Erin Mckennas.

Well, let me rephrase that. There is another place to eat that has a sweet treat. Head over to Starbucks and grab one of their prepackaged marshmallow dream bars.

Sprinkles Cupcakery

If you would like a cupcake that is a bit more moist, you’d head over to Sprinkles. Last time I went they also had a GF cookie. It was very buttery and chewy. It was a veryyyy good cookie!

Amorettes Patisserie

Interested in fun Disney Themed Desserts? Check out Ammorrettes Pattesiries.

These are labeled “gluten friendly” but I did have a chat with the head baker. She assured me that they did make these in the mornings before other things were produced after the night time clean up.

Just to be safe, only my husband and I ate these desserts, and we did not have a reaction (three different times now). We have not offered it to the kids who are somewhat sensitive to cross contamination.

Goofy’s Candy Company

Need a cool snack on a hot day? Goofy’s Candy Company is where it’s at! We love to grab a snack here. They have some delicious chocolates, and a fun icee station. They have some great Enjoy Life options that are top 14 allergen friendly!

You can also grab a Rice Krispie here is you are comfortable with those. (check out the ingredient list for Disney’s Rice Krispies here!)

Restaurant Dessert

What about at the Restaurants?

Well, most restaurants at Disney Springs don’t have elaborate desserts. It seems that dessert can be hit or miss! Often times it involves fruit, some donuts or brownies from Erin Mckennas, or enjoy life products.

I have not had any dessert options that were memorable at Disney Springs Restaurants.

What is it, Where is it at, and is it Free? Disney Springs Info

Disney Springs is in the same area as the previous Downtown Disney.

In fact, it’s just the downtown reimagined, with more restaurants and shops! Fun right!

Disney Transportation will bring you to the springs, you can still have things shipped home from the Disney Store and there are several Disney character spots for pictures.

Best of all, it’s free admittance, no park ticket required (and free parking if you are one that drives!).

It’s a super fun place for shopping or a late night with a fine dinner and getting some drinks.

For those that are familiar with the layout of the resorts, it’s across from Typhoon Lagoon and not too far from Epcot.

AND there’s quite a few things you can do with kiddos that are free at Disney Springs. Sure it has a bar scene at night, but during the day it’s 100% family friendly fun!

Eating Gluten Free at Disney World Guidelines

For one, when you reserve dining, make sure to list your allergies (they don’t have options for all, so pick what you can!) Then CLARIFY at check in that you have allergies, get an allergen menu and ask to speak to a chef or manager.

Please consider talking to a manager or chef- especially if you have more than one allergy and ESPECIALLY if you have a cashier that might seem like they don’t know what they are doing.

You know those gut feelings that something isn’t right. Speak up! They have never (ok once at a quick serve place did a cashier give me grief) given me any problems.

This gluten free thin mint cookie is LIFE

Dining Plan at Disney Springs?

Disney Springs does have restaurants that participate in the Disney Dining plan, which is great if you’ve signed up for that and plan to grab a bite at the Springs one day!

Mobile Ordering at Disney Springs with a Gluten Allergy

Yes, gluten free options are available in the mobile ordering section of the myDisney app. However, for those of you with severe allergies, Mobile Ordering is not the best option, and you need to walk up to the quick serve and talk to them about placing an order with a cashier and manager/chef.

Why? Because accidents happen- even with the chefs. The thing about mobile ordering is that the person that hands you the food is not the person that prepares it and there are huge concerns about misplaced food and cross contamination (Think grabbing a tray with spillage of allergens and then not changing gloves before handling your tray).

When you talk to a manager or a Chef then you can alert them to how serious your allergy is and they can limit the number of people touching your food. 

Wrap Up

I hope you have a great time on your next trip to Disney Springs!

don’t forget to check out Universal Orlando Gluten Free Options , the NEW Galaxy’s Edge Gluten Free options, and the top 5 BEST gluten free snacks you’ll find inside Disney World Parks. 🏰


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    1. Blaze has a gluten free crust, cauliflower gluten free crust, and a keto gluten free crust! They did not get rid of their regular crust. I just ate the regular crust yesterday!

      • Yay Samantha! Thank you for the tip! We’ve enjoyed Blaze a few times in 2019 and we were worried they had done away with all of the crust options. Fantastic news all around that they didn’t do away with those options!


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