Chip and Dale’s Campfire at Walt Disney World- Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly

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The fun things that Disney World offer can’t really be summed up in one sentence. From Fireworks around cinderellas castle, to boat, monorail and skyliner rides, to meeting your favorite characters and singing Disney songs around a campfire… there’s a lot to do!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know that Disney World had a campfire sing along with chip and dale, nor did I know how to get to it. BUT I’m always looking out for new things to do, so one afternoon I stumbled upon this golden nugget while researching our stay at the Cabins at Fort Wilderness.

While the stay at the cabins was awesome (and great for us because it had a full fridge!) the campfire sing along was also a new experience with our allergy kiddos.

First things first- it WAS difficult to get to. You need to take an internal bus around fort wilderness and that can be a handful if you have a mobility device. The area was also set up with bleachers and rocks/sand with a walkway on the perimeter.

The Campfire itself was on the walkway/concrete area which made it easy to access there- and it was low enough that it was ‘kid friendly’.

There WAS a superintendent there to manage the fires, and they were set far back in the middle of the pit (which is a huge relief for parents of little kids!)

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totally covered in marshmellow… then we went and did the hokey pokey!

Despite going there for the campfire, the best part of the evening was the entertainers and meeting Chip and Dale. Lots of silly songs and games and dad jokes that had us laughing and enjoying the evening outside without even knowing that we were at Disney World. The event was also free… keep that in mind. You can just go for the jokes and character meet.

What We Ate

It would be a dream if they had accommodations for everyone- but this wasn’t the case. Similar to the water parks, they had what they had. You can purchase supplies at a smaller RV stand by the campfire, or at the main store as you walk in.

We ended up just buying sticks and marshmallows, as we had brought our own graham crackers. The kids had no idea that what they were eating was any different from the other kids- I am so thankful they can experience things without like an outsider.

I grabbed my graham crackers before the trip- snag a box on amazon. They are a great snack to take into the parks because you don’t have to worry about them melting, and sweet treats are notoriously hard to find at some places around Disney World.

Will we be back?

absolutely! This was one of the things that we really enjoyed because it wasn’t entirely food focused. there was a large field to run and play, cute songs and dancing, and just being outside together as a family. This is a something I really recommend if you come to Disney and want to do something on your off day.

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