Awesome Ideas for your Disney World Rest Day (Disney fun without a ticket)

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Disney World is a Magical Place! It’s not just the parks that are fun though, Disney has thought of many cool things that don’t require a park ticket!

But isn’t everything fun INSIDE the parks?


In fact, you could make a whole week out of things that are OUTSIDE the parks. It’s a reason that many visiting families don’t get a ticket for everyday of their vacation. Plus, Annual pass holders have options that block out certain times- but they can still experience Disney Magic without a ticket.

Curious to learn more?

Let’s take a deeper look at all the wonderful and fun things you can do at Disney World that don’t require a park admission.

Just a note- many of these options are paid options- if you want a list of FREE things to do at Disney you can check out my guide on that!

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you, check out my affiliate disclosure for more information and all the legal mumbo jumbo.

First things First- Let’s meet the characters!


Did you know that you can eat with the characters without having a Disney Park Ticket?

It’s true!

How cool is that!

All you need to do is set up an ADR at one of these restaurants to enjoy all the perks of the characters without stepping inside the parks.

The restaurants are:

  • Chef Mickey
  • 1900 Park Fare
  • Ohana
  • Cape May Cafe
  • Trattoria Al Forno
  • Garden Grove
  • The Good Morning Breakfast

If you want a full breakdown with all the details, you can check out my guide to character dining without a ticket!

Chip and Dale- while staying at a Resort

Every night around 7, at Fort Wilderness they do a campfire with Chip n’ Dale! They have marshmellows for sale- or you can bring your own (we do, because allergies!) 

They also do a movie after the campfire! Cool right? This is only available to guests staying on Disney World Property.

Fun for the Whole Family

Scavenger Hunts

Outside the parks, we have a hidden mickey scavenger hunt at Fort Wilderness (most resorts have hidden mickeys, just FYI!! Always be on the lookout!) Port Orleans also has a scavenger hunt for the kids.

Resort Hopping

Ok, so here’s how resort hopping works. You can do the monorail loop (which is absolutely MAGICAL at Christmas time with all the decorations and amazing photo ops- hello instagram worthy holiday cards!)

Quick note though. While you can enjoy the sites at the resorts, the food and the gift shop you CAN’T do the pool. So don’t even get all excited about the cool water areas at each resort unless you are staying there.

-Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside is simply beautiful. And they have Beignets. GLUTEN FREE beignets are also available. We are in heaven!!! 

port Orleans resort
Port Orleans Resort

-The Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness Campground are amazing too. They have some quality restaurants and a playground. Yep, I’m all about that playground life! 

The Boardwalk is super fun to go during the early afternoon and enjoy the water. They also have Beaches N Cream- for all your ice cream needs (and ALLERGY friendly- I love when Disney goes all gluten free on me!)

Beaches and Cream Gluten Free Mickey's Kitchen Sink
Beaches and Cream Gluten Free Mickey’s Kitchen Sink

Animal Kingdom Lodge has some amazing restaurants. They also have a safari area where you can relax and watch the animals. I’m not lying when I say that I take my kids here on every off day we do on our vacation. It’s great for pictures and it doesn’t matter if they make a ton of noise!

Have fun with Mini Golf

There are TWO mini golf setups on Disney Property.

Fantasia Gardens and Minature Golf is themed after Fantasia- with hippos and broomsticks and Mickey the Sorcerer. It has a lot of weird and wonderful setups that will have you laughing and enjoying Fantasia brought to life.

The other course is a winter wonderland named, Winter Summerland. It is a play on words, because it looks like snow and sand and winter- it’s two courses in one. You can pick the Florida winter with palm trees decorated with lights, or the actually winter, with snowmen.


Yes, you can have a Disney Vacation where you relax. No need to run yourself to the ground for the entire time you are there!

Grab a coffee and relax by the water at one of the many locations on property. Disney has done a really nice job of making their resorts and grounds areas enjoyable for the kids and relaxing for the adults! One of our favorite places to grab a coffee and enjoy the morning is at the Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter. Another area we really like is the Boardwalk.

coffee at Disney World

Not feeling the coffee? Grab an adult drink and chill out by the pool! We enjoy this on those lazy afternoons where we just need a break from the parks!

Better yet, grab a late brunch (at one of the places that don’t need a ticket like I described above!) and then chill out at the pool in the afternoon. A nice relaxing day if you ask me!

Maybe you want to sneak away though? Disney has two kid areas on property where you can pay for your kids to hang out. Then you can sneak off to the spa or one of the nicer restaurants at the resorts- All without a ticket!

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Go on a Bike Ride!

Many of the resorts have options for renting bikes! You can explore the area and the trails close by while having lots of fun riding around. Disney provides helmets and kid seats.

Here’s a list of resorts where you can find the bikes!

  • Caribbean Beach Resort
  • Old Key West Resort
  • Port Orleans Resort- French Quarter
  • Port Orleans Resort- Riverside
  • Saratoga Springs Resort
  • Wilderness Lodge
  • The Cabins and Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

What’s there to do at Night?

Catch a Movie

If you are staying on Disney Property, Many of the resorts have a movie night by the pool or campfire. You can get the list of times, locations and movies from your resort (though sometimes they have it posted in the cafeteria or the check in area!)

Disney Springs is the other options for movies! They have a gigantic state of the art theater showing all the latest flicks. This luxury theater has all the standard concession foods AND they also have a dine in movie portion.

Check out the Restaurants and Bars

Disney has some world famous dining and night time attractions that can be really fun for older teens and adults.

Disney Springs has a number of Bars, and double the restaurants, where you can go to enjoy the nightlife, shop around and take in the festivities.

The Boardwalk has three adult only locations, a dueling piano bar, sports bar and a dance hall.

Not sure what to do with the kids? Disney has you covered with their own set of baby sitters! Ask your resort for the number and arrange childcare so you can enjoy all that Disney has to offer at night.

Enjoy the street performers

At many of the locations on Disney Property their will be street performers and restaurant performers at night. Disney Springs is probably the most popular option for this with many outdoor stages and bands inside the restaurants.

The other resorts have options too. New Orleans normally has a group playing live music. The Boardwalk will also have multiple street performers and games laid out for the whole family to enjoy.

Special Tickets

I know I said stuff outside the parks, but I think it’s only fair to mention some special ticket options.

The Disney Water Parks

This is a fun way to get the most of your vacation, experience some Disney Magic and relax- all without having to step inside the parks!

Disney has two water parks that operate almost all year long (they each close for a month or so in the winter to refurbish).

They are typically open at 8-9am till 6-9 at night. They have several dining options and of course, lots of fun water options for everyone in the family. It is very easy to spend an entire day here just enjoying the activities. Tickets generally run around 70 dollars.

Mickey’s Halloween and Christmas

Mickey Host’s two special holiday ticket only events in the last months of the year to celebrate.

These events are absolutely magical and have people coming in from all over the world!

First up we have Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party which starts in late August and runs through the first of November. It’s a fun time for adults and kids alike! You can already start planning if this is part of your trip because tickets are available now.

The next special ticketed event is Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas which starts in November through the beginning of January. If you’d like some tips on how to make the most of a Mickey Christmas Party, check out this post on tips to make the most of the Holiday’s at Disney!

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas

They way these tickets work is simple. You purchase the ticket, and then you can get into Magic Kingdom around 4, with the festivities beginning that night around 7. The parks are open till midnight and have a full line up of special event only festivities like a special parade, special nighttime show and lots of yummy treats made just for the event.

Even the decorations and street performers are different! Truly, it is an event unlike any other at Disney- just for the night of the tickets.

The tickets very in price, from the $80’s to over 100. Many people choose to use this as their park ticket for the day so they do something fun in the mornings.

If you haven’t been to Disney at Christmas time yet, or are still on the fence with planning you definitely need to read my 10 reasons to experience Disney World at Christmas Time.

Let the Adventures Begin

Did you find some new exciting things to do outside of the standard four park ticket for your next vacation?

I encourage you to think outside of the box when it comes to your vacation, especially if you are on a budget. Definitely check out my budget section to learn all my tips and tricks for my monthly visits to Disney!

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