Eating at the Disney World Water Parks with Food Allergies

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Disney World actually has 6 parks- which is kinda crazy to think about because it’s only the 4 big ones that are heavily advertised, but it’s true!

There’s two water parks that are part of the Disney World Orlando Empire and they have lots of Disney theming and during the summer, they have character meets!

I’ve noticed that we tend to spend more time together just talking and laughing when we are at the water parks. Less hustle and bustle and more of a relaxed atmosphere!

It’s certainly a fun way to spend the day, in fact, we actually went there on Christmas day and it was festive, fun (and only a little busy!)

While your here for the water parks, also know we’ve got guides for the rest of Disney World and greater Orlando Theme Parks. Like eating Dairy free at Disney World, eating Gluten Free, and managing allergies in and above the top 9 most recognized allergens!

Water Parks at Disney World

Disney has two water parks- both of them are open during the summer, and then one of them is open all year (weather permitting) while the other one is closed for refurbishment and then they switch back and forth.

The first is Blizzard Beach. This is located over by the value resorts. It’s Winter themed, and definitely the favorite for our family!

The Next is Typhoon Lagoon. This is located across from Disney Springs. It’s fun and enjoyable, just not our favorite park for our family as we prefer the kid area at Blizzard Beach more, but really it IS a fun park.

Before you go though, always remember to check the hours in the mydisneyapp, or directly on Hours and Times can change with the storms we have in Florida and based on availability.

they both have lazy rivers!

Food Allergies at The Disney World Water Parks

Disney World is really great when it comes to managing allergies- but we find that the level of service changes from quick serve to the parks to the resorts, and we found this to be true at Disney Water Parks as well.

There are SO MANY places to eat- but only ONE is truly trained in allergies. We found this to be the case, though we did venture to get an ice cream at one of the booths at Typhoon Lagoon before our youngest with his dairy allergy was born.

We also found this to be true at the LEGOLAND water park– there was only one place that could actually handle food allergies.

There are also safe snacks in each of the main shops at the entrances of the parks. So you can always grab some prepackaged items if those are more comfortable for you! There’s things like rebranded Enjoy Life products and plant based products.

they have free life vests which is good- but you can always get a clean one in case you are worried about food cross-contamination. Also see the little yellow shovel? Kids use those with the kids meal. Could have food on it, if that is something like dairy that you need to watch for.

Eating at Blizzard Beach

When we first arrived we asked where to eat, and the cast member said the best place was Lottawatta Lodge.

This is located directly when you enter the park. It is one of the very first buildings and absolutely impossible to miss.

You can expect burgers, tenders and salads to be common at quick-service locations, and it’s exactly what we ate here! See the full review and menu of what we had at Blizzard Beach for our lunch.

Same procedures applied, we grabbed an allergen menu and asked to speak with a chef who walked us through the options. It DID take a long time. In fact, both water parks are the longest we’ve ever waited for allergy friendly foods.

Eating at Typhoon Lagoon

The quick-serve that you want to eat at here is called Leaning Palms. It’s inside the park and to the Left. It’s kinda easy to miss, but cast members can always guide you!

To see the full guide of Food at Typhoon Lagoon, see what you can get at Leaning Palms and beyond.

Is there a lot of food at the Water Parks (like cross contamination risk)

If you would have asked me this question before having free from kids, I would have been so confused… but the answer is YES, there is food all over the water parks.

It’s not quite the same as being able to wipe down your seat on a ride, since the water is everywhere!

Thankfully, even though people are constantly eating in chairs and around the water areas, no food is allowed IN the pools/water areas. There are a LOT of lifeguards.

If you’d prefer the park that had the least option for food in the kid areas, I’d recommend Blizzard Beach.

Also try to go during the week days when it’s less crowded so you can simply move if someone close by is eating something containing an allergen.

Will we be back to the water parks?

Overall, we find the water parks to be a great day to relax while still being in the ‘Disney Bubble’ and enjoying our family vacation! I would highly recommend them even if you needed to bring food in.

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