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Taking your Baby to Disney World Series

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Disney is the magical destination for millions around the world- and rightfully so, it’s absolutely wonderful! Many Families come to Disney World, and lots of them have little babies and toddlers.

If you’ve ever been before, you know what I mean. Beautiful sites, themed rooms, fun rides and the most amazing food. If you’ve never been- you need to prepare for this magical adventure!

Things can get a little confusing though, if you have a baby…. Why? Because all of a sudden you have this little one who has needs that you need to put above your own. You need to know what is baby friendly, what rides to go on and how to manage your family with the baby. 

WHEW. That’s a lot of planning!

The good news is I have done Disney with three different pregnancies and with two very different babies (at the writing of this, I’m currently expecting my 3rd little Disney baby!)

I’ve been there. From Confused. To self proclaimed “Disney World Baby Pro!” And I’ve listed all my knowledge in the “Bringing Baby to Disney World Series” after 3 years of taking my young babies and toddlers to Disney World at all times of the year.

Is it Easy to Take a Baby to Disney World?

It’s pretty hard to go to Disney a few times a month (as an annual passholder) and see all the mistakes that parents with young babies are making- NO judgement here, I feel BAD.

What they needed was a guide before they got to the park and realized they under packed, under budgeted and under planned for their “relaxing” vacation.

You want a magical trip, and it can be done with baby. You just need to know what to plan and what to expect!  Disney is a really great place to vacation with a Baby- they are designed with the family in mind!

So rest assured, you are in good hands. This trip will be magical, I promise! 

If you are too busy to read this all right now (of course you are! Taking care of baby!) PIN this for later. Just try not to wait till you are on the way to the park, because planning ahead will be very helpful. 

Click the links below to take you to all my secret knowledge for having the best trip ever with baby in tow! From Pregnancy to Toddlerhood- we cover it all!


Lots of parents have questions about going to Disney World with an expecting mother. This post will cover most of your FAQ’s and provide some helpful tips! Going to Disney While Pregnant

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Taking Baby to Disney World

Have no fear, taking baby to Disney World can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

If you are a Type A planner (that’s me!) you can rest assured that you will find the information you need to plan and organize your magical vacation. And if you aren’t a super planner, you will still find lots of helpful tips for taking your young children to Disney!

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Didn’t find what you were looking for? Leave me a comment so I can get back with you! I love helping Parents enjoy their Disney trip- Just ask away!

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