Briar Rose at Disney [important info and pictures]

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Move over Purple, a new color is in town. Well, not technically new, the rose gold craze has swept the world for a few years. But this year, Disney has come out with an all new line of beautiful rose gold inspired merchandise.

But purple is still popping too- so if you need the info and pictures on that, you can find out about where it came from and what’s available in potion purple.

So now, lets dive into all the rose gold goodies available at Disney from food to merchandise and everything in between!

The Briar Rose Story

Potion Purple has been widely successful at Disney, and that’s a good thing! Because now we have another color to love… Rose Gold!

Briar Rose is just the latest in amazing color combinations inspired by popular culture and fashion forward thinking.

It was appropriately named after one of the favorite Disney Princesses, Princess Aurora, aka the ‘Briar Rose’.

So What Merchandise can you expect to find

The wonderful news is that Disney is a pro when it comes to figuring out what the crowds want!

And we want it all!

Briar Rose is available in many different products.

Everyone’s favorite is the FOOD

It’s fair to say, that most Disney Goers are curious to see what fun treats Disney has in store. Especially because they have been coming up with some really cool ideas and fun treats (and let’s be honest here, we all have a Disney food profile on our instagram to check out what the latest stuff is!)

Briar Rose came out with their own collection of fun inspired rose gold treats!

That’s all folks

Are you excited for all the beautiful rose gold items in this Briar Rose Collection?

I certainly aim! Rose gold is my JAM!

Though, I may be more excited about what colors are coming next, any guesses?

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