Do you want to break up with the kitchen on your next vacation?

Going to Disney World with food allergies just got a lot easier 


And I’m sure you had similar feelings – Do you remember the day when you learned that everything would be different?

It was one of the lowest points in my life- but I knew I had to make this work. There had to be an option for safety AND fun. 

It's closer than you think

Even though it felt impossible at first, my children with severe allergies can actually be ‘normal’ on vacation. 

It sounds like a dream, but imagine what an allergy friendly inclusive vacation would feel like.

Would you run to the Candy Store first?

or would you just like to order top 7 free Popcorn from a stand like a normal person?

Maybe you’d try something Mickey Shaped and watch your kids enjoy a treat without feeling left out.

And Maybe, you’d take a sigh of relief, because you aren’t responsible 24/7 with grocery shopping and cooking food on vacation.

A vacation where you can truly be on vacation. 

Dear Food Allergy Family,

Everything about life changes when food allergies are thrown into the mix…

Worrying about your next meal is real…

And planning your day around allergies isn’t fun, it’s necessary for survival …

It’s a love/hate relationship with food- and most people don’t understand…

but now we have the secret to a food allergy friendly vacation! 

And what’s that?

You need Vacation Confidence

 assurance that you’re making the right choice, and that dropping $3900 on a Disney vacation is worth it

 relevant, up to date allergy information from boots on the ground

✨ Super Strategies and tips from a fellow allergy family

✨ Great advice on what to expect when ordering

✨ Must see Pictures and checklists so there are no surprises

and guides that are GUARANTEED to ease anxiety and boost vacation confidence.

All tailored for allergy families from a Disney World Food Allergy Expert✨ 

It’s time to say goodbye to anxiety, conflicting information and countless hours researching the latest data

Easy Disney Vacations

Basic plan for getting started
$ 15
  • 7 Day Food Allergy Touring Plan

The Disney World Food Allergy Beginner's Guide

Easy Planning Info
$ 29
  • Beginner's Guide to Disney World with Food Allergies Ebook

The Ultimate Value

Food Allergy Confidence at Disney World
$ 29
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  • Food Allergy Planning Templates for Disney World
  • 7 Day Food Allergy Touring Plan
  • Beginner's Guide to Disney World with Food Allergies Ebook
  • Exclusive Bonuses

Some of the things you’ll learn include where to find delicious eats and hidden allergy friendly treats like these allergy friendly churros…

How to book ADR’s with food allergies, deciding if quick serve or table service is right for you, and what to expect at Character Meals 

And other important food allergy realted topics like how (and when) to talk with a chef, which resorts are the most inclusive, what to expect on special occasions, the safest places to eat, and core strategies for food freedom no matter what time of year you want to vacation.  

I've got more questions!

The methods used and information shared relate to all food allergies. 

Food allergy menus provided by Disney only include the top8, so I teach how to find out more information related to your vacation eats. 

Contact me and lets see what else we can add. While this doesn’t dive into deep detail about every allergen in the world- the information and strategies apply to all food allergies. 

This is also backed by a 7 day 100% money back guarantee. 

Currently I do not offer vacation planning- nor do I work with a travel agent. 

The material here is about empowering you to feel confident when researching and planning a vacation at Disney World. It removes the guesswork and goes into detail about what matters most to allergy families. 

I have no relationship with Disney. I pay for all of my food, tickets, and experiences. They have never contacted me- nor am I working for them. I share because I know how hard it is to find food allergy information for Disney. 

This is an ebook- it’s stored online. You can download this book and print it off. 

Depending on what bonuses are offered at the time, you’ll find that some may be printed and others are online only. 

a totally top 8 friendly snack!

What other's are saying

Meet the Author- Seely Haislip

Mickey waffles are her favorite allergy friendly treat!

Between her Husband, 3 Kids and Herself, she manages over 20 severe allergies. Everyone in her family has something to avoid. 

She shares reviews and tips on her site, Mouse Ear Memories, and makes it her mission to spread Food Allergy Awareness. 

Now, drawing on her allergy experience, her M.A. and several years as a public educator, Seely is bringing the info to you!

It’s the trip you’ve always wanted, what are you waiting for?

Disclaimer: This information is assembled in good faith.

The author makes no claims for accuracy as Disney and company can modify menu and offerings at any time.

This is not a medical device.