Pregnant at Disney World (Tips and Realities for First, Second and Third Trimester)

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Doing Disney World while pregnant is a pretty unique experience! There’s fun new things to explore, cute pregnancy announcements, and pictures that will last a lifetime!

While standing in the hot florida sun is not always my ideal place to be while pregnant, I sure have learned a lot about vacationing at Disney while expecting and I’m more than happy to share my top tips so that you can get the most out of your Disney Vacation! 

To start with the elephant in the room, we need to talk about the DAS pass, or the pregnancy pass for Disney World.

There is no Pregnancy Pass for Disney World. There is a Disability Pass, and you can go to guest services to chat with them if you think you qualify. I’ve never qualified or felt the need for the DAS (disability pass) through four pregnancies, but your circumstances may warrant a different approach regarding the pass at Disney World.

You should also check out this list of adorable pictures for pregnancy announcements at Disney World– even if your family knows, these are still cute pictures to have in the memory book 💙

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But First, Is it worth it to go to Disney World while Pregnant?

This is a good question, and I want to say that its deeply personal so I can only answer from my own experience. 

As long as you feel comfortable and have gotten the A-Ok from your healthcare team, It is definitely worth it to go to Disney World while pregnant! There are fun memories to be made, great pictures to take, and it’s a wonderful time to enjoy family before you have a newborn.

This is a fun option for a babymoon, or just a reward to get the kids out of the house before the new addition arrives. Regardless if you are planning a trip for the first, second or third trimester to Disney, with some preparation and packing the right stuff, it works. You can have a magical trip to Disney World while pregnant! 

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What to expect at Disney World in your First Trimester

In the first trimester things will look different for each pregnancy. For example, everytime I have a boy, I’m super sick… but with my girl pregnancies, I’m fine in the first trimester (4 for 4 here!)

In general, most women come to Disney World in the first trimester, as it’s a great time to do a pregnancy announcement while still looking like yourself. You can enjoy all of the pregnancy safe rides, and should be able to do most of the entertainment and itineraries without modifications. Keep your food options noncommittal, as you might not be able to stomach certain items, and carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go.

What to expect at Disney World in your Second Trimester

The second trimester is the favorite and most recommended time to go to Disney World! This is where you can still enjoy the safe rides without your belly getting in the way, dig into an all you can eat buffet, and still have the stamina to walk for miles each day in the parks!

You’ll also likely still be comfortable in your own skin before that belly pops, so you can get some cute yet subtle pictures at Disney World! If you have other smaller children, this is a great time to come as you’ll be able to keep up with them.

What to expect at Disney World in your Third Trimester

For the best pictures, you’ll want to head to Disney World in the Third Trimester. This is still a fun time, but you might have an issue with some lap bands on the pregnancy safe rides. You’ll also need to consider that you’ll be stopping for the bathroom, drinks, and food much more frequently that a normal adult. Take this time to enjoy the shows, the night time entertainment, and the amenities at the resorts.

I know some may disagree with me, but that magical time between 30-34 weeks is just amazing for those pregnancy pics!

Enjoy this old photo on the bubblegum wall

You’ll want to stop ahead of time and make sure you stay super hydrated, plus eat when you can. Since Disney World is a lot of walking, I’d recommend shorter trips to the parks (such as morning only, or evening only, avoiding the hot afternoon) and possibly consider a mobility device.

This is also the latest most pregnant women feel comfortable flying, so heading to Disney World before 36 weeks could be a good option if thats what fits into your schedule.

Since you are in the third trimester, consider that you may have baby early. The hospitals nearby are run by AdventHealth, and it would be a good party story to say you had your baby at Disney World.

True story, I went in to nurse Baby Three at Magic Kingdom back in late 2018, and a woman was there with her brand new baby. I don’t know why she was at a theme park, but the baby still had an umbilical cord before it fell off… so… that baby was fresh y’all. It happens my friends, and it might happen to you if you come late in pregnancy. Please consider your dates and talk to your healthcare team before deciding on your vacation!

The Best Tips for Going to Disney World while Pregnant

Make sure you stay hydrated

I’m sure you know this, I’m sure you’ve heard it, but Imma repeat it for the people in the back. STAY HYDRATED. I capitalized it because I care.

Matthew Haislip, a local Paramedic in Central Florida, recommends that you and your family know the signs of dehydration and watch for things like confusion, dizziness or fainting. If you have any concerns that you are really dehydrated and pregnant, seek care or call 911 asap!

Get a water bottle, and also get an insulated bottle. The Water bottle you can drink immediately while on your way to the parks. Then by the time you are hot and bothered you have an insulated bottle to sip on until lunch! I always recommend this bottle from amazon to my other pregnant friends.

Protect yourself from chaffing

Can I just say… being pregnancy comes with some fun things, right?

I mean, carrying around heartburn medication is one thing, but what about some of the other fun things? Like sweating and chaffing in places you never want to admit in public… the dreaded Chub Rub.

Chub rub was a problem for me prebabies- but during those glorious 9 months of pregnancy, the number of times my thighs ate my pants was a bit ridiculous.

Thankfully, a friend of mine told me about this chubrub balm that prevents chaffing when I was hurting so bad I couldn’t walk with my first baby, and now I preach it to everyone I see (and I may have given it discretely at a few baby showers)

Gotta get some of the good stuff and do whatcha gotta do!

Have your HealthCare Team on Alert

Vacationing can involve some questions or concerns, so make sure you have trusted professionals to call.

For example, Swelling is not always a bad thing, but if you get some major swelling or start to feel uncomfortable, definitely head to the first aid center so they can get your blood pressure and check you over!

Jessica Moniz, a BSN who works in the labor unit at Advent Health, recommended getting checked out before you travel home if you have concerns like swelling or dizziness (or anything else that makes you question!). Disney World has a partnership with AdventHealth, and they can transport you to the Urgent Care local to the parks. Learn more about that here.

Bring multiple pairs of shoes

Women love shoes right? But seriously, bring a few pairs.

If you think you have too many, you don’t. Here’s what happens. You wear a pair of shoes and then your feet swell or you get a blister. (Don’t forget to pack the moleskin) You. Need. Options. Just bring several pairs! 


Disney has several spas on property in a few of the resorts!

You can go get pampered with a pedicure, which honestly sounds like my kind of Disney Vacation!

Take pictures- even when you don’t feel like it

Yes, being pregnant means you don’t always feel the greatest.

This is especially true if you are doing Disney World in your third trimester. I know after the 7th month of being pregnant I don’t want to take any pictures EVER. But you really should.

Disney Photopass is an investment that I highly recommend you get when you are pregnant, especially because they might be able to send some ‘pixie dust’ your way.

Plan your day with plenty of downtime

Planning is so important! Or don’t plan and completely wing your day. Either way, give yourself plenty of time, and don’t be upset if you miss out on something. You are pregnant and enjoy the ride (no pun intended!)

Transportation takes FORRREEEVVVEERRRRRR (emphasis on the forever) so make sure you stop at the bathroom everytime you can and pack some snacks.

Remember to stay cool

Remember the hydration tip? The other thing paramedics in central florida deal with are heat related problems. Remember to dress appropriately and have a few options for keeping cool.

This cloth is a good option, and a fan is a MUST have. Also consider wearing a hat and sunglasses (both of which will cost you double or triple at the park.

Plan for all types of weather

Central Florida is not as crazy as say, Arizona, in the winter with 50 degree temp changes, but it does change it’s weather pretty frequently. It will go from cooler mornings to hot hot afternoons to raining evenings.

And it can be kind of depressing knowing you are only there for a week and it’s raining!

If you go in the winter plan to bring at least one warmer outfit and vice versa if you go in the summer. Also plan to bring a lighter jacket and maybe a small lap blanket- they can pull double duty if it rains or gets too cold. 

Consider Travel Insurance in case something happens

Let’s say you accidentally forgot about the hydration bit, or you got overheated.

Travel insurance can help you with those lost days you missed because you needed medical care. Or you planned for a trip in your 8th month of pregnancy and couldn’t go because your midwife said no. Travel insurance to the rescue!

Normally we don’t go for travel insurance, especially since Disney can be pretty lenient with planning, BUT when you’re pregnant, you tend to have some anxiety, so anything that makes you feel better is a good idea!

P.S.Know where the bathrooms are at all times

Does this sound like you?- Pregnant Lady coming though- I’ve got to pee!

Yeah, me too. And Disney is NOT immune to bathroom lines.

Which is crazy because they have like these super mega bathrooms with 150 stalls and they still have lines! Keep a map, or use your phone and know when you gotta go! Seriously! The Disney MyExperience App will be your best friend when it comes to bathrooms.

Obviously this isn’t so bad if you visit Disney in your First Trimester. But it pays to keep an eye out for the bathroom. I feel like I’ve got them memorized between potty training two kids and being pregnant three times. Jokes on me because I hardly ever wait in line! 


So there you have it, my top tips for vacationing at Disney World while pregnant. Hopefully that helps out with all your planning needs. If you have kids in tow and you are pregnant, definitely check out my post, Surviving Disney with kids while you are Pregnant. 

If I missed something important, let me know! I’m typing this while in the last trimester of my third pregnancy- so mom brain is real! This is part of my series, Bring Baby to Disney. Make sure to check out the other posts for helpful information!

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