Top 5 Tips for a Budget Friendly Christmas at Disney World

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Christmas time is so magical- and it can be super fun at Disney World. But with the fun comes a price tag! 

As someone who loves Disney, but not necessarily the higher price tag since we go monthly (it’s not a once in the life time trip here!) I am all about finding the best deals when it comes to the Parks. And the Holiday’s are no exception, in fact, it’s when I see some of the highest prices at Disney (not saying they are price gouging, but not saying they aren’t raising their prices either!)

Then there are also the special events. Are you planning to come to MVMCP this year? Or dreaming of coming but haven’t decided because of the price?

 Either way, I understand, AND I have some helpful budget tips to make the most of your special Christmas time vacation! 

Let’s look at my top 5 tips for a Budget Friendly Christmas at Disney World 

Disney wants you to buy a bunch of Holiday Souvenirs 

You come to the parks, experience the Disney Magic and like all guest, you wind up in one of the many shops scattered throughout the park. Maybe because it’s part of a restaurant, or because you are seeking shelter from the weather. 

Thing is- Disney has some REALLY COOL stuff- like really really cool. And before you know it, you’ve convinced yourself you need something from the store. 

That isn’t a problem- unless you are on a budget and you start seeing stuff you like in every store.

If you are on a Budget here’s ideas for merchandise

  • Bring at least one or two souvenirs to the park that you purchase ahead of time to help combat the need to buy stuff. 
  • Or having a small souvenir for each day depending on the parks is another great options. 
  • Set a strict budget and use gift cards to stay on track
  • Put more of your food or travel budget towards cute merchandise
  • Shop on ShopDisney before your trip to see if you really want it, or is it an impulse buy

Come to MVMCP instead of getting a park ticket for that day.

When it comes to planning a Disney Vacation, one of the first things you think about is the tickets and how many days you want to spend at the parks! The great thing about coming at Christmas time is a separately ticketed event called, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas! 

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas event starts at 7 BUT you can get in as early as 4 pm. What many vacationers will do is purchase the ticket for Mickey’s Christmas, but not have another ticket for the morning time.

That way no ticket is “wasted” on a half day in one park before jumping over to Magic Kingdom for the Christmas Party. 

Pick the best dates for success

Another thing that is essential to consider when looking at a Budget Christmas Disney is to consider the dates. Christmas season really runs from middle of November to the first week of January (many of the decorations from Christmas 2018 stayed up till the 3rd week of January 2019!).

With that in mind- the most expensive time to come is the week of Christmas through the New Years. 

So if you want to experience Disney at Christmas my recommendation would be to come right after Thanksgiving through the second week of December. Plenty of time to enjoy the festivities, without the insane price tag (not to mention crowds. Disney regularly maxes out the parks on Christmas Day!) 

Plan more Off Days than Park Days

When people plan for a Disney World Vacation, they like to think that they should come to the park for 5 days if they have a 6 day vacation. And I get that. You want to squeeze everything in while your here.

But consider for a second, all of the things you can do outside of the parks that don’t require a ticket.

And then consider that when the holidays are around, you can do even MORE stuff that doesn’t require a ticket. This means you can do the tree trail in Disney Springs, enjoy the gingerbread houses at some of the resorts and then go to a local mall to meet Santa Claus- all without buying a Disney World Park ticket.

Don’t buy every holiday treat you find, even if Disney is really good at Marketing the Holiday Options

Notice how everyone gains weight around the holidays? It’s because the treats come out in force! Disney is no different, in fact, you can find holiday themed treats EVERYWHERE starting sometime in late September and running through January.

With so many amazing options it can be exciting to try them all- but wait! Set some limits on what you want to purchase each day- otherwise you’ll end up gaining the holiday AND vacation pounds, all while spending triple the price for a cute Christmas cookie!

Plan for some delicious holiday treats, especially at Magic Kingdom and Epcot- especially if you want to post them on instagram! Just remember, all things in moderation. 

Consider adding on other Theme Parks, as they all have Christmas options included with their ticket

There are three other Theme Parks within 45 minutes of Disney World. Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando and LEGOLAND Florida. All three of them have Christmas time attractions and overlays (plus food, fun and festivities!).

Yes, I agree that Disney World is amazingly fun at the Holidays, just dont forget that there’s other nearby places with even MORE fun Christmas options.

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