Casey’s Corner- Food Allergy Options- Magic Kingdom

Casey’s Corner is, quite literally, on the corner of Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom. It’s actually the first quick serve that you’ll come to when you enter Magic Kingdom (unless you want to count starbucks) and it’s a very cute themed area that leads into the main shopping plaza.

This is not a favorite quick serve for our family because they have some really limited options- like they don’t have a kids menu which can be hurtful if you are on the dining plan as they will use an adult credit for a kids meal.

They also don’t have an actual allergen menu- just you speaking with the chef to see what modification you can make so that you can eat the foods. BUT there are many quick serve options that do have allergy menus!

Here’s what we grabbed the last time we went in there- though, eater beware, it isn’t as fun, easy or safe as most of the other options in Magic Kingdom! It’s likely we won’t go back unless absolutely necessary.

The Allergy Safe Food

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Ignore my son’s hand. We got a hotdog and some french fries
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My friend loved her regular hot dog though…

The Menu

We had to speak with a chef who broke out the binder- no menu to quickly look at. Here’s what they offer.

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