Cosmic Rewind Review for Toddlers and Preschoolers (I regret taking my 4 year old!)

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Calling all Parents and Caregivers of young thrill seekers! EPCOTs newest ride at Disney World is here and ready to explore. I recently took my newly turned 4 year old in May on the new Cosmic Rewind ride, and this is our review of Guardians of the Galaxy ride.

Is Cosmic Rewind Ok for Kids?

Cosmic Rewind would be fun for adventurous kids 7 and up. While it is a Family Friendly Ride, it is a Dark Ride with Sudden Accelerations, multiple G-Force feelings, and lots of aggressive turns. Children 4 and up could ride, but would likely not enjoy it.

Can a 4 year old ride Guardians of the Galaxy?

Yes! My 4 year old was 42 inches two months after turning 4, and 42 inches is the minimum requirement for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind! While he loves coasters at Disney including Slinky Dog and The Barnstormer, he was very scared riding Cosmic Rewind (which you can see in the ride photo below!)

Can toddlers ride Guardians of the Galaxy?

Yes if you have a taller Toddler as the height requirement is 42 inches (for reference, my son didn’t hit 42 inches till 2 months after he turned 4). Guardians fo the Galaxy is a Dark Ride with Sudden Accelerations, multiple G-Force feelings, and lots of aggressive turns, which most toddlers would not enjoy.

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Why I dont recommend Cosmic Rewind for kids under 6

As a mom to three kids 8 and under, I knew immediately that one of my kids would love to try Guardians of the Galaxy, and the other two would skip it. We had tested some of the other Coasters at Disney to know where their tolerance was.

My youngest, the roller coaster lover, who loves Slinky Dog Dash, Goofy’s Barnstormer and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was excited to try Cosmic Rewind.

As a mom, I knew that other rides had a 44 inch height limit, including the less intense Avatar Flight of Passage, leading me to assume that it wouldn’t be so intense for younger children on Cosmic Rewind.

I did ride Cosmic Rewind more than four times, and LOVED it! I had such a great time. I’ll include those pictures to highlight why I regreted taking my 4 year old.

Upon strapping my 4 year old into the ride, I double checked the safety bar, which was tight against his hips, and that the gap between the side of the coaster and the safety bar was tiny (it was about 1.5 inches, so not enough to be concerned with).

BUT I underestimated the G Force, the Sudden Turns and Accelerations on a little body. To say that he was petrified is an understatement, and my anxiety was through the roof.

All of a sudden, this very fun ride for me was no longer fun. I was hyperaware of every turn and protective parent mode kicked in because my son was so distressed. This is the same kid that loves Roller Coasters, has scaled my kitchen fridge and my roof of my house, picks up snakes and is counting down the days till he’s tall enough to ride Everest with his Dad.

While the preshow is fun, and he enjoyed it, there is not one part of the Guardians of Galaxy ride that my 4 year old enjoyed. As soon as we pulled up to stop, he was so scared and dizzy that I had to carry him off the ride.

Then when you get off the ride, you have to go up one set of stairs and then down one set of stairs- which he couldn’t even do. I’m positive his little body was in slight shock at the ride, and when he finally came around, he made me promise to never take him on that ride again.

If you want to enjoy Cosmic Rewind, I suggest using the Free Rider Swap System and leave the younger children off the ride unless you are sure they will enjoy this ride. You’ll enjoy it more without them there, and it will be a fun experience for your kids when they get older!

If your kid likes the following Coasters, they might like Guardians of the Galaxy

I’d recommend the following rides before riding Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind. Your child should enjoy these rides and be excited to try other rides like the ones below before trying Cosmic Rewind.

At Magic Kingdom:

  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Seven Dwarf Mine Train

At Hollywood Studios:

  • Rise of the Resistance
  • Slinky Dog Dash


  • Frozen Ever After

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