Disney Chefs have created several exclusive Allergy Recipes

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We are always on the lookout for great eats when we have food allergies (or fun dupes of the originals that we can no longer have!)

At Disney World you will find several recipes that are unique, modified and available for many to purchase. So it’s such fun news to collect up these snacks at Disney World that have been made for those of us in the Free From Community.

The Allergy Community has speculated how these recipes are stored and distributed, because these items are generally only found in one place. Some seem to think that there is an agreement with the Chefs to only use these in the locations they were created, others think it’s a

Most famously, we ask the question, why don’t we see some of these recipes at DisneyLand? While we don’t have the answers for how and why a Disney Chef’s recipe comes to life we do have some really good eats that you should add to your list!

Behind the Scenes with Recipe Creation

I was surprised to find out (but should have I been surprised?) that Disney World has a large and exclusive test kitchen. In this test kitchen, the Disney Chefs are brought food service items and recipes to try, test and modify to their tastes.

This kitchen helps to develop recipes and perfect items that them get pushed out to restaurants and quick serve options.

Disney also works with companies to develop recipes with raw ingredients that can be turned into ready made options for us to consume. Let’s look at some great recipes below!

***As Always, please speak to a qualified restaurant employee when ordering food. In order to see the most accurate ingredients and risk assessment, you will need to confirm allergy safety in real-time. This is my personal experience, I am not employed or endorsed by companies or brands mentioned.***

Here’s a Look at some Famous (and Delicious) Allergy Recipes the Disney Chefs have created or brought to life at Disney


Over at Port Orleans Resort, originally at the quick serve and now at Scat Cat’s Cafe, you can find Allergy Friendly Beignets!

These are unique and created by a Disney Chef. See more about the beignets here.


Churros are another classic that people love from Disney, but we’ve got two places to get Gluten Free Churros at Disney World! (these contain egg and dairy).

Find these exclusive Gluten Free Churros at Nomads Lounge at Animal Kingdom and Three Bridges Bar and Grill at Coronado Springs Resort.

Mickey Waffles

Disney World has a new Allergy Waffle since reopening, you can read more about all the Allergy Waffles offered here.

But the cool part is that this blend was created just for Disney World!

Chef TJs Dessert Towers

Chef TJ is a legend in the Allergy Community and among Disney Staff! He is great when it comes to modifying options and finding foods for people who have restrictions that can be harder to accommodate.

Chef TJ loves to serve “Dessert Towers”. While I didn’t get a Tower when I saw Chef TJ in October at Cape May Cafe, my son did get one in 2016 when we saw him at Trails End Restaurant.


Over at Animal Kingdom Lodge, at the Sanaa Restaurant, you’ll find an exclusive bread option. This Naan is served with many toppings and is a highlight of the meal! The Chefs here offer an allergy friendly Naan Bread, made with Cup4Cup flour and contains coconut.

Zebra Domes

The Zebra Dome Desserts are Famous at Animal Kingdom Lodge! You can find these in the regular quick serve locations and also at several of the resturants.

The Black and White Cupcake

The jury is still out on how these allergy friendly black and white cupcakes came to be, so we’ll consider that this have been ‘disneyfied’ till further notice! These cupcakes are available at Disney World Value and several of the Moderate Resorts. They are top 8 friendly and Gluten Friendly!

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