Review: Cape May Cafe Dinner Buffet Gluten Free + Allergy (+ Menu!)

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If you are looking for a filling meal, at one of the favorite resorts on property, come to Cape May Cafe for dinner! This is located out the back entrance of EPCOT (the international gateway entrance) and a very short walk from the other Boardwalk Resorts (Swan and Dolphin, Yacht Club, Boardwalk Resort).

You can also access Cape May from the Skyliner, as it’s very close to the EPCOT Skyliner depot.

Cape May Cafe is an all you care to enjoy meal, served Buffet Style. Buffets at Disney World are alittle different than the ‘outside’ world, here’s a guide to Buffets at Disney World with Food Restrictions.

This is not a Character Meal, as Characters are only found for Breakfast! See the Character Meal menu for Minnies Beach Bash Breakfast here.

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Connect with me if you have questions after reading!

Quick Notes for the Seafood-and-More Dinner Buffet at Cape May Cafe

Location : Beach Club Resort on the Boardwalk (can access by the International Gateway entrance of EPCOT, Skyliner/Boat from Hollywood Studios and Skyliner Resorts, Drive, or walk from Boardwalk Resorts)

Meal Type: AUCE Buffet

Price : Currently 42 per adult and 25 per child plus gratuity and tax

Reservation Required: No, but recommended

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    Food Allergy Menu for Cape May Dinner

    looking for the Character Meal Breakfast Options? See this post for Cape May Cafe Breakfast.

    Notable Items on the Menu:

    • Chicken, Beef and Fish (can be customized)
    • Lots of Seafood options
    • No Peanuts listed on the Allergy menu, but Treenuts are present
    • Allergy Rolls
    • Enjoy Life Cookies
    • Gluten Friendly Mickey Domes and Cakes

    Food Allergy and Gluten Free Review of Cape May Cafe Dinner

    Since this is a Buffet, and I don’t feel comfortable with the Cross-Contact Risk, I spoke to a Chef.

    When I talk to a Chef, I have my allergies in a Note on my Phone and I also write out what I’m interested in eating. Most of the times the Chef will take a picture on their company phone to reference and the Chef today did the same (I do think it helps to speed things along!) See more about the scripts I use and what I ask about here.

    The Chef brought out the Allergy Rolls, these are Bloomfield Farms brand. They do not contain gluten or any top 8 allergens.

    Next up was the food tray. They did bring out a LOT of food (so I took a doggie bag home to my puppers). Be sure to let the Chef know where your appetite is at.

    The Chef made the salmon fresh for me as I needed it without one of the spices. Then there was Chicken, Beef and Shrimp. Not shown/Not ordered is Tofu and Plant Based Sausages for those that need meat alternatives. Also not shown/ not ordered is the wide variety of clam, mussel, shrimp options like paella and seafood salad that could be modified for many of the allergens.

    There were several sides to choose from that could be customized for all top 8 allergens and gluten free- I only got the veggies. There was also fruit salad, regular salad, and soups.

    The meal was perfect- no complaints as it’s pretty standard Table Service Fare.

    Last, but not least, was dessert! This location is famous for ‘towers’ of desserts, and while I’ve gotten a famous tower in 2016, I was VERY happy with my spread. (The towers are fun but messy to eat!)

    Here we have No Sugar Added Cheesecake (contains dairy), Labeled Gluten Friendly Mickey Mouse Domes (contain egg, dairy, soy lethicin), and Coconut Chia Pudding which contains Coconut! There there was strawberries and enjoy life cookies crumbled up with chocolate syrup. Truly an incredible spread and one I will recommend for Birthdays and Celebrations for those that can have Dairy and Egg.

    Would you enjoy this option? And Do I Recommend it?

    This is a Seafood Heavy Buffet, and while it has other options like Beef and Chicken and Vegan offerings, it’s heavy on the Seafood. If you enjoy Seafood and Fish (including the smell), I highly recommend this location.

    It’s a great option when you are looking for a big meal and it also goes relatively quick if you want to eat and get on with your trip! (looking for a shellfish free location? here’s a list of those!)

    I would not recommend this to someone looking for a quiet meal as this is an open wall restaurant and gets very loud. Incredibly Family Friendly and great if you want to eat, laugh and be merry.

    Final Summary 

    This is another one of the great options on the Boardwalk. I love Trattoria Al Forno and Ale and Compass, which are both a short walk from Cape May Cafe.

    See more about EPCOT with Food Allergies.

    It’s super important to note that not all options above will always be gluten free. We learned this the hard way when we had a several different items actually *not* gluten free.

    If you need more recommendations, menu options, secret menu items… go to the Unofficial Gluten Free Disney World Guide

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