Cape May Cafe Breakfast- Gluten free and Allergy Friendly food (Menu, Photos, Reviews)

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Good Morning from the Cape May Cafe Beach Bash Breakfast! I just had breakfast with the Characters here at the restaurant and it was a pleasant experience.

Cape May is a super fun character meal, and there were also some pretty good allergy friendly options! There’s good gluten free eats, dairy free eats, and some options for the top 8 allergy friendly crowd.

We’ll talk about the Cape May Cafe food, the options, and the allergy procedures as well as the fun character options and festivities available.

Where’s Cape May located at Disney World

Cape May Cafe is located in the beautiful beach club resort! It is a beautiful resort that has a lot of nice amenities, and it’s easily accessible if you are staying at any of the resorts on the Boardwalk area and is one of two character meals here. The other is Trattoria Al Forno with the princesses and their guys.

What to expect at Cape May for Breakfast

Cape May is a character meal, and it is also a buffet. This means you get to eat your meal with the Characters Walking around and you’ll be getting up to grab food from the buffet.

However, I recommend telling your server about your allergies and having the Chef bring the food from the back so you don’t have a cross contamination risk.

Does Cape May take the Dining Plan?

Cape May does accept the Disney Dining Plan. It is one Table Service Credit per person. You can learn more about the dining plan here.

What’s Special at Cape May?

At the cape may cafe disney breakfast, they have the cutest characters!

Seriously! The Festive Beach Attire is such a summer mood and it is a family favorite. Everything about the Beach Club is ‘beach themed’ and it has one of the best scents (though the restaurant doesn’t smell overwhelming)

But really, the Characters are special, and even though the designs are a little older, it’s still one of my favorite outfits (besides this brand new character meal that is so incredibly cute!)

ADA friendly note about Cape May

If you use a mobility device there is a good amount of room. The bathrooms are separate from the restaurant, so you need to go out the main entrance and around the entire restaurant to get to the ones on the side (that are accessible by stair if you are inside the cafe). It is also a buffet- so that always presents problems if you don’t have someone there to help you!

Precautions and Eating with Allergies at Disney World

For one, when you reserve dining, make sure to list your allergies (they don’t have options for all, so pick what you can!) Then CLARIFY at check in that you have allergies, get an allergen menu and ask to speak to a chef or manager.

Please consider talking to a manager or chef- especially if you have more than one allergy and ESPECIALLY if you have a cashier that might seem like they don’t know what they are doing.

For me, the times I’ve had exposure was when the cashier/server didn’t understand/didn’t properly list the allergies/gave me incorrect information. In their defense, they aren’t necessarily trained in allergies- so talk to a chef or manager if you are concerned.

You know those gut feelings that something isn’t right. Speak up! They have never (ok once at a quick serve place did a cashier give me grief) given me any problems.

Food Allergy Review of Cape May Cafe Breakfast

The first time I came to breakfast here, I came by myself.

We did this intentionally because my husband has a shellfish allergy and I was curious how the reactivity would be, so we didn’t risk it with him or the kids and I had been warned online that Shellfish usage was huge at Dinner Time.

Thankfully we’ve had no reactions to Shellfish at Cape May or Beach Club- but those with airborne allergies tend to avoid this place.

What’s specifically gluten free?

They have Gluten free waffles (with the soy flour) there and the dedicated irons. This is a golden malted mix that is made on shared equipment. Some people with gluten allergies avoid this brand. They also offer oats here, but again, they are not certified gluten free.

For other gluten free eats, I highly recommend the Steak and Eggs, the breakfast Vegetables, the gluten free donuts, yogurt with fruit and omlets!

Other Food Allergy Options

For allergy-friendly waffles, they have the namaste mix, but the chef cautioned against waffles because they are shared with the soy flour. Instead, I got pancakes that were soooo gooey. 0/10 do not recommend.

There are breakfast potatoes which tasted very similiar to the ones I had at the plaza a few months ago and they are absolutely delicious! I highly recommend them!

Plus Erin Mckennas donuts (mmmmm I love their food) with some rice milk, they also had soy and almond milk for those that don’t do dairy.

Not to mention standard breakfast options like fruit, bacon and sausage, yogurt, scrambled eggs/omlets, and oatmeal. They do offer tofu for the plant based eaters and they also serve a breakfast style shrimp hash.

Of course I had to order some tea because they offered it and I felt fancy dining by myself enjoying the silence while I drank my tea. So that was a very cute touch!

I got to see all of the characters in their beach best- it was adorable and I love it! You’ll find Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy in their beach gear. Though if you ask Daisy, the outfits were her idea.

Ordering Food and The Cape May Breakfast Allergy Menus

Initially my server tried to do a relay between myself and the chef, but she was having such a hard time. She grabbed the chef and we went over what we could and couldn’t get. The chef did suggest grabbing things from the buffet- but also not to use the waffle iron because of cross contamination….. SO I asked for everything from the back.

Buffets give me serious anxiety anyways, I mean, think about the number of people that just freely carry allergens out into public (like nuts!!) that have no idea about the allergy community. I just can’t do buffets.

Here’s the allergy menus!


There’s been some rumors that the namaste mix was discontinued… but thankfully they still have it!

What’s the cost?

For my adult meal, for the character breakfast, I paid 41 dollars plus tax and tip. I’ve said it before but I’ll repeat it now- the meals aren’t just for food. They’re for the character interactions.


This was a great place to eat, very casual and laid back. It was so cute too when they did the ‘surfing lessons’ with the characters for the kids to dance and hang ten. I love character breakfasts, they are just the perfect way to share the day and they are so much fun!

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