9 Clever Ways you’ll want to use Airtags on your next Disney Vacation

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When you’re on a Disney Vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is losing track of your belongings or, even worse, your little ones amidst the excitement. Enter Airtags, your personal magic genie that keeps a watchful eye on most important things for your vacation.

These coin-sized trackers, effortlessly pairable with your iPhone, enable you to attach them to keychains, backpacks, strollers, and more, transforming them into a digital tether that grants you peace of mind.

Below we’ll talk about places to put Airtags, the best options for attaching them, and clever airtag uses to make your vacation as Stress Free as possible!

There’s a lot of ways to use Airtags at Disney World to make your trip easier. You do need to keep in mind that using several airtags and checking them (while using your bluetooth) can drain your battery! Plan to bring a portable charger or use FuelRods at Disney World.

Are Airtags good for Disney?

Airtags are a good option for Disney for two reasons. For one, there’s lots of people using iPhones and the Find My Network, which means your Airtags will have consistent updates through the bluetooth network. The other reason is that Disney is the size twice the size of Manhattan- roughly 43 square miles- and that’s a lot of space to loose your things!

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How Many Airtags do you need for Disney?

You can have a max of 16 airtags on any account- I have 10 in rotation that I use at Disney (and you’ll see those examples below!)

Most Disney Guests will use between 4-8 to track their various items, but your needs may vary.

The Best option is to purchase the multipack of Airtags, which tends to be on sale for less than 100 dollars most days. This gives you 4 Airtags to use on your trip- for your luggage, your keys, your stroller and your kid. Grab more Airtags as necessary.

You can purchase Airtags at any major retailer, directly from Apple, or at Places like Amazon and Target.

Airtags for your Kids

How do you keep track of your Kids at Disney? With an Airtag! I’ve officially embraced being ‘one of those parents’ because it just makes life easier to keep track of the kids. I’ll be honest that I’ve lost all three of my kids at Disney at one time or another on my work trips- it’s much easier to find them now that they have airtags on their person at all time.

You can see more comparisons on Trackers for Kids at Disney (including distance ranges)

We grabbed a Disney Airtag Holder from Amazon for our toddler! We’ve used it for a Week Long Trip in April, and a weekend Staycation in May. It did not fall off- it was great for the pool and water play- and my toddler kept it on the whole time because it had Mickey and Minnie on it (a win!).

Other things we’ve done include pinning the Airtag (in a holder) to their clothes, putting it on a lanyard, and trying lots of bracelets (our favorite one is linked above and shown below in pictures- it has worked SO well and not fallen off once! )

Because Airtags are Water Resistant, we used the bracelet in the pool, at the Water Park and when we were doing the Gemstone find at Fort Wilderness.

For your loved ones

My Aunt, who I love to pieces, is one of those… She’s older, needs hearing aids, and will not answer her phone when she comes with us to Disney (if she even has her phone on her!). She’ll find a stranger and strike up a conversation and before we know it, we’ve lost her.

Que the Airtag I lovingly gave her to keep in her pocket. When she wants to go shopping, or sit and watch the parade while I’m taking the kids to a ride, I’ll know where she’s at. And when she moseys to some other location besides our meet up point, I’ll also know where to find her!

In your Wallet/Near your important Cards

Yes, this can be your actual wallet that you take with you inside the parks.

But also, it can be left inside your items you leave in your hotel or resort room. If you’ve brought cash, or a passport, even if it’s in the safe, it’s wise to add a discrete airtag to the mix. If anyone goes to take it with an iphone, they’ll know that the airtag is there (but so will you!).

Check prices for an Airtag holder for your wallet on Amazon

In your Car as a Car locator

There is nothing worse than getting out of Disney after a long day of 20k steps, and not know exactly where you parked your car!

I leave an Airtag in my car so I know exactly where it’s at when the end of the night comes, and I don’t have to do the old ’emergency button’ trick to find my vehicle. While there’s nothing wrong with using the Emergency Button, everyone else is ALSO using their emergency button and it can be confusing to know which direction to walk with all the horns squawking.

On your Keys

A few years ago I was talking with a friend about Theme Parks… She said the first and only time they went to the Parks, they lost their keys. The ended up having to get a ride to their hotel for the night, and having to deal with a locksmith in the morning. It wasn’t a highlight to their vacation.

⭐The last thing I want to be doing at the end of a long night is worrying about my keys, or thinking I dropped them or left them somewhere so you best believe they’ve got an airtag on them!

There’s a lot of keyring airtag holders on Amazon, I went with the dust and water resistant option. I’ve had it almost a year now and it’s still in good condition and keeping things safe and sound.

In your Stoller

If you’ve been to Disney before, you’ll know that Disney employs Cast Members whose sole job is to organize the strollers. This means that the do (and WILL!) move your stroller around the designated stroller parking areas.

⭐ It is unlikely that your stroller will be in the exact same place you left it, though it should be in the general area.

I went heavy duty with the Stroller locking option and choose a locking Airttag holder. This does need an allen wrench (and it comes with one!) but I attached it BEFORE security, because I wasn’t sure what they would say about bringing a tool into the parks!

In your Bags

Can you bring Airtags through Disney Security? Yes! There’s no issue with bringing in Airtags through Security.

And they are so handy for your bags, especially if they get left behind. Just so I’m not pointing any fingers, I’ll list out all of the places that our bags have been accidentally been left at Disney in the last two years.

  • At multiple restaurants, including Mama Melrose, Crystal Palace, Tony’s Town Square and The Grand Floridian
  • In the Hotel Lobby
  • Inside the Bathroom (and we almost had to get into it with security on that one, since left behind bags are a hazard. Thankfully it wasn’t an issue for more than a few minutes!)
  • At the EPCOT Playground
  • Under the bench at The Beauty and The Beast Show
  • At the Animal Kingdom Playground

(Also, do you need a list of Disney Playgrounds? Find all the Play Areas inside the Disney Theme Parks here!)

For Comfort Items

Most importantly, the baby doll ‘Baby’ and the favorite stuffy, ‘Bear’, have tags on them (actually sewn into them, so they can’t be removed)

We’ve left them in the parks twice now- and both times we were able to find them thanks to the tags! My son left his Bear in the UK garden Maze in EPCOT and a nice security guard walked with us after 9 to grab it because we could see the Airtag. And a Cast Member helped us find Baby when she was left in Hollywood Studios at the Muppet Vision 3D after she had been placed in the back.

In your Luggage

It goes without saying that Luggage can easily get lost- or placed somewhere you wouldn’t have expected.

With an Airtag, you’ll be able to find your luggage (or at worst, identify that it is NOT where it’s supposed to be!) I recently used Airtags on my Disney Cruise and it was so helpful for knowing when my bags had made their way to my room (and that they were on the bus when we drove to the Port!)

Airtags are so helpful at Disney World

There’s a lot of ways to use Airtags at Disney World to make your trip easier. You do need to keep in mind that using several airtags and checking them (while using your bluetooth) can drain your battery! Plan to bring a portable charger or use FuelRods at Disney World.

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