Gluten Free Disney Springs Eats, Reviews, and Photos 2023 update

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Originally published October 2019

While Disney Springs is known for it’s shopping, it’s also known for its food! But what about for those that have allergies or food limitations? Is there only one place to eat?

Sometimes just building up the courage to even eat out is scary in itself! But Gluten Free at Disney Springs is easier than most places… just keep in mind that many of these are third party restaurants. So while most of the dining facilities are not owned by Disney… but some are owned by Disney (and you can read about why that many be relevant to your trip!)

Disney Springs is in the same area as the previous Downtown Disney.In fact, it’s just the downtown reimagined, with more restaurants and shops! Best of all, it’s free admittance, no park ticket required (and free parking if you are one that drives!).

In a Hurry? The top five recommended places to grab Gluten Free at Disney Springs are: Chicken Guy, D-Luxe Burgers, Morimoto, Cookes of Dublin, and Polite Pig.

In fact, this quick serve is my top recommendation!

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***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

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    Tips for eating Gluten Free at Disney Springs

    For one, when you Reserve Dining, make sure to list Gluten Free (they don’t have options for all, so pick what you can!) Then double check at Check In!

    Please consider talking to a Manager, Chef, or trained Allergy Employee. This can help with accommodations, anxiety, and learning more about dedicated/shared spaces.

    Lastly, Most of the Locations at Disney Springs are owned by Third Party Operators. This is neither good nor bad, just that your experiences will vary! For example, Frontera Cocina and T-Rex are owned by two different Third Party operators, and your experience will be different at both (but they both have Gluten Free options!)

    I like to equate it to eating out in your hometown. Some locations have Gluten Free options, but your comfort level will vary!

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    FoolProof Locations with Disney Springs Gluten Free Options 2023

    There’s are the locations that I would absolutely recommend on your Trip to Disney Springs!

    First up Disney Owned D-Luxe Burger Quick Serve! Enjoy easy ordering from their Allergy Menu with Gluten Free options, and a dedicated fryer for Fries!

    Next up, Frontera Cocina Table Serve. You’ll also find a Gluten Free menu here, with dedicated fryer for your tortilla chips.

    Lastly, Rainforest Cafe which has sandwiches, gluten free chicken strips and meat/veggie options. Gluten Free marked on the menu!

    Locations with Some Gluten Free Options

    Here’s a mix of quick serve and table restaurants you’ll find throughout Disney Springs (many of them take the dining plan!)

    Blaze Pizza- has several options for gluten free pizza and we’ve eaten there successfully with their protocols. Make sure to speak with a manager! They use a gluten free liner for their shared oven.

    Chicken Guy- Chicken Fingers and Fries is our go to here, but they also have gluten free buns!

    chicken guy food allergy

    Terralina Italian- Antipasta Tower and other italian options

    Raglan Road- Fish and chips and onion rings! And the Shepards Pie. Very much homestyle heavier foods. They share a kitchen with cookes of dublin.

    Cookes of Dublin– the quick service version of Raglan Road. Sometimes they have the onion rings sometimes they dont. But you can get the fish and chips!

    the infamous gluten free onion rings

    The Boathouse– They’ve got 6 or so Gluten Free options. Ask about the Gluten Free Lobster Roll!

    Morimotos- yummy rice bowls that you need in your life! But you’ll find some issues with toppings and shared spaces.

    TREX– sandwiches and allergy strips and meat and veggie options. We’ve been a few times and the ambience is nice but the food was bland.

    D-Luxe Burgers– the burger bun was pretty yummy! Fries and shakes good too.

    Polite Pig– had a really good brisket. Traditional BBQ.

    Where to find Gluten Free Desserts at Disney Springs

    There are a few places you can go to for desserts at Disney Springs. I’ve personally enjoyed all of these options at one time or the other, but sometimes procedures change. Be sure to ask in person for your comfort level.

    Erin Mckenna’s Bakery NYC (formerly Babycakes)

    You’ll be happy to know that there is a dedicated Gluten Free Bakery at Disney Springs! All Gluten Free (and free from other options too!) You can pop in and grab SO many options. Since there’s so much to choose from, here’s some of the top options I’d recommend on your visit there.

    Sprinkles Cupcakery

    If you would like a cupcake that is a bit more moist, you’d head over to Sprinkles.

    This option is great for Non-Celiac Gluten Free, as this is a shared Bakery.

    Amorettes Patisserie

    Interested in fun Disney Themed Desserts? Check out Ammorrettes Pattesiries.

    These are labeled “gluten friendly” but I did have a chat with the head baker. The last few times I’ve popped over, they haven’t been labeled. Always ask!

    Goofy’s Candy Company

    Need a cool snack on a hot day? Goofy’s Candy Company is where it’s at! We love to grab a snack here. They have some delicious chocolates, and a fun icee station. They have some great Enjoy Life options that are top 14 allergen friendly!

    Restaurant Desserts

    What about at the Restaurants?

    Well, most restaurants at Disney Springs don’t have elaborate Gluten Free desserts. It seems that dessert can be hit or miss! Often times it involves fruit, some donuts or brownies from Erin Mckennas.

    I’d recommend…

    • Frontera Cocina
    • The Boathouse

    Mobile Ordering at Disney Springs with a Gluten Allergy

    Yes, gluten free options are available in the mobile ordering section of the myDisney app.

    Next up, Quick Serve locations offer Mobile Ordering, and you CAN use mobile ordering while Gluten Free! You’ll need the updated Disney My Experience App,and a Debit Card or Gift Card attached to your account.

    When ordering by Mobile Order, most of the options are made in dedicated Allergy prep areas in a shared kitchen, by a Chef/Coordinator trained in Allergies. Be sure to check when you pick up your food just in case. (And you can’t order with more than one Restrictions (so no Dairy Free/Gluten Free) but you can use the regular ordering for those!) See more about Mobile Ordering with Walkthroughs here.

    It’s important to note that quick service is like Fast Food, and does not require a reservation.

    Wrap Up

    I hope you have a great time on your next trip to Disney Springs!


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      1. Blaze has a gluten free crust, cauliflower gluten free crust, and a keto gluten free crust! They did not get rid of their regular crust. I just ate the regular crust yesterday!

        • Yay Samantha! Thank you for the tip! We’ve enjoyed Blaze a few times in 2019 and we were worried they had done away with all of the crust options. Fantastic news all around that they didn’t do away with those options!


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