Dairy Free At Disney’s Magic Kingdom (2023 Options and Tips!)

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While many come to experience the thrill of the rides and the enchantment of the characters, Dairy Free folks like us seek out the hidden treats that we can enjoy on our trip!

Here’s what you can do: Take some notes, Bookmark this page, and have a backup plan (like bringing in snacks or catching the monorail). Learn more about how you can catch a monorail from Magic Kingdom to check out the other allergy friendly eats close by if you need it! (and some you can walk to!)

Need a Gluten free MK Guide? Your in luck as we’ve covered the Gluten Free eats at Magic Kingdom too!

***As Always, please speak to a qualified restaurant employee when ordering food. In order to see the most accurate ingredients and risk assessment, you will need to confirm allergy safety in real-time. This is my personal experience, I am not employed or endorsed by companies or brands mentioned.***

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Best Dairy Free Quick Serve at Magic Kingdom

There are a number of quick service options at Magic Kingdom, and these can fluctuate depending on the season. It’s important to note that quick service is like fast food, and does not require a reservation. To learn more about the restaurants that require a reservation and their dairy free offerings head over to this Dairy Free Disney World Plan

Top 5 Quick Serve at Magic Kingdom for Dairy Free

  • Peco Bills (Protein+ Rice Bowls)
  • Pinocchio Village Haus (Pizza, Chicken Strips)
  • Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe (Burger/Salad)
  • Columbia Harbour House (Fish, Chicken Nuggets)
  • Casey’s Corner (Dairy Free Buns+Toppings)

You *can* order these options dairy free from the MyDisneyExperience App under Mobile Ordering.

I don’t recommend this option for those with food concerns, as it was added for dietary preferences *not* allergies. For allergies it’s always better to communicate with someone who can clearly understand you have can’t have it. That it’s not a preference.

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    Best Sit Down Restaurants to avoid Dairy Inside Magic Kingdom Park

    My favorite sit down at Magic Kingdom (especially when I have my food allergy babies with me!) is Jungle Navigation Skipper Canteen. But I’ve also found that Tony’s at the front of Magic Kingdom has some really great dairy less options!

    You can eat at any of the Table Service Restaurants, it’s just going to vary what you can have there.

    For example, The Plaza Restaurant is so adorable and quaint. It has the perfect view of Cinderella’s Castle and cute decor! But they serve BottomLess Milkshakes and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t alittle jealous that I didn’t get that option.

    Crystal Palace is another great sit down restaurant, but you’ll need to completely avoid the buffet and have the Chef bring your food to you. There’s several meat/veggie options, and a delicious dessert brownie that I can’t recommend enough!

    Lastly, the Signature Dining Options, Be Our Guest and Cinderella’s Royal Table both have Dairy Free options, but I wouldn’t classify them as Signature. Don’t get me wrong- I enjoyed the food and the ambiance, but it’s not the same when you have expectations of signature items and get something you might have gotten at one of the other eateries for half the price.

    Best Dairy Free Snacks at Magic Kingdom

    Interested in a full list of snacks? or need other Allergy Information? See these Time Saving Guides for all the snack allergens.

    Strawberry Smoothie- Auntie Gravities

    Dole Whip- StoryBook Treats, Aloha Isle


    Chocolate Covered Bananas

    Please also consider bringing in your own snacks. We do the non-chocolate versions of Lara Bars and GoMacro Bars + some finger foods like trail mix when we head to the parks! Disney has a really great policy for bringing in food (with or without an allergy!) but you need to make sure it won’t melt!

    Need more snacks? View our top Dairy Free Snacks for Disney World.

    Coffee and Drinks that don’t contain dairy at Magic Kingdom

    Staying hydrated at the theme parks is crazy important and one of the biggest things you’ll need to consider as you walk ten thousand plus steps in the Florida Humidity.

    For Coffee, you can always grab a drink at your resort or enjoy one of the options in the park. On Main Street USA you’ll find Starbucks, and they offer several dairy free alternatives.

    You can also grab some morning java at the Ticket and Transportation Center before heading in the Parks at Joffery’s Coffee. While Joffery’s is found in the parks at various locations, most of them don’t have a milk alternative like the main kiosks do!

    Items we always bring with us!

    We are huge fans of Disney World, but between the reservations and lines, it can sometimes get a little hairy for food.

    So we always bring three things with us!

    Our Clevermade Cooler– it’s collapsible and insulates really well! We bring it with some snacks, or we bring it empty so that way we can grab snacks all at once and save them for later. It comes in a few colors (we grabbed blue as it’s easy to spot!) Best part is folding it up super small for when you don’t need it.

    Stainless Steel Water Bottles– you can absolutely bring in plastic bottles if you prefer. We just don’t like the way it tastes. Please note that glass isn’t allowed!

    Snacks galore!- I mentioned this above, but we always bring snacks in. Yes you can fill up on popcorn and ice cream- but we prefer a bit more balance in our diets. Our favorite items we always bring are goMacro bars as they don’t melt, and we also bring in electrolyte powder so we don’t need to grab gatorade.

    Dairy Free Magic Kingdom FAQs

    Where can you find Dairy Free Ice Cream at Magic Kingdom?

    The most common place to find dairy free ice cream is at the Magic Kingdom Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. They typically have two types of non-dairy ice cream! You will also be able to find sorbet at most of the sit down restaurants inside Magic Kingdom Park.

    Does Magic Kingdom label which options are Dairy Free?

    Yes, Disney World introduced a new plant based symbol on all of their menus that shows which items are made without Dairy, Meat or Honey. For Dairy free options that contain other animal products, you can look at the allergen menus and then speak with a manager or chef to confirm.

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