Disney World and Pregnancy Tips

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I’ve been a pass holder in a few stages of my life, and for the last few years during 9 month periods, I’ve had the pleasure of going to Disney World while pregnant. Three pregnancies now I’ve lugged my big ole belly to the happiest place on earth for multiple visits (It helps that I live less than 45 minutes away!)

While standing in the hot florida sun is not my ideal place to be while pregnant, I sure have learned a lot about vacationing at Disney while expecting. 

And I’m more than happy to share my top tips so that you can get the most out of your Disney Vacation! 

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But First, Is it worth it to go to Disney World while Pregnant?

This is a good question, and I want to say that its deeply personal so I can only answer from my own experience. 

For me, Yes, it has been absolutely worth it to go while pregnant. BUT I also know what to expect and I plan ahead- like I’m a planner… so for me it’s always been very easy! 

It can be for you too! Regardless of if you are planning a trip for the first, second or third trimester to Disney, with some preparation and packing the right stuff, it works. You can have a magical trip to Disney World while pregnant! 

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The Best Tips for Going to Disney World while Pregnant

Stay Hydrated

I’m sure you know this, I’m sure you’ve heard it, but Imma repeat it for the people in the back. STAY HYDRATED. I capitalized it because I care.

As central florida natives, and with a paramedic hubby, I can’t tell you the number of times that we’ve heard about strangers and friends getting dehydrated. Doing this while pregnant can be very serious and you don’t want to end up with an IV for fluids on your trip (and it’s more common than you think!)

Get a water bottle, and also get an insulated bottle. The Water bottle you can drink immediately while on your way to the parks. Then by the time you are hot and bothered you have an insulated bottle to sip on until lunch! I always recommend this bottle from amazon to my other pregnant friends.

Know what rides you can go on while pregnant

The easiest way to do this is to go up to the rides and look at the signage to see what is posted. Obviously, we want to plan ahead, so I have a list of rides that kids under 3 and pregnant women can ride. Check that out here. 

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Pregnant at Disney World- What you need to know for a smooth and magical vacation.

Watch for Swelling

Swelling is not always a bad thing, but if you get some major swelling or start to feel uncomfortable, definitely head to the first aid center so they can get your blood pressure and check you over! Eating good foods and staying hydrated will help prevent this- yes, indulge in some treats but don’t go eating all the junk food in sight!

I’ve been pregnant at Disney three times, the temptation is real! I really like to order snacks to have delivered to my resort from Amazon. Normally I get things like Lara bars (to get your dates fruit for pregnancy!) and dried fruit (we are an allergy family so we plan ahead!)

Bring several pairs of shoes

Women love shoes right? But seriously, bring a few pairs. If you think you have too many, you don’t. Here’s what happens. You wear a pair of shoes and then your feet swell or you get a blister. (Don’t forget to pack the moleskin- get it from amazon here!!) You. Need. Options. Just bring several pairs! 

Plan for some cute picture

Yes, being pregnant means you don’t always feel the greatest. This is especially true if you are doing Disney World in your third trimester. I know after the 7th month of being pregnant I don’t want to take any pictures EVER. But you really should.

Get excited and plan for some fun pictures because you will want them to look back on! 

Map out your day with plenty of time

Planning is so important! Or don’t plan and completely wing your day. Either way, give yourself plenty of time, and don’t be upset if you miss out on something. You are pregnant and enjoy the ride (no pun intended!)

Remember to stay cool

Remember the hydration tip? The other thing paramedics in central florida deal with are heat related problems. Remember to dress appropriately and have a few options for keeping cool.

This cloth is a good option, and a fan is a MUST have. Also consider wearing a hat and sunglasses (both of which will cost you double or triple at the park. So hop on Amazon and make sure you have lots of things to keep you cool!) They sell ALL of these at the park if you end up forgetting to grab them.

Plan for all types of weather

Central Florida is not as crazy as say, Arizona, in the winter with 50 degree temp changes, but it does change it’s weather pretty frequently. It will go from cooler mornings to hot hot afternoons to raining evenings.

If you go in the winter plan to bring at least one warmer outfit and vice versa if you go in the summer. Also plan to bring a lighter jacket and maybe a small lap blanket- they can pull double duty if it rains or gets too cold. 

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Buy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is always a good option. Especially when you are pregnant at Disney World. Let’s say you accidentally forgot about the hydration bit, or you got overheated. Travel insurance can help you with those lost days you missed because you needed medical care. Or you planned for a trip in your 8th month of pregnancy and couldn’t go because your midwife said no. Travel insurance to the rescue!

Pamper yourself

Please! Treat yourself, you are growing a beautiful baby. If you want a yummy dessert or time at one of the several spas on property- do it! Maybe your spouse or family member will take the kids for a early morning at the parks and you can sleep in. 

There is no “pregnancy pass”

This is like some weird rumor that got spread on the internet. There is no pregnancy pass for Disney World. There is a Disability Pass, and you can go to guest services to chat with them if you think you qualify. 

Know where the bathrooms are at all times

Grab a map (and bring a cell phone charger!) Does this sound like you?- Pregnant Lady coming though- I’ve got to pee! Yeah, me too. And Disney is NOT immune to bathroom lines. Which is crazy because they have like these super mega bathrooms with 150 stalls and they still have lines! Keep a map, or use your phone and know when you gotta go!

Obviously this isn’t so bad if you visit Disney in your First Trimester. But it pays to keep an eye out for the bathroom. I feel like I’ve got them memorized between potty training two kids and being pregnant three times. Jokes on me because I hardly ever wait in line! 

Plan to be emotional

Ok, I know this sounds a little ridiculous but I’ve done Disney World Pregnant 3 times now, and I have cried. Every. Single. Pregnancy. At. Disney. It’s crazy because I’m rarely emotional when pregnant but their is just something so special about being at Disney.

I remember crying with my 2nd pregnancy when I saw a pair of siblings playing and just thinking about my kids doing that in a year or two. I cried this pregnancy (my 3rd) when I was barely in the second trimester when we did Fantasmic. So just be prepared to let loose some emotions and go with it- Disney is still magical with happy tears! 


So there you have it, my top tips for vacationing at Disney World while pregnant. Hopefully that helps out with all your planning needs. If you have kids in tow and you are pregnant, definitely check out my post, Surviving Disney with kids while you are Pregnant. 

If I missed something important, let me know! I’m typing this while in the last trimester of my third pregnancy- so mom brain is real! This is part of my series, Bring Baby to Disney. Make sure to check out the other posts for helpful information!

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