Possibly the Best Certified Gluten Free Pizza at Disney World (Gf/Wf,Sf, Ef, Pn/Tn Free- can be dairy free)

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Eating around Disney World has it’s perks, but it can be hard to keep up with all the ‘new’ stuff added to the menus.

So when Pizzafari started carrying a new pizza crust, it totally flew under the radar! I headed back there this past week to do my semi annual update on the Animal Kingdom quick serve options (you can see the full guide for Animal Kingdom here) and was SHOCKED at how good this pizza was.

We’re not talking about regular cauliflower pizza that has a weird taste. Or the palatable but sadly hard pizza that often comes in the grocery aisle.

AND THEN I found it at another location. The Manager and Chef there told me it was being rolled out property wide…

So let’s talk about crispy yet doughy pizza that tastes almost as good as gluten pizza WITHOUT the gluten and certified gluten free!

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Top 8 Friendly Allergy Crust at Pizzafari in Animal Kingdom

This pizza crust is made by “Nation pizza and Food” and is a Certified Gluten Free Cauliflower Pizza. I’ve seen the ingredient list, but because it’s food service only, I’m not finding it listed online! (They do have a very basic website)

It’s made with rice, potato, and cauliflower (plus olive oil, xanthan gum, yeast, salt, sugar, water plus preservatives).

 It is FREE FROM dairy, soy, egg,gluten/wheat, fish/shellfish, all nuts, sesame. 

May be corn free depending on your sensitivity to derivatives but no corn is listed directly. I have reached out to them to learn more about the facility and shared equipment concerns. 

Previously Disney carried Udi’s and Rich’s brand crusts in the parks (and they could always go back/ have some one place and not another place, depending on supplier options). 

What I love about this new crust?! It’s soft! It’s not super crunchy, but there is some crunch in the crust. It’s HUGE! 

Disney also offers dairy free cheese, either diaya or follow your heart depending on supplier options at the time. 

Have you had this new brand?

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