Can Legoland Florida be done in one day?

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If there is one question that I get the most as an Orlando Theme Park Strategist, it’s the infamous “ Can this be done in one day” Question. 

Your queries have been heard my theme park friends, as we’re going to cover how you can do LEGOLAND in one day. 

Yes, You can do Legoland Orlando in one day if you cut out some of the options available, and focus only on the rides or lego building areas. 

How long does it take to go through Legoland Florida?  In order to experience everything at LEGOLAND from the main park and the water park, you should budget for three days. This will give you time to enjoy the rides and shows, while also giving you the creative time to play and experience all of the LEGO themed building opportunities. LEGOLAND Orlando is also only open for 7-10 hours at a time, depending on the season, and it can be hard to fit everything you want to do in only one day.  

If you are only planning one day there, definitely check out the LEGOLAND Hacks post to maximize your time, and the LEGOLAND Budget Post to save money (as one day tickets are the highest priced!)

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But, Is one day enough for Legoland Vacation? 

If you only have one day to spare, maybe as you’re coming from a vacation at one of the other Orlando Theme Parks, or you are pairing this trip with a separate day at the beautiful Bok Tower Gardens, you might be surprised to learn that one day isn’t “enough” for a trip to Legoland. 

One day alone is not enough to see and experience everything there is to do at LEGOLAND Orlando! Below you’ll find a touring plan idea for just coming for one day, but if this is a once in a lifetime experience you’ll either need a good bucket list, or you’ll want to plan for more time. For those that plan to come back, enjoy a day or two in the parks, and then head back this way in a year or so to experience the rest of the fun that you skipped the first time! 

LEGOLAND is even adding a third gate, in the Peppa Pig Theme Area, which means that you could easily do four days especially if you have young children. If your kids are older, or you are coming as an adult, then you can add this Peppa Pig Area to your Water Park day and still get everything done in three days. 

In order to make LEGOLAND worth the trip, it’s ideal to plan for either a very full one day vacation, or more than one day there.

One Day Touring Plan Idea for Legoland 

(to maximize your One Day at LEGOLAND, come during the off season so you don’t have to deal with as many crowds!)

-Arrive 45 minutes before park opening. Parking opens 30 minutes before hand, as you’ll get stuck in a very long line if you show up too late. 

-Park and head through security and the front gate. Pack only what you need, and consider clear baggies to make bag check easier. 

– Typically the park is opened in two teirs. The first teir is the front section of MiniLand, Duplo Valley and the shops/stores in the first half of the park. An hour later the rest of the park opens. 

– Head to the left of Miniland and go to the LEGO Race first as this has a longer line (or save it for right before park close!) 

– Then go straight to the boating school, driving school and flying school in the LEGO city section. These all get long lines in the afternoons. 

-Circle back and check out the Imagination Zone, and then grab lunch around 1pm to avoid the lines. (or 11 am- never at noon!) 

– From there head to NINJAGO world followed by Coastersaurus, Safari Trek, Beetle Bounce, Pharoah’s Revenge, Royal Joust, and The Dragon in the Land of Adventure/LEGO kingdoms section. 

– Cut across the shortcut and go to the Fun Town 4D Theater for an afternoon air conditioned break. 

– Then enjoy Duplo Valley, The LEGO movie world, and any last minute ride you didn’t get to do. 

While this touring plan skips the live shows, several rides, the botanical gardens, the water park, and fun at the LEGOLAND resorts… you will get to experience every land in the park as well as several lego building options. 

Best Food Options if you are only at LEGOLAND for One Day 

There’s a few things you can do for food, but if you are only there for one day I highly recommend staying inside of the park and eating there. 

Inside the park you will find quick service/Fast food type eateries, and depending on the season there are many to choose from! 

The Best Option for Lunch is the LEGO City Burger Kitchen. This Quick Serve is right in the Middle of the Park, so it’s very easy to get to! It’s always open when we go, and they’ve got a gluten free bun too! 

Another Option can be bringing in water and snacks since you will be pressed for time to get everything done in one day. 


Here’s the Planning Wrap Up… 

You can visit Legoland in one day, but you won’t be able to do everything. If this is a once in a lifetime trip, consider at least two days at LEGOLAND Orlando. If you might be back, or you have a short bucket list, then one day is enough. To see everything at LEGOLAND Orlando, you’ll need three days. 

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