Coral Reef Menu Update at EPCOT- Allergy Friendly Additions

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Coral Reef Resturant in EPCOT is one of my all time favorite locations at Disney World. Yes, it’s rather simple, but it’s also low fuss, easy to get a reservation for, has great views and it includes allergy friendly+ gluten free bread service.

And if I’m willing to commit to a run on sentence… you know the food is good!

So I was happy to stumble upon their first day of an updated menu, plus got all the yummy details from the Chef! For reference, here’s a review of Coral Reef and it’s regular menu options.

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***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Menu updates at Coral Reef- Allergy Friendly Edition

Four Items were added to the menu at Coral Reef- with a few being removed/replaced. Because of the nature of my Allergens, I can’t try all the options like other non-food allergy blogs do. Here’s a list of items plus allergens to decide if these are on the list for your next trip to Coral Reef.

New menu items include a Clam Chowder Appetizer that they made gluten free ( contains soy, dairy and shellfish). The Chef said it was one of the best he’d ever tasted, and was quite proud of Himself that He was part of the team that made the recipe.

And another Appetizer, The Trio of Seasonal Dips. This only contains soy, and that can be modified off by leaving one of the dips off. They have gluten free crisps for this one too!

New Orange Glaze Sustainable Salmon, made with a Gluten Free Soy sauce! (Contains fish and soy). My Husband tried this item, and He really enjoyed that it was safe for Him. He noted two things- for one- the portion size wasn’t large but wouldn’t be an issue with the bread service and adding dessert. And two, that the soy sauce was alittle overpowering. He wants to try it again in a few months when they’ve perfected the recipe.

Plus a new pasta dish I didn’t try (contains wheat, and dairy) called Cajun Chicken Pasta. The Chef said it was appropriately spicy- not overly hot- but not something that a spice sensitive person would enjoy. Pulled Cajun-spiced Chicken, Parmesan Cream Sauce, Roasted Mushrooms, Peas, Peppers, and Onions.

Consistently one of the better Gluten Free options at Disney World, and my favorite table service at EPCOT (though directly outside the back entrance of EPCOT, I LOVE Trattoria Al Forno!)

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