Easy animal kingdom itinerary for preschoolers

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Animal Kingdom is the youngest Disney World park, built in 1998, and also the largest! 

It’s a perfect park to enjoy with your preschooler and show them the culture of Africa, the jungles of Pandora and the diversity in the Animal Kingdom. 

While I don’t believe you need an itinerary for one of Walt Disney’s most laid back parks, it does help with planning, especially on those once in a lifetime trips! 

For your preschooler, there’s a list below detailing a One day Itinerary and a supplemental Two Day Animal Kingdom Itinerary for Animal Kingdom. Since you’re here, make sure you also save this Disney World First Timer’s Guide so you can save time and money!

Headed to Hollywood Studios with your preschooler? Thats another fun park that needs some preplanning to make it extra magical!

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Quick things to bring/buy/rent while at Animal Kingdom for your preschooler 

In order to have the most successful day at Animal kingdom with your 4 or 5 year old, you’ll need to bring along or buy some items. These are all in the preschooler packing guide, but we’ll cover a few quick ones for this park!

Most people complain Animal Kingdom is the hottest park. While the hottest park is Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom gets a bad wrap because of all the fuana making it so humid! The humidity really wears people out and can cut your trip short. 

Bring or buy:



Stroller or handheld fan (this one is a serious life saver!)

Refillable water bottle (no glass!)

Two pairs of shoes (this is the largest park and it’s a lot of walking!) 

Some sort of electrolyte additive. This can be an electrolyte powder, trace mineral drops or gatorade. This is smaller as you’ll only really need it once a day, we tend to give our kids some powder in their water at lunch time to help them get through the day! (you can get gatorade at the resort!) 

If you don’t have a stroller, today would be the day to rent one! I only have good things to say about this stroller rental company local to Orlando. They make it so easy!

ALSO- if you have a mickey balloon on your stroller, leave it in the hotel room! These aren’t encouraged at Animal Kingdom as they are dangerous to the animals. 

⭐ Animal Kingdom Preschool One Day Itinerary 

Grab a Wilderness Book 8 

Explore Tree of Life/Animal around tree

Navi River Journey 9 

Gorilla Fall’s Trail at 945

Train to Rafiki’s 1015 

Affection Section 

Train Back 11

Meet Mickey and Minnie at 1130 

Lunch at 12 Flame Tree BBQ

Kali River Rapids at 1245 

TriceraTop Spin at 2 


Meet Characters in DinoLand at 230 

Fossil Dig and Bone Yard from 3-4 


Catch a show at 230 

Then meet characters in DinoLand from 3-4


Skip dinoland, do the Maharajah Jungle Trek

Look for exclusive characters

Nap from 3-4 at Baby Care Center 

Dinner at 4 

Get in line for Safari at 445 – line may take 35-65 minutes, but this is truly the best time to see the animals. 

Wrap up the evening with a walk back through Pandora and then exit while viewing the tree of life show. 

Second day Itinerary at Animal Kingdom for preschoolers 

If you have the option of returning to Animal Kingdom twice with your preschooler, there are some other fun options to enjoy this second day! 

Maharajah Jungle Trek at 9 

Bird Show 

Dinosaur Ride at 1030 

Finding Nemo at 1130 


It’s tough to be a bug 

Dinoland Dig


Character Dinner at Tusker House 

Pitfalls to your animal kingdom itinerary planning 

Having a list is only so helpful as you’ll need to consider some pitfalls that could stop this preschool itinerary in it’s tracks. 

For one, the weather in central florida is very unpredictable. While a rainy day at Magic Kingdom or Epcot is no big deal, at Animal Kingdom, it closes most of the attractions. And you’ll likely be surprised at Disney World’s Rainy Day Gurantee.

so if it rains ALL DAY at Animal Kingdom, your day might look more like this:

Grab a Wilderness Book 8 

Explore Tree of Life/Animal around tree with poncho

Navi River Journey 9 

Lion King Show at 10 

Meet Minnie and Mickey 1130 

Lunch 12

Catch a show at 130

Leave and go back to the resort 330 

If it’s only a light shower or a one hour rain, then you can just don some ponchos and a stroller cover and try to make up for lost time. BUT the thing about rainy days, is that it will make your wait times either super long or non existent. It’s a wicked wrench in the plans. 

Another thing that can upset your day is having a party member with picky food preferences. Much of what you’ll find at Animal Kingdom is quick serve, so you can view the menus ahead of time to decide where to eat. If it’s on the other end of the park, try flip flopping some of the options in the itinerary. Navi River is listed for 9 as it fills up quickly in the afternoon, and the Safari, while fun anytime, will have the most animals at sunset. 

That’s all for an Animal Kingdom Preschooler Itinerary! 

As you can see, there’s a lot that can be done at Animal Kingdom, even more than you can fit into 2 days! There’s shows, adventure in the wilderness, animals, and rides galore. Animal Kingdom is also beautiful in the holiday season as many areas are lit up with colored LED lights and festive creatures come out to play! 

While the itinerary’s above are perfect as is, I do encourage you to create a small bucket list of items you want to do! That way it helps with planning since you’ll leave satisfied at the end of the night when you skip something less important. Enjoy your Disney Vacation with preschooler in tow, it truly is a once in a lifetime trip as they grow up so fast!

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