How to make 2000 dollars for your Disney Vacation

If you are here that means two things. 1. You want (or need) to make some money 2. You’re planning to go to Disney world. 

Surely many of you can relate- I needed to make a few hundred dollars a month to have more spending money for Disney World– I just wasn’t about to get wrapped up in a get rich quick scheme. So I spent some time looking online for the best way to make money each month that didn’t require me to do anything crazy.

This isn’t another one of those posts that you’ve seen where they promise 10,000 dollars in 6 months. Nope, this is more like 350 a month. Not glorious, but it is more money than you had! 

There’s so many posts online about how complicated a blog is- about how it takes all this time- about how it’s super hard to earn money. I think it’s mostly those people that are bitter that they never made a dime.

The reason most people never make money with their blog is they:

A. Never get it actually started. One post is great but that won’t bring many visitors.

B. Get discouraged and give up because they want it to be perfect. Most of these people never get past choosing a name or even writing one post because they want ‘perfect’. Perfect won’t make you money if you never get it online. 

I’m here to debunk those comments, show you how easy it is to make a blog, and how quickly you can start earning some money. I’ll also show you free, cheap and paid courses that will assist you on your journey to make money from your blog! 

Do you actually make money from blogging? and how much?

This is the question that everyone wants to know- just because I talk about it, is it true? And how much do you really make?

While showing a screenshot of my bank account is easily faked, let me show you my amazon account and what I earned in a month. JUST from amazon- this doesn’t include ads.

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And that’s just by writing about stuff that people need, like a fan and a cooler (both of which I use at Disney), and something that I think everyone needs to bring on their vacation.

So that would be affiliates, and there are so many affiliate products that you can recommend! Then you can make a percentage of the sale.

The other way I monetize the blog is through ads. While I can’t reveal how much I make due to my operating agreement, I can say I have tripled my initial 350 a month estimate (and the sky is the limit! More posts equal more ads).

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you, check out my affiliate disclosure for more information and all the legal mumbo jumbo.

But isn’t starting a blog hard?

Starting a blog with a plan is actually easy. You could have your blog planned out, set up and published in a weekend- no I’m not joking! 

The First thing I always recommend is this Free 12 Day Blogging Bootcamp. 

I know what your thinking- starting a blog is too much work.

Maybe you’ve started one and never got anywhere with it- This post might be able to help. I started an online business and no one visits me.

It’s only hard when you make It hard. You don’t need to spend 2 months agonizing over the ‘perfect’ name for your blog, and then take another two months to write your first post.

Do you really care that my domain name is Mouse Ear Memories? Did you go and check out my first 5 posts? – Doubtful! (please don’t check them, they are pretty rough! need to add that to my to do list to go back and fix those! )

What you did do, is see my pin on Pinterest, click over, and start to learn about my journey to making money for my Disney obsession. 

See? Your readers aren’t going to care about your domain name or your first post that you were embarrassed to post- they will find you on social media and care about what you have to say. And that, my friends, is how you can make money. Simply and honestly.

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But if you want to know how easy it is, Here’s the basics of starting a blog.

Number One: 1-2 hours. Write down ideas you would like to blog about. These are not personal stories. Examples are gardening, budgeting, and disney world (DUH!). 

Number two: 1-2 hours. Decide on an easy to read name (no acronyms or made up words) and see if its available

Number three: 1-2 hours. Here’s where you set up your site.

What I recommend, and most bloggers recommend is a self hosted site. Why?

Because then you own the product and have control over how you monetize it.

Self hosting is the best way to go and the easiest is to go with Siteground. Here you can get your domain and blog set up (with friendly customer service) for right around 55 dollars- I don’t recommend the additional site lock add on though. You can see all their options and learn if this is something you’d like to do!

Web Hosting
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If you want the next level up for hardcore bloggers. I recommend Big Scoots- it’s right at 50 dollars for the entire year NO HIDDEN FEES.  

While both of them are very similar in price, the difference is that one is for more of a part time blogger with lower traffic and one is for a blogger who expects to have higher numbers. (for reference, I moved from seiteground to BigScoots, both are great companies!)

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Number four: 1-3 hours. Have your hosting help with setting up your domain, pick a theme (they come with free ones that are easy to set up. Basically pick the theme and the color!)

Number five: 1-5 hours. Write 1-5 articles, upload them on your site. These are the beginning topics for your blog. So “Intro to Gardening”, “Intro To Disney World”. You want them between 500-1000 words. DON’T get stuck on an “about me”. Did you read over my about me? Did you check out my privacy policy? NO. Both of those things will come with time, don’t get hung up on the stuff that not important in the beginning.

Ta-da! You have a blog.

Yes, its a skeleton. But during the upcoming weeks you can write more, create some social media accounts and monetize your blog (you can’t make money till you have a blog that’s been published!). 

You can also check out this post, I don’t even know where to begin or if a blog is even for me.

How Fast Can I make Money?

Pretty Dang Fast!

I’ve known several bloggers that have made money within their first month- but they did a lot of stuff behind the scenes before they launched like checking out this post about how to make money blogging.

For my journey, I started making money in month 3 and I was able to have everything I needed for Disney in 6 months. AND I STILL make money from it- Hello, next Disney Vaca!

This is perfect for people that are planning their trip more than a year out. You could easily have a monetized blog if your worked on it a few hours a week for a year.

Free, Cheap and Paid Resources for starting your blog

How many of you have dreamed about starting a blog, or have started a blog only to let it sit by the wayside? *sheepishly raises hand*

I know that’s what I did. I wasted so much time thinking that people cared about all this extra stuff- and they don’t. 

What I should have been focusing on was how to actually make money from my blog. So I’ve compiled some fantastic resources here for you to check out so you can start earning for your Disney Vacation! 


Free 12 Day Blogging BootCamp

Free- Make your First Affiliate Sale

Cheap stuff 

Ana, from the She Approach, has two great (and cheap!) ebooks to get you started with making money. First, she addresses how to get Traffic with her Ebook on Boosting your Blog Traffic.  Then she goes in for the monetization piece by breaking down affiliate marketing in her Zero to Hero, the blueprint for making your first 1000 in Affiliate Marketing.

Business Boutique is an amazing book that will help you find the motivation to start your business, and answers all the questions about time management, dealing with taxes and marketing. I highly recommend this book for anyone starting a business- from blogging to selling on Etsy! BONUS- see if your library carries this book! (it’s also on kindle!)

Pinteresting Strategies is an excellent course by Carly at Mommy on Purpose. She is able to get over 100,000 Pinterest visitors a month (and that means money!!!). Her course is pure GOLD! She teaches you all the tricks to getting lots of traffic to your site, so you can start making some money!

Also, check out Siteground for getting started with your hosting. They are super friendly, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!


There are so many expensive courses on the internet, it’s hard to know who to trust!

I only recommend one expensive course, and I love that he has it broken up into different sections so you can purchase what you need. It’s called Dare to Conquer

He also has a ton of free resources on his website- those alone are worth checking out. I’d tell you about all his accomplishments, but he does a good job explaining and showing his proof in his youtube videos about how he’s built a blog in every niche and made money from them.

Wrap up

So a recap- you could have a blog in a weekend!

Get your list of ideas together, get your site setup with, and start writing! The list of courses above will tell you in depth information you wont find online (or it would take you lots of time! Time you need to spend making money!). 

Have any questions about getting started? Send me an email or drop me a comment!

How to Make Money for your next trip to Disney World
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  1. Hello! I was just wondering how you got your host for $50 a year. The lowest priced one is showing up at $35 a month. I would love to be able to start with a cheaper option.

    • Hi Christy, if you go back to BigScoots and click on “shared” hosting, you will find plans as low as 3.55 a month. You can also chat with BigScoots, they are very helpful!


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