Confisco Grille: Food Allergy Review (Islands of Adventure)

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Confisco Grille–located almost at the entrance of Islands of Adventure–is a sit down restaurant commonly recommended for food allergy options.

On this afternoon, I swung into Confisco for some food then grabbed Starbucks (it’s 30 feet away) before headed back to the resort. They are open for lunch and dinner, and would be a great option if you’re coming or leaving the parks because of how close it is to the entrance. Originally I tried this little quick serve and was so sad they barely had any options! So instead of heading over to Universal Orlando for this pretty decent table service option– I walked over to try something new at Confisco!

Confisco really does have something for everyone on the menu. They had an incredible amount of options, a full service bar, and easily the most allergy friendly versatile restaurant out of the two parks. (The resorts are a different story!)

So let’s talk about their menu, their procedures, some chef recommended options, and what I ultimately ate with food allergies.

confisco grille food allergy

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Where’s it located, what are the prices, and do you need reservations?

Let’s get some quick questions outta the way so we can jump into the foodie goodness! It is located in Island of Adventure. This is the same park that has Hogsmeade, Hagrid’s ride and Dr. Seuss Land.

Price was pretty comparable to lots of other sit down options at Universal. I’ve been really impressed with there pricing–it’s obviously more than a quick serve option, but comparable to like Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, etc.

You do not need reservations typically, but you can make them in advance if you think the parks will be busy (holidays and weekends that would be advised!) Reservations are easy to make- either on the phone or online- find the full list and make reservations here.

What food allergy options do they have at Confisco Grille and what allergen procedures do they have?

Confisco has a full service bar and a full service menu including Italian, Mexican, Asian, Greek, and American dishes like wood-grilled pizzas, salads, fajitas and wings!

confisco grille food allergy

This is great for those of us with food allergies because I was able to mix and match some options!

They do have a shared fryer BUT the Chef told me he would fry my order in olive oil in a clean pan–and WOW I haven’t had wings in years and they were sooooo good! Yes, you could taste the olive oil slightly, but that’s a safety feature I like with my fried food.

confisco grille food allergy

Other things the chef recommended:

  • Salads because their easy to modify with tons of toppings
  • Non breaded wings fried in olive oil with no sauce
  • Chilled tuna noodle bowl with buckwheat noodles (this is a top 8 meal)
  • Sandwiches with gluten free/allergy Friendly bun (bun has egg)

What I ate that was gluten, soy and dairy free

For starters, we had the non breaded chicken wings in olive oil! It was incredible and one of the first times I’ve had wings in years that didn’t upset my stomach (I know I shouldn’t do a shared fryer or canola oil but sometimes I’m just so hungry!)

I also grabbed a watermelon drink? I’m not much of an adult drink person but ooooo this drink was very well made and packed a punch!

confisco grille food allergy

The bartender said that the Backwater Bar was one of the most popular ones in the parks because of how ‘well’ they make their drinks (read: strong) and it was connected to the restaurant so still very PG inside.

For the main course the chef made me a Chicken Sandwich on Allergy Friendly Bun with French Fries in Olive Oil.

confisco grille food allergy

Again-it’s the little things–because this meal was absolutely incredible and 100% safe for me to eat. Very few places in all of Orlando will fry in olive oil. Plus the fact that this option is INSIDE Islands of adventure and you don’t have to jump through 100 hoops on your vacation is incredible.

What the Chef recommended for top 8 options

All of my kiddos have been very limited at one point or another, and one is still top 14 plus. So I always ask what the chef would recommend for them and share it here with you. (And I like to read my notes when I’m in the parks with them after the fact! I hate going somewhere only to be served fruit and rice.)

The Chef recommended a few things, BUT please note everything needs to be modified. So always speak with a chef to ask about options and where it’s prepared.

Wings, Salads, Chilled Tuna Noodle Bowl (can sub chicken), and Hamburger/Chicken without the bun would all be safe. Fries can be fried in olive oil, there is also fruits and veggies for the sides.

My thoughts and will I be back?

I’ve eaten at lots of Universal places this summer and I happily recommend Confisco Grille as one of the TOP locations inside the parks for food allergy eats.

I had incredible service there, a knowledgable chef, lots of options on the menu can be modified. (Nothing like going on vacation and being forced to eat the same meal every day!) Not to mention a laid back family friendly atmosphere.

OH! And it’s in a perfect location at the beginning of the park so you can eat here when you start or before you leave.

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  1. I’m assuming you are not including Tuna in the top 8 allergens? Just curious because I am allergic to all fish and shellfish but you mentioned the chef recommended the tuna noodle bowl for top 8.

    • good catch Crissy! I meant to add that the tuna bowl can be modified with several meat options (or non at all!) In october when we went, we had the noodle bowl made with chicken and a homemade sauce. Safe, delicious and the perfect carb meal after a long day at the parks.


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