Disney World Food Allergy FAQ

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Reviewed and Updated December 18th, 2023

You’re getting excited for your trip! Or maybe a nervous… or a combination of both.

Either way, allergies or food restrictions have an impact on how you or your trip party manages vacation, and your here to make the most of a Disney World Trip!

There’s a LOT of info that I’ve tried to make simple and easy to consume, be your own best friend and bookmark this page so you can come back to it when you have questions!

Just looking for Gluten Free FAQ? Head to the blue link as that’s slightly different.

⭐ If this is your First Time to Disney World, you’ll want to check out the done for you plans found in the Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy Guide

General Food Allergy FAQ

Mickey Waffles just got an Update! See the New Ingredients for the latest Waffle and Pancake Mix!

What Allergies does Disney World provide information for? Currently the allergy menus cover the Top 9 for the United States. They are also adding notes for Sesame and Corn on the ingredient guides (you’ll find those at most of the quick service and table service options) See an example of the allergen binder ingredient guides here.

The Top 9 allergens are: Wheat (Disney includes Gluten here), Dairy/Milk, Soy, Egg, Peanut, Treenut, Fish, Shellfish, Sesame

Two notes: Peanut and Treenut are often lumped together, and most of the time Coconut is included.

Likewise, Soy on Disney’s Allergy Menus is generally only Soy protein. Often, they do not consider highly refined soy oil or soy lethicin when making the menus. If you are ‘All Forms Soy’ I’d recommend more Table Service options than Quick Serve. (NOTE: some new menus include Soy Lethcin and Soy Oil, so always talk to a Chef or Coordinator to confirm for your needs)!

And, Gluten and Wheat are placed together. So some items not labeled GF may be ok for a wheat allergy (because they are counting the gluten which can be in other things besides Wheat), and some Wheat items have hidden Gluten like natural flavors.

Does Disney World have specific Allergy Kitchens?

No. They do not have specific allergy kitchens, but in many places they have dedicated spaces for allergens options. For example, from Catalina Eddie’s Window, you can clearly see the TurboChef labeled Gluten Free only. Likewise at Kona Cafe, there’s a separate nut free griddle to cook pancakes, as the regular pancakes come with nuts. But these are all still in the Main Kitchen.

Many places have dedicated fryers, many don’t.

You’ll need to ask at each and every place about their procedures. If you need a script for what to say, See Food Allergies Made Easy

To See Specific Guides, head to the Allergen/Restriction Specific Page:

Gluten Free Disney World

Dairy Free Disney World

Egg Free Disney World

Soy Free Disney World

Peanut Free Disney World

Tree Nut Free Disney World

Shellfish Free

Paleo and SCD Diets at Disney World

Planning a Food Allergy or Dietary Restriction Trip

I’m just going to be honest here, there’s a lot to consider, and a lot you can plan for, but even the most perfect vacation can go haywire! So take what you need below, bring some snacks, and have a magical vacation at Disney!

Packing Here are the items everyone with food needs should consider packing for Disney World- and why you need them for your trip!

Mobile Ordering Mobile ordering has taken Disney World by storm and lots of restriction-less foodies are loving the feature. Here’s a walkthrough and FAQ post for mobile ordering, and several things you’ll want to consider before using the service.

Bring your Own Food Because you can bring food and snacks into the parks. There is a right way and a wrong way (and an allergy way!) Here’s how you Bring Food into Disney World

And if you have no idea what I mean when I say Table Service or Quick Service, learn more in this quick reference Disney World Restaurant Guide.

Character Meals I love Character Meals, even with Food Restrictions. Since Character meals are more expensive, I highly recommend choosing a meal based on the characters, the food, or both! See all of the Updated Reviews and Recommendations for Character Meals here

Quick Note: Not all restaurants are owned by Disney World (and some won’t have the Disney Flair for special diets)- here’s a list of third party operators

Ingredients and Special Items

Photos of some Premade Snacks available at Disney World

Dye Free Disney Snacks

Magic Kingdom Fireworks Dessert Party

Allergy Friendly Mickey Waffles for Breakfast? Let’s do this! Food Allergy Friendly Mickey Waffles.

General Guides by Park

Magic Kingdom

Gluten Free Magic Kingdom

Dairy Free Magic Kingdom

Food Allergies at Magic Kingdom

Allergies on the Magic Kingdom Monorail Loop


Food allergies at EPCOT

Festivals with Food Allergies

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Gluten Free Animal Kingdom

Food Allergies at Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios

Gluten Free Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios gluten friendly and allergy friendly guide

Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios

Quick Guides

Best Places to eat at Disney World with Food Allergies

Where to find Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Pizza

Where to find Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Churros

Where to find Gluten Free and top 8 Allergy Friendly Beignets

Dedicated Allergy Friendly Bakery at Disney Springs

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