REVIEW: Boma Breakfast still great allergy friendly option

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Before the ShutDown in 2020, Boma was known as the ‘best breakfast on property!’.

With it’s high ceilings, low key ambience and all you can eat buffet of delicious options, I was very happy to eat at Boma back in pre-coronovirus days.

Some things have changed with the offerings, but this is still one of the best breakfast options on property when you have food allergies!

Why Boma should be reserved on your next vacation!

For one, the price point and amount of food is really ideal. There’s not a lot of rushing around here, no characters to interact with, and the overall atmosphere is more relaxed. So you can enjoy a meal at the right price point and actually feel like your on vacation!

For two, there’s a number of really good options here for food allergies (with the exception of egg, we’ll get to that in a moment!).

There’s kinnikinnick donuts in both glazed and cinnamon (yes, I had to google how to spell that!), Udi’s Muffins in blueberry and chocolate, Omelets, Sausage, Bacon, Salami, Ham and multiple fruit assortments.

For the Allergy Mickey Waffles, they offer Bloomfields Top 8 free waffles (which were sadly raw on the inside for me this time). They also have regular waffles which are safe for egg, pn/tn, f/sf.

The caveat with egg allergies, is that by itself it’s manageable, but when you add in other allergens with egg, it gets harder to manage.

My husband was gluten free/shellfish free and had a number of items! He enjoyed the selection of meats, had mickey waffles and donuts, had an omelet and yogurt parfait (made in the back with modifications!)

Likewise, for my dairy/soy/gluten/msg allergies I had waffles, muffins, donuts, fruit salad and a veggie omelet. They offered Soy Free Earth Balance Spread as well!

Sadly, the vegan chocolate mickey that they offered before the shutdown was axed. Now they offer Erin Mckennas as the allergy friendly alternative. It’s still delicious, but I enjoyed unique touches.

These are NO LONGER offered!


Breakfast is VERY hard inside the parks when you are managing allergens (with a handful of ADR exceptions), and I highly recommend eating at the resorts or bringing in options for food.

I talk about this inside the Food Allergies Made Easy Disney World Guidebook, but you need to be aware the buffets are not your friend when it comes to allergens.

Please speak with a Chef or Manager and request your items from the back.

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