15 Fun Diy Mouse Ears for your next trip to Disney

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Disney has been coming out with so many new ears- which is super exciting! It seems like you need a few pairs to make it through your Disney Trip if you want to theme it up and Disney Bound.

Add in all the cute outfits and all the ears, and you have yourself a fun (yet costly) set of pictures.

Why not get the kids or the girls together for a fun night of DIY mickey ears!

Perfect for going to the parks, planning your vacation, or for a halloween event.

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Check out these awesome ears below!

If you don’t have time to make ears (or you want a sturdy base to add items to!) check out the ear selection at Amazon!

DIY Mouse Ears

Have fun and get creative with these DIY mouse ears!

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1 thought on “15 Fun Diy Mouse Ears for your next trip to Disney”

  1. What an amazing variety of fun and unique DIY Mouse Ears! Thank you so much for including my Balloon Ears! I really want to try some of the wire ears.


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