Dole Whip 50th Celebration is an allergy friendly favorite

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There aren’t a ton of allergy options for the 50th celebration, but there are some! We’ve got the full review guide of what to expect with allergy treats here, but for the dole whip lovers, there is something really fun and special to celebrate the anniversary!

Come over to the Pineapple Lanai in the Polynesian resort for a truly delicious spin on a classic Dole Whip Flavor.

EARidescent Dole Whip ✨🥳

Dole whip is such a fun treat for the allergy community! So we were so happy to hear they had jazzed it up in celebration of the 50th anniversary.

Here is Lime Dole Whip with a dairy based 50th treat (hubby said was delicious!) and food grade glitter. The glitter does contain red dye#40 but it top allergen free


Ready to get your own sparkly dole whip? You can access the poly by walking from the ticket and transportation center(known as magic kingdom parking) or catching the monorail from Magic Kingdom/Grand Floridian/ The Contemporary. You do not need a ticket to enjoy the resort 🥰

Fruit flavored dole whip is Top Allergen Free*** (contains corn derivatives, coconut oil, and vanilla/coconut flavors contain dairy). 

When ordering we spoke to a manager, addressed cross contact concerns (glove change, no diary base on machine) ordered a second plain dole whip for the kids to share to prevent dairy contamination and no glitter because of red dye. If you need more info about what to expect on an allergy friendly vacation, be sure to check out our planning guides for the allergen community.

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