Everything you need to know about Disney World Restaurants

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Disney World,which is the same size as San Francisco and roughly twice the size of Manhattan, is home to many great eats and unique finds! But with all the locations, it’s almost like a college class with so many things to do and learns.

So let’s simplify the Dining options at Disney World in this Frequently Asked Questions list about everything you need to know… so you can get the information you need for planning your vacation and get back to dreaming of rides and Disney!

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Disney World Restaurants FAQ

Each Disney World Park (there’s four main parks and two water parks) has great places to eat!

At the Disney Theme Parks, you’ll find Quick Service, Table Service and Character Dining. Each of the Water Parks has several Quick Service locations.

While dining at these locations is what most prefer for vacation, you can bring in outside food. And in the case of Allergies, Disney does a great job accommodating, or you can bring in your own food.

First up, what’s the difference between Table Service vs. Quick Service ?

Disney World has two broad classifications, and those split into more options.

Table Service is a Sit Down Restaurant. This includes regular sit down options (think like an Olive Garden or Red Robin) a Character Meal (food+ Characters) and then Signature Dining (5 Star Meals).

Table Service is generally $25+ for adults for lunch and dinner, but Character and Signature Dining is typically over $50+

Table Service takes the longest, with an average dine time of 1 hour (though you could spend more time depending on location and how much you order).

Quick Serve is more on-the-go, like fast food. These include Full Service Quick Service locations that have allergy menus and modifications, Quick Service locations that can’t change much on the menu, and then Food Carts and Snack Stands.

Since Food Carts that might only have popcorn and ice cream bars are lumped together with full service Quick Serve that has an allergy menu, dessert options and full entrees, it can sometimes be confusing on the App.

The full service Quick Service locations will have Mobile Ordering Available, which tells us that the location has more options and a kitchen.

Quick Service Table Service
Time Requirement 25 Minutes One Hour +/-
Average Adult Cost$15$25 for regular, $50+ for signature
Plant Based optionsSomeYes
Allergy Options SomeYes
Kid FriendlyYesYes

What’s the better option, Table Service or Quick Service?

Both are great options, but they depend on your need.

➡️Table Service is great for air conditioning and sitting down, but it can take over an hour.

➡️Quick Service is great for food on the go and simple meals, but you end up eating a lot of the same things if you are there for the week.

A good mix for a trip would be 1/2 Quick Service Meals a day, and 1 Table Service location.

What Food is offered inside the Disney World Parks?

You’ll find every options available inside the Disney Parks. There’s Food Carts, Quick Service Restaurants, Table Service Restaurants, Character Dining and Signature Dining. Everything from Hot Dogs and Popcorn, to Filet Mignon, Fried Chicken and Pasta.

Restaurants at the Disney Resorts

Disney has over 30 resorts, and those locations have their own set of food ‘rules’.

At Value resorts, you’ll only find a Full Service Quick Serve. They can modify options and they can change somethings on the menu. I love dining at the Quick Service locations here as they have some really good and reasonably priced options!

Resorts include:

Moderate Resorts have a regular Table Service location and at least one Quick Service location.

Deluxe Resorts typically all have a Character Meal Table Service and a Regular Table Service, and a Quick Service Location. They also have a bar or lounge area.

Resort NameClassificationQuick ServeTable Service Character Meal Bar y/n
All Star MusicValueIntermission Food CourtY
All Star SportsValueEnd Zone Food CourtY
All Star Movie ValueWorld Premiere Food Court Y
Pop Century ValueEverything PopY
Art of AnimationValueLandscape of FlavorsY
Port Orleans FrenchModerateSassagoula FloatworksY
Port Orleans RiversideModerateRiverside Mill BoatwrightsY
Caribbean Beach Resort ModerateCentertown Market/Spyglass GrillSebastian’s BistroY
Coronado Springs Resort ModerateEl Mercado/Siestas CantinaThree Bridges Bar and Grill/Maya Grill/ ToledoY
Fort WildernessModerateP&J’s Southern Takeout/ The Chuck WagonTrails End/ Hoop de DooY
Disney’s Polynesian Resort Y
Wilderness Lodge Y
The Contemporary Resort Y
The Grand Floridian Resort Y
Disney’s Riveria Resort Y
Disney Yacht and Beach Club Y
Disney Boardwalk Resort Y
Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge Y

Can I eat at a Disney resort without staying there?

Yes, as long as you can get there! Many of the Resorts are very careful about how many people park there without a reservation (but with a reservation you are in the clear). It helps to ‘resort hop’ over there from one of the Theme Parks or other Resorts using Disney transportation. 

Can you eat at Cinderella’s castle without a park ticket?

No, Cinderella’s Castle Restaurant (called Cinderella’s Royal Table) requires a Park Ticket, a Park reservation, and then a Dining Reservation. You can sometimes do a Dining Walk-up if they have openings. 

Can you eat at a Disney restaurant without a park ticket?

As long as the Restaurant is at one of the Disney World Resorts, yes. If the restaurant is inside the Theme Parks, you will need a Park Ticket/Annual Pass, a Theme Park Reservation and then a Dining Reservation or Walk-up availability. 

Does Chef Mickey have walk ins?

Yes! Chef Mickey has walk ins frequently, especially very early in the morning and very late at night (like 8-9 pm EST). Most of my reviews of Chef Mickey have been done by walkup as I’m a party of 1. If you have a large party, it’s best to get there when they first open or transition from breakfast to lunch for your best chance of a walk-up. 

If you can’t get Chef Mickey, consider another option like ‘Ohana for Character Breakfast or The Grand Floridian Cafe for a Table Service Meal. 

Special Requests at Disney Dining Locations

Disney is leading the Theme Park industry when it comes to options for those with dietary restrictions and special diets, and I don’t just say that, I live it! My family has a lot of dietary needs and Disney is our go to for safe eats.

Can Disney World Accommodate Food Allergies at their Restaurants?

Yes and Yes! Disney World has an allergy menu for the top 8 allergens plus gluten at many Quick Service and Table Service locations. You can also speak with a Specially Trained Special Diets Cast Members, and can contact the Special Diets department if you have 4 or more allergies or allergies outside of the Top 8.

See more in this Food Allergy FAQ

Does Disney World have Vegetarian Options?

Yes, Disney World has Vegetarian Options. Vegetarian eats are some of the easiest to find as Disney has a plant based menu. They have a variety of veggie meat options, and meat substitution options. Cast Members understand what a vegetarian eats, and they are happy to modify a meal. 

Does Disney Word Have Vegan Options?

Yes, Disney World has Vegan options which fall under the Plant Based Menu. The Plant Based Menu is supposed to be made without Animals or Honey, but sometimes items are labeled Plant Based that contain an animal derivative like cochineal or other items that are not cruelty free. Before you order, as the Cast Member what is included in the meal, if the fried items are in a shared animal based fryer, and if the house made items have an ingredient list. 

For all things Vegan at Disney World, please visit my friends over at the two best vegan blogs on for Disney World! 

Vegan Disney Food

Vegan Disney World

More Questions about Dining at Disney World

Does Disney World have 24 hour Restaurants? 

Not on property, but you can find some outside of Disney World with your own vehicle or delivery options. Hours vary by eatery and resort, you’ll want to check the times on the My Disney Experience App. 

Can you have food delivered to your resort?

Yes, you can have food delivered to your resort. You’ll need to make sure you are there as fridge space is either not there, or limited. Some resorts charge a small fee to hold packages or grocery delivery items.

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