Disney Creators and Influencers that aren’t white

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published June 2019, Updated May 2020

This post doesn’t need an explanation 

People of all shades, backgrounds and ethnicities go to Disney! They identify by many names- but one thing that draws us together is our love for Disney!

And Disney love should know no bounds. Fill your feed with color and accounts that you genuinely enjoy.

don’t just take my word for it, check them out yourself and discover some new Disney Creators!

But wait- black people go to Disney? 

Folks. This is not a joke. 

I’ve personally heard people say that black/brown people cant go to Disney world. 

Which is entirely untrue.

You can find some great accounts below, several of which are black/brown and they have a damn good time at Disney World. (Not to mention that you see all the different types of people on your vacation- I have personally seen every ethnic/religious/cultural group besides Monks at Disney World. Yes, Women from India with their traditional bare feet, Amish and Mennonites, People from Russia, China, Muslims, Hindu, etc etc etc. Disney love is everywhere ) 

Once when I was teaching, I had a student state that Disney was only for white people. I countered and said that they had no policy on skin color or background. 

I’ll never forget his words. 

He said, just because the token black guy goes to Disney doesn’t mean it’s for black peoples. They always have that one black guy so they don’t get sued, but it’s not a black movie. 

He’s right. 

Disney has done better these past few years, but they have a ways to go. Support these influencers who are Disney lovers so that they can see that you care! 🥂

It’s incredibly important we celebrate Black, Brown, Hispanic, Asian, and Ethnic creators in this space. Representation Matters.

❤️ This is not an exhaustive list. Everyday more people are joining the platforms and sharing their voice! If someone you love isn’t mentioned, drop them in the comments. ⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️

This is a *good* problem to have- we need TONS of accounts that show all the different and beautiful people who love Disney!

#hashtag this 👏🏿 👏🏽 👏

Wanna know what else? 

There’s some hashtags for Disney World lovers that haven’t been whitewashed. 

Here’s a few you can check out to discover and get some #colorinyourfeed

  • #disblerd
  • #boundersofcolor
  • #disneypoc
  • #pocdisney
  • #disneyofcolor
  • #wonderfulPOC
  • #bibbidibobbidiblack
  • #blackgirldisney

And theres a new Universal Section below!

Disney Bloggers to support

Aseky +Co has some wonderful content- especially for kids and bigger families! She has a great series about taking kids as a solo parent to Disney World that have been soooo helpful.

Disney Minority Report has great tips and planning strategies with a fresh perspective. There’s only so many trip reports I want to read from single older men ages 50+ and you won’t find that here!

Theme Park Hipster is my go to when there’s conversations about solo travel to theme parks! There is such a huge group of single riders here and the vibes are amazing.

Looking for some Disneyland cheer? Hey Dana Kay has got you covered! Yes, she talks about WDW some, but you can beat her Disneyland tips as a local!

Castle Cravings A super cute ‘mommy blog’ covering all the fun stuff from travel, to DIYs and celebrations! Primarily in California, but they are Florida fans too

(let me know if you have others to add to the list- google is *surprisingly* unhelpful 🙄)

The Instagrammers you should check out 🙌

highly recommend Black Girl Disney. If it’s the only account you follow initially, it needs to be this account. They share wonderful stories, accounts and adventures that highlight creators in this space. Follow them so you can find accounts you click with!


Leelee below shares what it’s like for the hearing impaired and deaf community at Disney World

And that’s just some of them! Here’s so many more (and there’s EVEN MORE I haven’t listed)















Afros and Pixie Dust was the very first podcast I had listened to, and one of the very first instagram accounts I ever found that shared Disney from a POC point of view back in early 2019. I’m so thankful for all that June has done- truly changed my life and perspective. Thank you June!!!

Melanin on Main Street Brianna has a brand new podcast that she shared on Instagram- let’s show her some love so she can keep producing great content!

Disney Tea with V I’ll be honest. Victoria has some of my favorite Disney podcasts because she is *so* real. There is no hiding her spice and heart in these recordings!

Youtube Accounts

Angelique Michelle (check out Angel’s perspectives on Disney Shanghai!)

The Disney Fox (Steve and Carise are hilarious. Seriously )

DislyfeofOurs Family, fun and Disney. I do watch their tiktoks on instagram (thank you for cross posting!!) and they are absolutely hysterical!!!!

Tiffie Starchild (has some absolutely incredible bounds and cosplays)

Audrey Lee Young All things Disney! Tips and character meets and everything else.

JaymoFiasco Lots of travel (not just Disney World) and other theme parks!

(I’m sorry I don’t have full blurbs about these creators! Youtube is not my jam and beyond the intro video (and tons on Instagram) I haven’t watched enough of their content on youtube to give an honest feedback. Definitely on my list for 2020!)

Disney and Pop Culture Related Shops

CleverGirlCraftings has some incredible popsockets and other Disney gear.

Attractioneering (owned by The Disney Fox!)

Universal Influencers to follow! (this section is a work in progress!)

#masterfulmagicalminorities ⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️

iamblackharry (also on youtube!)






Have some to add?

I hope so! Let’s share some wonderful creators and influencers in the Disney Space. Drop them in the comments, share them on your stories, engage with them.

Now, more than ever, it’s important we celebrate, share and support our BIPOC Disney Family!

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