What’s Cheap to do at Disney World?

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A Disney World Vacation is a magical experience. But it comes with a price tag! So many people are wondering, what’s cheap at Disney World?

Well, that’s a loaded question! It really depends on what you consider expensive.

I like to talk about things to do at Disney World that don’t require a lot of money for several reasons.

For one, many people come and only do a few days at the park. But there are other things to do at Disney and Orlando to extend their vacation.

For two, locals like to visit Disney, but the price tag can be a bit much month after month. So knowing that their are still fun, yet affordable options, can make a big difference!

While these are all paid, you can get the list of free things to do and get at Disney World!

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What’s Not Cheap

I’m going to make this very brief, because I cover so many things in my budget series. But people need to have realistic expectations when they get to the parks.

Yes, you just spent a lot of money on the travel, the resort and the tickets- but the spending doesn’t stop there. Food, especially character meals, can add up very quickly.

Souvenirs also tend to be the one of the biggest expenses on Vacation. Disney kind of dupes you, because they use a color coded system and they have the prices somewhere tucked to the side.

This benefits them because you take the item to the cash register, they can also change prices at a moments notice.

Here’s the list of Budget Friendly at Disney World

I didn’t really know where to draw the line on what was truly cheap- because some would say free and others would say under a certain dollar amount.

So, as far as I know in early 2019, these are all less than 20 dollars a person. But Disney is Disney- so call ahead for pricing, because you just never know!

Go For a Run (free) or Fun Run (cheap)

Yep folks, it’s true. Disney has a running course for you to enjoy at many of the parks.

What’s also true, is that they have “fun runs” that are similar to the runDisney events, except they are at the resorts, not the parks.

These runs with run you (pun intended) around 15 dollars for registration the day of the race, and they are also fun for the kids to do! You can talk to your RESORT< key word here, as many people on the Disney phone line aren’t aware of the fun runs (I mean, it’s just a job for them, for us other folks, disney is life!!)

Disney Pin trading

 A Disney Classic that is still alive and well is Pin Trading! Hopefully, this makes the nostagilic crowd happy, because generations of Disney Fans have now participated in this timeless fun.

You can find lots of pins before your visit, like bags of them on Amazon (or dig the old ones out of the memory chest!) and then pick up a new collection at the park!

You’ll find that most regular cast members have Disney Pins to trade, but not all. What you will find, is hidden cast members with the motherload of pins for trading! You’ll want to keep your eye out for cast members with large boards of pins- I promise it’s worth the wait!

Mini Golf 

There are two Mini Golf Courses on Disney Property (and a host of them in the greater Orlando Area!). Both of these courses are themed after Disney Design.

Fantasia Gardens and Minature Golf is themed after Fantasia- with hippos and broomsticks and Mickey the Sorcerer.

The other course is a winter wonderland named, Winter Summerland. It is a play on words, because it looks like snow and sand and winter- all in one! Since it never snows at Disney, its one of their infamous play on words- like blizzard beach water park!

You can access both of these courses with Disney Transportation. The current going rate is 14 for adults and 12 for kids 3-9, just make sure you call ahead!

These courses are both very enjoyable and will run you around 2 hours to complete when you factor in the wait times.

Go Bowling 

Want some family friendly fun while enjoying some adult beverages? Splitsville Luxury Lanes could be exactly what you are looking for!

Located in Downtown Disney, Splitsville is part bowling, part restaurant and lots of fun! They have two sushi bars, billiard tables and Live Music with Dancing. It does tend to get a little busy during the evening, so call ahead for a table.

Watch a Movie

Likewise, you will also find a Movie Theater in Downtown Disney! Like anything that Disney designs, they went all out with this Luxury theatre.

From concession stands and hot dog foods to a luxury dining experience inside the theatre, you can have it all!

That’s not the only option- the other is free is you are staying at Disney Property. Many of the resorts have a movie night by the pool or campfire.

You can get the list of times, locations and movies from your resort (though sometimes they have it posted in the cafeteria or the check in area!)

Pressed Pennies 

This Disney Pastime is a relic that is still popular after all these years. You can find these nifty machines scattered throughout Disney, some lined in rows along the wall, others tucked into hidden corners.

Check out the updated info on Pressed Pennies at Disney World

The fun in pressed pennies is finding all the machines and getting to choose your design. Turning the crank wheel to press the penny is also a favorite among the kiddos!

Get Coffee and Relax by the water 

Disney has done a really nice job of making their resorts and grounds areas enjoyable for the kids and relaxing for the adults!

One of our favorite places to grab a coffee and enjoy the morning is at the Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter. You can even take a boat here from Disney Springs after you get done with your movie and bowling!

Another great place to relax is the Disney Boardwalk. We like to go here in the afternoon while there are games and live performers. You can get your fill of ice cream or grab an adult beverage! It’s a win win.

Beautiful Villa Del Lago “Three Bridges Bar” in Coronado Springs

Grab an Adult Drink and relax by the pool! 

The beauty of this is you can take part wherever you are staying, from Disney Property to off site. it’s the perfect way to wind down in the late afternoon after a long morning at Disney World.

Vacations shouldn’t be super stressful, so kick your feet up and enjoy the Florida Weather! There are a few more tips for making your vacation as stress free as possible, you can check those out and make your vacation one you will actually enjoy.

Rent a Bicycle 

This is the perfect thing to do on any day in Florida. Take a leisurely ride around one of the many resorts and just soak up the sunshine!

Disney has 8 places to rent a bike from, right under 20 dollars. They also provide the helmets for kids are 16 and child safety seats.

The locations for the bike rentals are at the following resorts:

  • Caribbean Beach Resort
  • Old Key West Resort
  • Port Orleans Resort- French Quarter
  • Port Orleans Resort- Riverside
  • Saratoga Springs Resort
  • Wilderness Lodge
  • The Cabins and Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

Catch a Concert

Epcot also has some amazing concert series- these are free with park admission though.

Most of my High School and College years were spent at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney.

The concerts there are fun, engaging and still personal because of the size of the venue. They have concerts all throughout the year- even on the weekdays. It’s worth checking out if you enjoy live music!

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are many things to do around Disney Property that don’t require a ticket. These are fun things that can be done on arrival or departure day so you can experience the magic without the stress. these are also fun things to do on a Disney “OFF” day from the parks! Pair these with my list of free things to do at Disney and you have yourself a FUN day!

Have you participated in any of these Disney adventures? Let me know in the comments below!

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