How to Survive Disney with Kids while Pregnant

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What we are going to talk about here is doing Disney pregnant AND with your other kids. 

 You might have seen my post “Doing Disney Pregnant” which outlines some of the tricks and  must have items for being pregnant at Disney that apply to anyone. 

Yes, it’s different. And it may be giving you a little bit of anxiety, especially if you this is your first time or it’s been awhile. It can be a whole new ball game being 6 months pregnant at Disney with two other kids that want to run and play. 

It’s true that it can be… kinda involved when you do Disney Pregnant with other kids in tow (especially doing disney in your third trimester!), but it can still be lots of fun and full of magical memories. 

So how DO you survive Disney with Kids? The good news is I’ve been doing it since 2017 with my second pregnancy and now 2018-2019 with my third.

I sure have learned a lot so let me stop jabbing and spill the details on how you can get the most of your Disney World Vacation while you are pregnant and still taking care of your other kids. 

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For Starters 

The number one thing with planning is that you give yourself plenty of time, especially with your travel plans. You dont want to be exhausted before you even get to Disney World! 

Another thing you need to consider is when to go. Obviously, if you go when it’s cooler it will be easier on a pregnant belly. 

I also have several packing guides available, like my Easy Baby Packing Guide, if you are bringing a small child to Disney.

Regardless of when you actually go,  plan for it being hot and cold. I know that sounds crazy but bring an outfit for the opposite season. You never know when florida might decide to switch things up. Theres a reason they keep the water parks open year round. 

And the most important planning key is to make sure everyone stays hydrated and fed! Nobody is happy when they need food! Pack lots of snacks and make sure everyone has their own water bottle. Plan ahead for when you are going to eat and take a togo box if you have picky kids that don’t want to eat at the table. 

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Surviving Pregnancy at Disney World with your family (and chasing after your other kids!) #Disneyworld #disneypregnant


My Number one must have accessory for surviving Disney is GOOD SHOES. And lots of shoes. Because one day your feet might hurt really bad and you would need to switch things up. 

Clothing will be dependent on the season, but bring clothes for warm and cold weather because the weather can change in less than 24 hours.  

Another thing to consider is activities, toys, souvenirs for the kids. You need to keep them entertained. Interested in bringing a tablet? Make sure you have a case, cover extra charger, headphones etc. Also think about what to do when the kids are bored with the tablet.

Flashcards, Disney Themed scavenger books or coloring books, a Disney Journal. You WILL have down time, so just make sure that you bring stuff to keep them entertained. 

Water Bottles and Hats! 

Parents know, you can get too much sun even in the summer! Plan for lots of water breaks and sun protection. My kids won’t wear sunglasses, but love hats, so do what you need for your kids. I also like to bring fans and cooling cloths. If you forget them, Disney has them for sale, they are just more expensive!

Planning What to do on Vacation


The parks are so much FUN! But their is also so much to do that it can be a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t go often. Each of the parks has a full day schedule of shows, Parades and sing-a-longs that are somewhat seasonal. They also have the permanent attractions which consist of shows, rides and nighttime celebrations. 

I would recommend reading ahead and picking your top 3-5 must see or do events, then going with the flow for the rest of the vacation. You will easily get distracted (or stuck!) by a parade, or you’ll get rained on. 

*My Ideal Day at the Parks while Pregnant: Use Fast Pass and preplan what rides, so the only lines you wait in are ones for shows.

Plan to see one Parade and One of the nighttime shows (the castle lighting is beautiful!). Give yourself plenty of time between Fast Passes and your Food plans. 

If you want to know what you can ride, I’ve got all the best rides listed out here in this post. 


Pregnant women get hangry- so I also recommend preplanning all of your food options. I really like eating breakfast at the resort (either in your room or at the cafeteria there) and then planning out your other options throughout the day.

Bring LOTs of snacks. The worst thing is that you don’t eat them, at least you have them! I order all of mine ahead of time from Amazon so I don’t have to worry about finding my pregnancy cravings at the park (we are gluten free so it makes things a little tricky!)

*My Ideal Food Plan: Eat Breakfast at the Resort OR sleep in and eat a late character breakfast around 10. If it’s hot or bad weather, do a sit-down meal for lunch and then dinner can be a quick service or back at the resort (like if you took an afternoon break before hitting the parks for the nighttime festivities). 


Don’t forget that many of the resorts have some really cool options! This would be great for a lazy day, half of it can be spent at the pool (at your resort) and the other half can be spent exploring the resorts or Disney Springs. 


Basically, with some good planning, and a lot of grace, you can enjoy your trip while pregnant and with your other kids in tow. 

Does it look glamorous? Kinda, but not really. It sure is a lot of fun to see their little faces light up, and you shouldn’t let a healthy pregnancy stop you from enjoying the most magical vacation ever! 

If you haven’t check it out already, hop over to my top tips for pregnancy at Disney World. I provide a lot more insight for the pregnancy side of things. And for when you are taking baby to Disney, check out my “Bringing Baby to Disney” series for tons of posts on everything you need to know! 

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