Questions about Your Disney Annual Passholder Benefits Answered

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Welcome to the magical world of Disney Annual Passholders! If you’re a Disney enthusiast or just love the idea of visiting “The Most Magical Place on Earth” more often, you’re in the right place. Being a Disney Annual Passholder comes with a treasure trove of perks and benefits that can make your Disney dreams come true. Whether you’re a Disney novice or a seasoned pro, this guide is here to simplify all the perks and answers your burning questions about your pass.

While there are no ‘secrets’ when it comes to an Annual Pass, there are some often overlooked and helpful perks that come with forking over all that money to enjoy Disney!

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Overview of Disney Annual Passholder Perks

There’s several versions of Annual Passes, and they’ve had different variations throughout the years. In 2023, there are four pass options available for purchase.

⭐ If you are currently living in Florida, you can purchase the Pixie Pass, Pirate Pass or Sorcerer Pass.

⭐ For those outside of Florida wanting to purchase an annual pass, you can select the Incredible Pass (or DVC members can purchase the Sorcerer Pass).

Passes do not mean automatic entry, and you will still need to get the applicable reservations and abide by the attendance and decorum guidelines. To enter a theme park, each passholder must have a theme park reservation in addition to a valid pass. Theme park reservations are limited and are subject to availability and applicable pass blockout dates.

While Annual Passes come in a variety of flavors, find tips that apply to all the passes at Walt Disney World!

Prices for Annual Passes are as follows (with price increases anticipated every year)

  • Disney Incredi-Pass $1399+
  • Disney Sorcerer Pass $969+
  • Disney Pirate Pass $749+
  • Disney Pixie Pass $399+

General Perks for Disney Annual Passes include:

  • Theme Park Reservations (number varies based on Pass Tier)
  • Theme Park Parking
  • Discounts on Dining
  • Discounts on Merchandise

Are Passes always available for Purchase?

Passes used to be available to purchase whenever and wherever, but that ‘perk’ changed in 2020. Now passes have language that they may be unavailable at any time, and it’s common to have ‘buying pauses’ where Annual Passes are sold out or Unavailable for purchase.

Are there passes for Children? or Passes for Families?

The price for Disney Annual Passes is the same for Children ages 3+ and Adults. There is no discount for children unlike with Disney Tickets.

There’s no Family Pass for Disney World, and all Children will need to have their own pass.

What Discounts are Available for Annual Passholders?

Discounts vary and are dependent on the location and availability (meaning they aren’t guaranteed!). You can generally ask for a discount at most locations, but the following list is where you can currently find a discount with your Annual Pass.

Here’s a list of places you can ask for your Annual Pass Discount: 

  • Table Service Locations- 10%+
  • Joffrey’s Coffee- 20%
  • Disney Owned Merchandise locations generally 20% (sometimes 10%)
  • Third Party Owned Merchandise locations generally 10% (sometimes 20%)
  • Mini Golf 15% off
  • Tours 15% off

Do Annual Passholders get free parking at Disney?

One of the most consistent perks of a Disney Annual Pass is the Free Parking! If you are headed to the Parks and planning to drive, be sure to show your Annual Pass to get in without paying extra to park. You can also use your Annual Pass to get a discount on preferred parking (when available!).

Parking at the Disney Hotels is now included, so you won’t need an Annual Pass for that.

Do Disney Passholders get Early Entry?

Early Entry into the Theme Parks is a fantastic way to get a jump start on a Disney Vacation, especially when everyone is lined up waiting for the rope to drop!

Currently, Disney Annual Passholders do not have Early Entry perks attached to their pass. You can get Early Entry by following Disney’s requirements, which generally include a stay at one of their hotels.

Is Park Hopping included in the Disney Annual Pass?

Park Hopping, or the ability to go from one Theme Park to another, is a helpful addition to a Disney Vacation. Those with a Valid Annual Pass will be able to Park Hop from one Theme Park to Another after 2 pm. This applies to all four main parks, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

There is no time restrictions on the Water Parks if you have those added to your Annual Pass (and currently this is a non issue as it’s easy to get to the water parks, but if Disney makes adds restrictions on the water parks, this tip will end up on the con’s list for Disney Annual Passholders. )

If I pay for the Photopass on my Annual Pass, can other people in my family use it?

Photopass is an additional paid feature available to add on to the Annual Pass. This option gives the purchaser watermark free photos when using the Photopass Cast Members and access to Magic Shots.

If you pay for a Photopass add on with your annual pass, you will be able to view all of your connected Friends and Family under your Disney login, even if they haven’t purchased the Photopass add on.

For example, children do not need to purchase the Photopass add on, as long as the Adult connected to the account has Purchased it.

Can Disney Passholders bring Guests?

With Millions of visitors each month, Disney World is a fun vacation option for many families! And with a large following of Annual Passholders, it’s no surprise that they would want to bring guests.

While Annual Passholders can come to the Parks at the same time as Regular Ticket holders, there is no option for an Annual Passholder to admit a Guest with their pass. Disney Annual Passholders do not get free tickets, discounts on tickets, or ‘bring a friend’ perks with their pass.

The other Orlando Theme Parks, Universal Orlando, Seaworld Orlando and LEGOLAND Florida do offer discounted tickets and/or free passes to certain passholder tiers.

Do Annual Passholders get a Free MagicBand?

Magic Bands, the newer technology that lets you scan into the park, are fun additions to your vacation.

With a Disney Annual Pass, Magic Bands are a long lost perk that used to be included and are no longer free when signing up. With an Annual Pass, you do get a discount if ordering ahead of your trip online through your My Disney Experience Portal, or when you are in the park with the smaller merchandise discount.

Does a Disney Annual Pass include the Water Parks?

At Disney World, there are Four Theme Parks, and Two Water Parks available to visit!

When purchasing any of the Annual Pass options, they currently only cover the Four Theme Parks, with an option to add the Water Parks. This is called the ‘Water Parks and More’ option, and any tier pass can add it.

It used to be that Water Parks were included in the top tiers, and there was even a seperate Florida Water Park Annual Pass option, but both of those are no longer available.

Do Annual Passholders get Extra Magic Hours?

Much like the question about Early Entry, Passholders are curious about extra time in the parks. Currently, Extra Magic Hours are not included in Annual Passes.

In order to get Extra Magic Hours, you would need to follow the other requirements for Disney, which often include staying at a Deluxe Resort.

Do you have to Show your ID with your Annual Pass?

Do you have to show your Identification every time your use your Annual Pass? No, most times Cast Members don’t ask. But, Cast Members can require your Identification, and there’s no way to know when ID will be required.

Per the passholder agreement, Adults age 18 and over are required to show ID with their passes.

It should also be noted that Disney asks for, and then retains, an image of your face when you sign up for an Annual Pass. It would be obvious if someone else was using your pass who wasn’t you.

Can a Family Member use my Disney Annual Pass?

If you have purchased an Annual Pass in your name, and redeemed it, only you can use that pass. Your Family Member would not be able to use a pass you had already redeemed.

In addition, Disney uses Biometrics (your fingerprint) to track your fingerprint. You can opt out of the fingerprint by using a photo ID. Your picture is also taken when you first sign up, and stored with your pass information.

You can purchase a pass for your Family Member, and if you are a Florida Resident and the Family Member is under 18, you can purchase a Florida pass for them.

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