The most up-to-date Budget Hacks for a Disney World Vacation

 Make Magical Memories, enjoy your vacation, and save a TON of money!! 

Are you missing out on your dream vacation because of the cost? 🤔

Over 75% people interviewed in a recent survey said that cost was the number 1 thing stopping them from taking a Disney World Vacation. 

Thousands of people are doing the same thing each day:

-You pull up the Disney site, card in hand, ready to book your dream vacation. 

-Then you see the price- it’s a little steep so you figure you’ll shop around. 

-You talk to a travel agent, realize the quote you originally got was on the low side and decide that maybe a Disney Vacation will be a once in a lifetime trip you’ll save up for in a few years. 

It’s a dream- but you don’t know how to actually get there. 

There’s a reason that so many people love going to Disney World 

It really is the most magical place on earth, and people flock there from around the world- 50 million annual visitors to be exact. 

Most people can drop 5000, 6000, or 7000 on a medium sized vacation without even trying.

But you aren’t most people AND you’ve got a secret. 


Are these Budget Hacks right for you?

Cherie has been dreaming of a Disney World Vacation ever since her daughter was born. From the moment she saw those precious eyes, she knew. 

Disney World was a vacation full of memories that she needed to experience with her daughter. 

Only problem? Cherie is the only income for her household- no partner to help with savings and planning. 

Since Cherie isn’t the typical 2 family household, she feels like it’s not possible to go on a fun trip to Disney. 


Evelyn and David live in the North East with stable jobs and 2 kids. Everytime they watch a Disney movie together, they see Cinderella’s Castle and talk about a trip to Orlando. 

But when they start planning a Disney World Vacation, they come up with other things to spend money on, like college for the kids and car repairs.

They feel like they don’t enough savings to go around to spend on an expensive Disney trip. 


If Cherie and Evelyn knew about the Budget Hacks ecourse, they would find that Disney World is more affordable than they ever knew possible- even with the increases year over year. 

Join a group of people making Disney World a reality for their family 😊😊

Y’all Disney World is expensive. And there’s no hiding that. You can easily drop 75 dollars on a lunch at a Quick Serve Restaurant at Disney World for a family of 4. 

And that’s a sad reality because some people are going to miss out on the vacation of a lifetime simply because they don’t know how to make it happen. 

But for less than you’d pay for a family lunch at Disney World, you can hack your way to a magical vaca.  

Inside you’ll find:

Over 30 Current Discounts for hacking your way to a budget friendly vacation (including the ones that aren’t public) 

🤑 4 places to find authentic merchandise at discounted prices 

🤑  Exclusive Strategies where we use multiple options to reduce your vacation by 50%  

🤑 Insider tips for getting tickets for the absolute lowest price possible (and it’s not just about buying them at a discount store. These are legit tips for reducing ticket costs)

🤑  Exclusive Videos for saving the most on lodging and Disney World Resorts- learn how I average 50% off rack room prices 

🤑 1 giant breakdown of the dining plan- including ways to make it work on a budget and learning about when it wouldn’t be the best option for your family

🤑 And multiple discussions about budget hacks that either don’t work anymore- or might not work (the high risk options) #TeaWithSeely

Most Importantly

This course will walk you through a custom budget plan just for you! 

Together we’ll use the OVAL method and create a S.I. list to maximize budget hacks that will work for your unique situation. I’ll be drawing on my years as an educator to help you learn the budget hacks AND apply them for maximum success. 

Say goodbye to Money Anxiety

and Hello to the hacks and tips you need

⬇️Grab the eCourse now for 50% off. Course Starts on June 5th ⬇️

Get the Disney Budget Hacks for 85 $49 today

AND a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee

Okay Okay- you can save how much on a Disney Vacation?

With the solutions inside, you’ll be able to enjoy a Disney vacation for up to 50% off your quote before hacks. 

Why? Because you’ll use the OVAL method and Stick It List to create a custom money saving plan for your unique vacation!

When you join us inside you’ll find solutions to:

-ridiculously expensive park tickets 

-the Disney Dining Plan costs

-bundling the heck outa your lodging (plus some other Disney Resort Hacks even if you aren’t staying on site)

-those Pesky Hidden Expenses that could sink your affordable vacation

-Little known discounts almost no one talks about that could save 5-20% off your vacation

-and debunking some old budget myths that could ruin your vacation 


For those with questions

This is an ecourse- both text and video that will be stored in Podia. 

You can access the course on a cell phone, tablet or computer. Internet access is required. 

This is a digital product- both video and text based- that you can access on your cell phone, tablet or computer. 

Because this course is split into easy to read and watch ‘chunks’ you can take all or part of the course in a day. 

About the Author

Hey! I’m Seely!
As much as I love Disney World, I didn’t start out writing about budgeting. I made my first course for Allergy Families vacationing at Disney. 
Since Disney is expensive, many in the food allergy community asked for a guide! 
Now we’re here and I’m positive that this course will help you make those Disney World dreams come true. 
If you see me at Disney say hey! I’ll be stuffing my face with a Mickey Waffle. 
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