Toddler Packing List for Disney

Looking for a comprehensive guide for packing a toddler for Disney? You’ve come to the right post! We list it all out here for you to easily see what items you need to pack for your next Disney World Vacation!

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the planning of where to stay and where to eat that you forget about what to pack! That’s ok. This list is pretty straight forward and mostly stuff you already own. I do recommend looking at it about a month before you go!

So save this post for later! That way, about 4 weeks out, you can refresh to make sure you have everything for your magical vacation.

And Don’t worry if you forget something. The resorts and parks are full of gift shops that carry almost everything!

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The Obvious Stuff

These are the things that you know you should pack- but a list never hurts!

  • Everyday Outfits
  • Nice Outfit for Dinner
  • Several Pairs of shoes (think water shoes, sandals, sneakers, crocs)
  • Jacket or blanket
  • Diapers, wipes, trainers, underwear
  • Pajamas, resort clothing
  • Swim gear
  • Toiletries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Activities like Coloring Books and Ipads
  • Snacks, Gum

You will also want to consider some other things like:

A stroller

The Stroller for rent at Disney are pretty clunky and not very comfortable.

You can rent from a third party company and they charge a deposit and by the day. Generally it’s around 20 a day depending on the stroller you get.

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Collapsible Cooler

Toddlers like to eat! And the lines at Disney are long. If you have a collapsible cooler you can bring in snacks to the park and keep your drinks cool.

You can also pack up extra food or snacks that didn’t get consumed at the parks. Melted candied apple is not going to be enjoyable!

We like to get some snacks sent in from Amazon for our trips. We also stock up at the resort quick serve area for snacks to have on hand in the parks and the rooms.

Toddler Carrier

You will do a lot of walking at Disney- it’s inevitable. A toddler carrier can be invaluable when they are tired and cranky. (or if you have a kid like mine, a runner!)

We really enjoy the Lillebaby Toddler Carrier with the mesh- but many other companies make toddler carriers too! And yes- they can carry kiddos up to 40 to 60 pounds. We have a 40 pound toddler and it is comfortable.

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Packing that will Make your Trip Magical

The Custom Items!!

We try to get at least two custom items every trip. Our almost preschooler loves to see his name on things and really enjoys matching shirts!

Custom Family and Individual Shirts are always a blast. You can even think about custom shirts just for the guys or gals- or something for a special occasion.

Custom hats, sunglasses and water bottles can be fun too! You can throw vinyl on some many things now.

Etsy is full of great ideas! and Amazon actually has custom Disney Items too! Make sure you plan these in advance though- at least 3-4 weeks so that they arrive on time for you to pack for your trip!


Memory Books

Autograph books are a must have item to have and look back on when you talk about “the First Trip to Disney!”. I’m also a huge fan of getting a stuffed animal/stuffy type toy that can grow with baby. Fun for the park and fun for home!

Another super cool thing I saw at one of my last trips was to get a Disney BOOK- not an autograph book. Then you have all the characters sign that. Then you can read to your kids with this signed book!

Amazing right?! It pulls double duty because you can read to them while you wait in line! We are getting one of these to start bringing to get signed (although we see Mickey way too often, maybe he will get his own page- or three!)

Light ‘Em Up

Glow up items are also a great thing to have- I look online for necklaces, spinners and glow sticks to bring before the trip. Especially since they cost 15-30 dollars at Disney and my toddler won’t really play with them much after the trip.

You can get a HUGE multipack of glow sticks on Amazon for the same price that you would pay in the park for one item. If your looking for a more eco friendly option you can get something fun like glow in the dark stickers for less environmental impact.

Souvenirs, Mickey Ears, Pennies and Pins

These can all be super fun items to bring to the parks!

Mickey ears are a classic “need” for a Disney Vacation! Pick up some cute ones online before you get to the park for the unique factor, or grab some when you get there!

Pressed Pennies are one of the favorite things my toddler likes to do. He loves spinning the crank wheel and picking out the design. Best part is it’s only 51 cents!

Souvenirs at Disney are EVERYWHERE. If you are looking to maximize your budget, think ahead to the items that you can bring, especially for a toddler that doesn’t really know the difference between what you pull from your bag and what’s in the store you just walked past!

Pin Trading is still very popular at Disney! Dig out your old pins or snag a big grab bag from Amazon! You can also purchase brand new ones at Disney and then trade for older ones. It’s all in good fun.

The Weather Stuff

Make sure you bring rain ponchos, I normally grab a multi pack from Amazon for every trip so I can just toss them when we are done! There is a 99% chance that it will rain at some point in your trip. Hopefully, you are at the pool and can run back to your room- not at the parks and completely soaked!

This is also why I always recommend packing an extra outfit. Or at least a shirt for everyone in your party.

If you come in the winter YOU MUST pack for both types of cold and hot weather.

Don’t get caught without the appropriate clothes because then you’ll be rushing to by Disney Gear you didn’t plan to get. We can have a cold front come in overnight or the weather person can be 100% correct about the beautiful weather. You just never know.

A weather proof stroller cover is a must- parking for the strollers is NOT covered. Sometimes we like to cover it with ponchos, but the water proof cover really works best. If you really plan ahead you’ll grab one of these Monkey Mats too- it’s helpful with waiting for the parades! It protects little (and big) bottoms from concrete that is too hot or too cold.

The Heat and Humidity

If you come when it’s hotter (so like 10 months out of the year!) there are several items that I recommend.

An Insulated Water Bottle– It gets really hot at Disney and you want to have water available at all times. Not “I’ll go wait in line” but, more like, I have it right here and I can drink without waiting for another 20 minutes because I’m already dehydrated! Check them out on Amazon here! Remember- NO GLASS in Disney Parks. So it’s a stainless steel water bottle or a plastic one!

Frog Towels they sell these at Disney and they are worth the cost- it’s just nice to have them before hand so they are less expensive!

A fan (or several fans) will be so beneficial for keeping you cool. Again, they have the misting ones at Disney for around 20 dollars.

Sunglasses, Hats and Sunscreen. I’m sure you know your family better than I do- take into account what they will wear and bring it just in case. If you get sun poisoning your first day, the rest of the trip will be veryyy hard!

Good shoes! I know this doesn’t always fall under weather BUT I like to mention it a few times. Disney is HUGE! Bring several pairs. And some moleskin.

What you might need for Disney

Laundry accessories

If you plan to do laundry at Disney (and you should at least plan for an emergency laundry run because sh*t happens) you will need some items! Many of these can be found at the resort gift shop, but if you have a preference for laundry soap it can be ideal to bring your own.

We also like to pack a pop up laundry hamper, wet/dry bags and a collapsible bin or two. This helps keep everything organized and separated.

Eating accessories

Planning for some picnics at Disney? Or maybe breakfast at the resort?

Think ahead to some of the items you might need! Utensils and plates, maybe some water cups (or bottles)

You can also plan to bring items like a collapsible cooler and some ice packs- even if you don’t plan to use it at Disney it can be important while you travel.

Medical Items

These are items that are on an individual family basis. Think about items that your family might need or want to have on vacation just in case. Like for us, we need dye free everything and latex free everything. So we also bring items just in case they are needed.

I did want to reassure you. There is a first aid center at each park, highly trained paramedics just a phone call away, and medications at each resort gift shop. So if you feel comfortable with just finding things as you need them, you will be able to find them! If you need specific product, bring them with you!


Overall, Packing for a Toddler isn’t difficult- you just have a lot to consider! Did I miss any important items? Let me know in the comments below!

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