Disney World Water Bottle Refill Stations (locations, photos, tips) updated for 2024

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Water is always a good idea at Disney World. In fact, there’s no cons to it! It saves you money, keeps you hydrated, helps prevent lots of those heat related issues and gives you a nice burst of dopamine at the Most Magical Place on Earth!

While you can get free and paid bottles of water all around Disney World, one of the best options to save you time (and the planet!) is to refill your water bottle!

Are there water bottle filling stations at Disney?

Does Disney World have water bottle refill stations? Yes! There are several locations in each of the four theme parks that are dedicated water bottle refill stations. There are also other locations where you can get cups to refill your water bottle or use the water button on the self serve soda machines. Locations listed below!

Does the Water Bottle Refill Station at Disney World have ice water? What temperature is the water?

The water is not ice water, it is regular room temperature water. I highly recommend you bring a stainless steel or insulated water bottle, fill it with ice in the morning, and then you will have ‘homemade’ ice water when you use the water bottle refill stations.

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How do the Water Bottle Refill Stations work?

The water bottle stations at Disney World are self-serve. There are no Cast Members there to fill up your water bottle for you. The refill stations fit most standard water bottles 40oz and under, and have a dispenser that drops water down without touching the lip of your bottle. Some of the locations have a sensor, and some have a button you need to press (which is not very accessible for some folks).

Prefer to just get free cups of Ice Water instead of bringing in a bottle? See those free water locations for Disney World.

Can you bring in your own Water/Water Bottles to Disney World?

Yes! You can bring in your own disposable bottles and reusable water bottles into the park. I’ve personally brought in a half gallon water jug with a secure lid with no issue, but I do know that people who’ve tried to bring in a gallon water jug from the store have been told no.

What Water Bottles can you use at the Refill stations?

The Best Water Bottles to use are ones that you’ll want to carry with you for your trip!

Many people prefer a Stainless Steel Option to keep drinks cool in the warm weather (I’m team stainless steel, quick to clean and easy to order from Amazon, bring from home, or grab at your local store) But they are heavy!

Plastic Bottles and Water Bottles that fold up when empty are great easy options to carry around without giving yourself a back ache. They just dont keep drinks cool and ice melts really quickly.

Some people complain that the water tastes gross… I’ve been testing out the Stainless Steel Brita with a water filter (link is for Amazon, but I grabbed mine on sale at Target) While I don’t taste the difference (at the parks or on a disney cruise) it was comforting to know it filtered out any yuck I couldn’t see!

Lastly, I don’t recommend straws or bottles with straws. They do tend to get icky after a few days of drinking random water and eating a ton of snacks! If you and your group need a straw option, please pack a scrubby brush and some soap.

Where to find Water Bottle Refill Stations at Disney World

You can always refill at your bottle with water cups from restaurants, water fountains or sinks. Disney has actual water bottle refill stations with filtered water that make it easy to stay hydrated!

Do all four parks at Disney World have a water bottle refill station? Yes, all four of the formal theme parks at Disney World have water bottle refill stations. At the water parks and Disney Springs you will need to go to the Quick Serve for quick cups of water (or Table Service if you have a reservation).

Accessibility: The Water Bottle Refill Stations with Sensors that don’t require a button to be pushed for the refill are listed below with a (S) notation.

Magic Kingdom Water Bottle Refill Stations

Does Magic Kingdom have a water bottle refill station? Yes! Disney has recently added some refill stations (and there should be more added soon!)

➡️Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe (S). Inside the Quick Serve, you’ll find two water bottle refill stations, located in between the ‘food bays’. You do not need a mobile order or a food order to come in and use the water bottle refill stations.

➡️Tron Ride Restrooms in Tomorrowland

At the top of the walkway ‘hill’ to access the Tron Ride (and you do not need to ride the ride to access the restrooms), you’ll find the Water Refill Station directly outside the Restrooms.

➡️Pinocchio Haus Restaurant

Magic Kingdom Monorail Resort Loop Refill Stations

You can access these stations if you are visiting or staying at the Resort.

➡️At the Contemporary Resort (S) on the First Floor by the Bathrooms that are next to Steakhouse 71.

➡️At the Contemporary Resort on the First Floor outside by the Sand Bar and Pool Bathrooms.

➡️At the Polynesian Resort on the First Floor outside the Bathrooms by Capt’n Cooks Quick Serve.

➡️At the Grand Floridian Resort (S) on the First Floor outside the Bathrooms by Lobby Check In.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Water Bottle Refill Stations

Does Animal Kingdom have water bottle refill stations? Yes! All three of the Water Bottle Refill Stations are located inside ride lines (known as queues) and can be hard to access.

If you are headed into the queues take your bottles with you! This is helpful if you are waiting in line as they can get very long, and having your water bottles helps with the heat.

  • Avatar Flight of Passage Queue Line
  • Navi River Journey Queue Line
  • Expedition Everest Queue Line

Not so helpful is that you can’t go in to *just* to fill your water. You’d need to go in for the ride, fill your water, and then exit the line if you didn’t want to ride these rides.

As an alternative in the Pandora land, inside Satuli Canteen Quick Service Restaurant, you can refill your water from the drink machine. It’s clearly labeled ‘water’ and available to guests to use for refills.

EPCOT Water Bottle Refill Stations

Does EPCOT have water bottle refill stations? Yes, EPCOT currently has the most out of any of the Disney World theme parks.

EPCOT has the most water bottle refill stations currently, and we hope this trend continues to the other parks! Though I am curious why EPCOT has so much water available… maybe it has to do with the ‘drink around the world challenge’. Curious minds may never know.

➡️ Bathrooms before Canada on the Walkway between World Nature and World Showcase. This water is easy to access and only ever has a small line of a few people.

➡️ Directly outside Guest Relations is the one of the newest additions! This is a freestanding water bottle refill station and is easy to access. Guest Relations is near the new Connections Cafe and Eatery.

➡️ And Speaking of the Connections Cafe, you can also refill your water there at the Drink Machine. It is easy to access and available to guests for refills. AND there is a station at the Bathrooms for Connections Eatery.

Likewise, Sunshine Seasons and Regal Eagle quick serve also have water refills at their Drink machines. These are also available for guests to access.

➡️ Connected to the Water Fountain in the Odyssey Building. This is *very* easy to miss! On the water fountains inside the Odyssey building is a small water bottle refill button. Note that the Odyssey Building is sometimes closed (especially when there are no festivals).

➡️ Before entering the park, At the Skyliner Bathrooms before the International Gateway Entrance (back entrance)

Hollywood Studios Water Bottle Refill Stations

Hollywood Studios is arguable the hottest park out of the four Disney World theme parks. So hot that I don’t even bring the kids here in the summer, and they are used to the heat as fifth generation floridians.

➡️ One Location outside the Park, before security. It’s located by the ‘CocaCola’ Building by the Skyliner (S).

➡️ One Location directly inside the Park, by First Aid. When you enter the Park, head Left to the walkway between the Guest Service and Photopass Building to First Aid.

➡️ Two Three locations in Galaxy’s Edge. One is at the Restrooms in Galaxy’s Edge over by the Blue and Green Milk stand (closest to Toy Story Land), the other Bathrooms near Rise of the Resistance in the Batuu Marketplace and then at the exit of Millenium Falcon.

You can also refill your water at Docking Bay 7 which has a water cup refill station (So fill your cup, and dump into your bottle).

Does Disney World sell refillable Water Bottles?

Yes, and you can find these in the shops and gift shops around Disney World. Stock and supply does vary, but there is normally 1-5 options for adults and 3-6 options for smaller bottles typically used by kids. They range from 20-45 dollars.

That’s all for Water Bottle Refill Stations at Disney World!

Sometimes it requires a bit of creativity, but there are lots of places you can get water to pour into your cup! I do prefer the water bottle refill stations as they have lower lines and its so much easier to fill while you are on the go.

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