Free things at Disney Springs with Kids

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Disney Springs, which is the Marketplace and Shopping Mega Center on Disney World Resort Property, has so much to offer for visiting families.

There are quite a few free things to do at Disney Springs with kids. There are multiple character photo spots, several play areas, two splash pads, multiple samples to get and free entertainment!

Head over to this post to learn about all the free things to get on your Disney World Vacation, or explore all of the free things to do at Disney (there’s way more than just Disney Springs!)

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Where is Disney Springs?

Before we dive in–just wanted to make sure you knew how easy it was to get to Disney Springs!

It’s totally free–no park ticket required. AND the parking is free. (Shocking, right? Universal charges to park at their version of Disney Springs.)

It’s also easy to get to with Disney World Transportation. There are quite a few resorts you can take a boat from, and a few you can walk from, but generally you’ll be using the bus system.

Disney Springs is right by Typhoon Lagoon–so it’s still inside the ’Disney Bubble’. You’ve likely heard of it–before it’s name change it was called Downtown Disney!

There’s lots of great places to eat too! If you want a quick serve, you can’t beat D-Luxe burger (disney owned) or the Polite Pig! And you can also find gluten free onion rings here!

If your looking for a sit down restaurant for the kiddos, look no further than TREX. It is a hit among all the dino lovers and a big draw for the locals!

Free Stuff for Kids to do at Disney Springs

Play at the Lego Store

While Orlando has the Lego Theme Park (with all it’s fun things to do!) Disney Springs has some pretty fun things at the Lego Store.

There’s little interactive things, from building stations with Duplo blocks to more complicated stations for the older kids. There’s little interactive computer stations, places to build mini Legos, and Lego RACES!

And yes, you can design your own vehicle and compete against the other people in a semi outdoor arena.

Plus it’s just super fun to walk around. They regularly change out the LEGO statues to include other people (from mickey to marvel to frozen) and my kids love seeing what’s new!

Enjoy the Splash Pads

Perfect for hot days (which is like 10 months out of the year), Disney Springs actually has 2 splash pads!

They are nice sized and bathrooms are right there– making it an easy place to cool off and get changed.

Samples and treats (chocolate, hand washing)

So many samples! From complimentary eats at the goofy candy store, to free chocolate at the Chocolate Shop, to playing with the bubbles and soap over at Basin soap shop! It’s got something for everyone!

Paleo Dig

Inside of the T-Rex Restaurant, you’ll find one of our favorite free activities! The Paleo Dig! It’s a fun kid friendly spot to cool off and play for a minute. But parents beware if you aren’t prepared to enjoy Build-a-bear –there’s a ‘Dino Build-A-Bear’ inside the shop.

Photo Spots

There are so many amazing and kid friendly photo spots! For one–if you have the memory maker option, there’s a few spots around Disney Springs for some good photos (no lines) and there’s a photoshop studio.

We love stopping here to grab some updated pictures. The wait line is small, the props are plentiful, and there’s lots of room for everyone to get in the shot without the weather acting up.

You’ll also notice spots all around for pictures. Many life sized Disney Characters are found throughout the Springs–too many to name!

Disney Stores

Inside of the Disney stores there are many cast members giving out stickers- even better is that they aren’t all the same stickers! You can go to the big store, World of Disney, and go to the smaller toy store and get totally different stickers.

AND there’s a character meet!

While I talk a lot about how you can meet a character without a ticket, they are kinda spread out!

At Disney Springs you can meet the Coca-Cola Bear! This is on top of the Coke building. (There’s a restaurant there with a shop!) It’s actually a cute little meet with an interactive wait line. Highly recommend if you like to meet characters and want somewhere to distract the kids for a few minutes. You can use your PhotoPass here!

Other Stuff That’s Paid

While that is the free stuff, let’s not look over all of the paid stuff at Disney Springs!

There’s an adorable train ride for the kiddos (and my kids are really obsessed with it!) It’s small, like most ones around shopping centers, and I think it was 5 dollars for both of them to ride! There’s also a small carousel, and that’s similarly priced.

Of course, there’s shops. World of Disney is one of the largest Disney Stores in the World (Seriously–it’s gigantic) and then they have their own dedicated toy store. We love popping into the toy store because the staff there are soooo kind! The kids play, get some stickers, pick out something small and enjoy their time shopping!

Let’s not forget that there is a Bibbidity Bobbity Boutique in Disney Springs. Here you can turn your little one into a prince or princess. It’s a paid event–but I hear it’s so worth it! I can’t wait to take my kids when they are a little older.

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