Disney World Ticket Options

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All of the options for Disney World can be a little confusing when it comes to tickets! And worse, their are people that could lead you astray with promises of cheap tickets that aren’t authentic. Let’s quickly cover the different options available to you for Disney World Tickets.

This is part of the Beginner’s Guide to Disney World Series– where we answer all your basic questions about your Disney World Trip!

What ticket options are there?

The first, and most important thing, is to understand what tickets to buy- and what those tickets will get you. For instance, some options can provide free parking and some can provide discounts!

Regular Tickets

The Regular tickets come in three different options.

The first is just the same day “1 park per day” ticket option. This is exactly as it sounds. One park for one day. Fast passes are included.

The next is the “Park Hopper Option” that allows you to visit multiple parks for the day of your ticket. Fast passes are included.

The last is the “Park Hopper Plus Option” allows you to go to any of the parks per day as well as the water parks. Fast passes are included.

As you go up the tiers- you also go up in price, so keep that in mind. BUT the more days you add, generally, the price per day goes down. Sometimes the 3 day park hopper is the same as the 5 day single park tickets- and other combinations like that.

Personally I don’t think the park hopper is worth it for most people because getting from one park to another can easily take 1-2 hours, especially when it’s crowded.

Ticket options at Disney World, including the most important question "do cheap tickets exist anymore?" #disneytips

Annual Passes

For NON Florida residents (and Disney Vacation Club Members), you only have two annual pass options.

These Annual passes are good for the year you purchase them, and can be a big money saver for those people that plan to go to the parks more than a week or two during the year. This is especially true because the annual passes come with additional discounts that you won’t find on your regular tickets!

Disney Platinum Plus –This includes all four theme parks plus the water parks and ESPN center, discounts, Photopass and Parking with no blockout dates.

Disney Platinum– This includes all four theme parks, discounts, Photopass and Parking with no blockout dates.

Special Event Tickets

Disney boasts a colorful selection of special event tickets. From special nights in the parks to special dining events. And they change regularly!

Some notable ones include Nighttime Dessert Parties for a reserved viewing of the nighttime shows, Disney After hours tickets, and Disney H2o glow nights at Typhoon Lagoon Water Park.

Seasonal Event Tickets

Disney World has two major Seasonal Events, and these are separately ticketed events. So you won’t be getting into them with your regular tickets OR your annual passes. In fact, they will, ever so politely, kick you out if you happen to find yourself at Magic Kingdom past 6 pm on the night of the party!

Mickey’s not so scary halloween party is a trick or treat like no other! With festive characters, special rides and lots of goodies, you will love halloween on the select nights it’s available. For 2019, it runs from Aug thru the first week of November. Tickets are generally around 100 dollars for most nights. The party happens at Magic Kingdom- and you won’t get in without a separate ticket!

The same applies for Disney World’s Holiday Spectacular, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. This fun and festive Christmas Celebration is only on select nights at Magic Kingdom, with special characters, treats and shows. The event starts in November and runs through the very first part of January. Again, Tickets average around 100 dollars for a 7pm to midnight party.

Water Parks

Disney World has two really awesome Water Parks! These parks are tons of fun, especially in the summer, but you can go to them pretty much year round when they aren’t closed for refurbishment.

But, you guessed it, the tickets don’t always come bundled. This is good for those that don’t want to hit up the water parks, and many ticket options have a place to add the water parks.

The two water parks are Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Yes, you could spend the whole day here, or hop between the two parks with your water park ticket.

Where should I not get them?

Not too long ago, you could drive down international drive in Orlando and see many signs for cheap Disney World Tickets! You would even see billboards on 1-75 and scattered throughout the airport.

Those days are over with though, because the owners of the tickets were reselling them against Disney World’s ticket policy! And many people were left without tickets or their money. Which is so SAD because I would hate to see someones vacation ruined because they were counting on cheap tickets!

Another recent development that I’ve heard of is visitors purchasing them from eBay. While this sounds like a good idea ( I like eBay!) it might not be so fun when you are at the ticket window trying to redeem them only to be told that they are no good. That is not a gamble I want to make on my families (supposed to be stress free!) vacation!

Best word of advice- buy the tickets from authorized resellers and save money on other Disney World Expenses. Not sure where to start with that? I have a whole guide on Disney Budgeting!

Where do I get them?

Disney is the best place to start when you are looking for tickets. You can see what discounts they have available and what the standard price is for your visit (because it DOES change by season!).

You can also purchase from an authorized reseller. These could be places like your vacation planner, undercover tourist or GOVX if you are a military/first responder/ government employee with access to GOVX.

Military members can also get special tickets and discounts through the base and the special quarters they have set aside at Disney World.

You can check out Disney’s Ticket Guide here.

Wrap Up

That should clear up some information about tickets!

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