Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diapering at Disney

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Where are my cloth diapering families at? I know you go to Disney because I have seen you there! Yep, I’m a cloth diapering mom (my husband loves them too) and we love to take our cloth to Disney! 

It really all started because my first was allergic to disposables.


We didn’t really have a choice! This was several years ago, and barely anything was on the internet about cloth diapers and travel. In fact, I had only found one other family in an online group that had ventured to Disney World with Cloth Diapers!

I’m going to share everything I’ve learned cloth diapering over many years at Disney World so YOU can have a smooth and easy Disney trip with a fluffy butt!

This post is part of a series I made for parents that are taking their Babies to Disney World, Check out the other helpful posts in the series for lots of insider tricks! Like this guide to breastfeeding at Disney World.

Published Jan 19, Updated Dec 19

Is it even possible to Cloth Diaper at Disney?

I’ve been asked this countless times, “But is it even possible to cloth diaper at Disney?”

Yes, yes it is! I’ve been doing it the last 3.5 years and I’ve learned some stuff along the way. 

Every single trip, it’s inevitable that I talk to someone about diapers at the parks. Either I’m changing my kid, or showing off the fluff at the park or the pool. Kinda weird but cloth parents are normally so excited to see someone in the wild! 

“Hey is that a cloth diaper!” 


“I cloth but left them at home and now we have a rash”


“It’s so HOT!” 

“I wish I had my cotton diapers so my baby wouldn’t be so hot”

(because yes, cloth is a LOT cooler in the Florida heat than a sposie!!)

That’s a conversation I’ve had with a random parent AT LEAST 3 times, and my husband has gotten it too! Cloth is so popular now, and so is Disney, So how do we make it work together?

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Can you cloth diaper at Disney World? Is it even possible? Would you want to do it if it was an option?

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Benefits to Cloth Diapering at Disney

  1. It’s Cost Effective
  2. The cloth pictures are so much cuter!
  3. It’s environmentally friendly
  4. It can prevent diaper rash in Florida’s hotter weather
This photo op was unplanned but still perfect!

Wool, pockets, AIO’s

Some of the questions I get the most relate to the TYPE of diaper. Especially for those people who have never been to Florida.

I have personally used covers, aio’s, fitteds with wool and ONE’s.

Some things to consider:

  • Wool is great because it’s so breathable BUT it’s not easy to wash on the road.
  • Covers are super easy because you can reuse the outside and they are easy to clean in a sink BUT you have no where to dry them out
  • AIO’s are great to have when traveling because you can easily put them on without assembling anything BUT nothing is reusable.

Personally, I bring a combination. I typically use covers around the resort or when we are traveling to and from the park (with extra absorbency). AIO’s go in the diaper bag and ONE’s for nighttime. Then if it’s cooler or extra hot, I will do wool and fitteds (also depends on the age of the baby here! squirmy alligator rolling babies get AIO’s).

My top tricks and hacks for cloth diapering at Disney

Bring multiple wet bags

My FAVORITE trick, is to bring lots of smaller wet bags. I have several reasons. 1. Its easy to have a smaller bag to carry around the park. 2. It keeps in the smell at the room because you aren’t opening yesterdays dirty diapers. 3. It keeps bugs away. Are their bugs at Disney? I don’t know and I don’t want to find out! I bring 3 smaller wet bags per day that I’m there. 

My Favorite brand of wet bag (and most things cloth diaper) is Grovia. If you don’t need them for long or just want to go on the cheaper side, Alva Baby has a two pack of small wet bags for the price of one grovia wet bag!

Bumkins has come out with a new Disney Collab– and I did get a few of their wet bags because they are so cute!! Definitely one of those things I bring with me to the park!

Plan to wash before you leave 

This goes for home and the park. So plan to wash before you leave home so you don’t come home to nasty diapers, and plan to wash before you leave Disney (we prefer Tide powder with the Disney water)

Even if you plan to wash them as soon as you get home, it will be much easier to wash them before you leave Disney. I had a friend get bugs sometime between her departure from Disney, the 2 hour plane ride and home. If they are clean, you have a very minor chance of that happening! 

Use bio liners 

There are several brands that make these thin pee-through liners. They are meant to catch the poop. We love the grovia brand, but word on Facebook says that paper towels can work pretty well too. You can also do fleece liners. But keep in mind, you just want to toss. You don’t want to spray or deal with poop. 

Make sure your outfits fit cloth diapers 

How many of you get cute matching family outfits, or just regular Disney inspired outfits for your kiddos?

I know I do! (I got a vinyl machine and heat press for that reason!). BUT you need to make sure that the pants/onesies are cloth diaper friendly. You don’t want compression leaks from improperly fitting outfits. 

Have a back up plan 

Your back up plan could be several things. Obviously you can bring disposables. When my oldest was in diapers, he could NOT use disposables.

So for him, our backup was to bring our entire stash (3 days worth) for a 5 day trip, and we planned to wash on day 2. It actually worked out great, and he used diapers the whole time with no problem. 

Another option is something like Grovia Biosoakers. These go inside the shell of your diaper and you can throw them away just like a sposie. I love them for traveling! Convenience of the cloth diaper shell (no blowouts!), while not having to deal with a soiled insert.

Pack extra everything! 

What if you forgot something? It might happen, but thats why I suggest packing extra. You don’t want to scramble to find safe detergent  (tide powder is my go to at Disney with Florida Water) or finding cloth diaper safe diaper balm (because diaper rashes might happen on your trip!). 

P.S.- Pack some mighty bubbles. Chances are that you won’t need it, but let’s say the diapers start to stink or the water at Disney wrecks havoc on your cloth. Mighty Bubbles to the rescue! 

Diaper Bag Tips

Wet Bags– I always try to have two wet bags in my diaper bag. They can be used for clothes or for extra emergencies. It’s also nice to warn security that you have dirty diapers! 

Diaper Bags– I also pack two diaper bags. My JuJuBe B.F.F. or JuJuBe Be Prepared and then another smaller bag. I know that sounds crazy but let me explain.

I have a smaller diaper bag that I grab if I’m going to the pool, another resort for lunch or just over to the parks for a quick 3 hour trip (think nighttime trip or early morning breakfast reservations before you go back to the resort for nap!)

That way you have your larger bag for longer trips, like all day at the park and traveling, and the smaller bag for when you need it!

Use Diaper Pods. Diaper pods will make it so easy to organize your cloth diaper stash in your diaper bag! And they are great to throw in the bottom of the stroller or another bag so you have enough changes for the day. Amazon has some cute ones, but I know Etsy has a lot of nice ones as well!

Don’t forget the Cute Photo Ops

Diaper covers are cute… but cloth diapers are cuter!

Seriously, if you’ve been doing cloth for a quick minute you know how much more adorable the cloth looks compared to a disposable diaper! Especially for photos!

Get your line up of diapers ready for each day and plan to take lots of super cute pictures of those fluffy butts! Even better if you have some custom diapers that need the perfect background (cough cough all of Disney!)

My favorite reason for doing cloth at Disney with my daughter (who isn’t allergic) is how cool it keeps her- AND the photos! They are so adorable!


So basically, cloth at Disney is amazing. I absolutely recommend you cloth diaper at Disney, at least part time. It will keep baby cool, looks adorable and can prevent a lot of travel rash.

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