Disney People of Color you need to follow on Instagram

This post doesn’t need an explanation 

People of all shades, backgrounds and ethnicities go to Disney world. 

 Not only do they go, but they rock it! They have fun with Disney bounds, they do reviews, and they enjoy the food. 

Plus the stories they share are on point (and hilarious) you need them in your life! 

don’t take my word for it, check them out yourself and discover some new Disney Instagramers. 

But wait- black people go to Disney? 

Folks. This is not a joke. 

I’ve personally heard people say that black people cant go to Disney world. 

Which is entirely untrue.

You can find some great accounts below, several of which are black/brown and they have a damn good time at Disney World. (Not to mention that you see all the different types of people on your vacation) 

Once when I was teaching, I had a student state that Disney was only for white people. I countered and said that they had no policy on skin color or background. 

I’ll never forget his words. 

He said, just because the token black guy goes to Disney doesn’t mean it’s for black peoples. They always have that one black guy so they don’t get sued, but it’s not a black movie. 

Y’all, that shook me. 

He’s right. 

It’s 2019 and we still don’t have equal representation and these kids- they see it.  It’s one of the reasons I left education- children, especially those with different skin tones- were being left behind. 

Disney has done better these past few years, but I firmly believe they have a ways to go. Support these influencers who are Disney lovers so that they can see that you care! 🥂

#hashtag this 👏🏿 👏🏽 👏

Wanna know what else? 

There’s some hashtags for Disney World lovers that haven’t been whitewashed. 

Here’s a few you can check out to discover other people of color!

  • #disblerd
  • #boundersofcolor
  • #disneypoc
  • #pocdisney
  • #disneyofcolor
  • #wonderfulPOC

Disney Bloggers (that aren’t white)

Aseky +Co

Disney Minority Report

Afros and Pixie Dust

Theme Park Hipster (not just Disney)

(let me know if you have others to add to the list- google is *surprisingly* unhelpful 🙄)

The Instagrammers you want to follow 🙌

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