Boatwrights Dining Hall- Gluten Free and Food Allergy Dinner Review (Port Orleans Resort Disney World)

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Port Orleans resort is one of my favorite resorts when it comes to allergy friendly options.

I mean- Beignets are always a winner. And everything else with that is a bonus! While Port Orleans doesn’t have character dining, then do have two food courts and a table service called Boatwrights.

I had heard some good things- but there aren’t many reviews about this place (which is surprising now consider what I’m about to tell you!) The kids and I took a trip over to Port Orleans Riverside to catch a bite to eat and check out the grounds. It’s literally on a river and has boat access to Disney Springs (which has the famous allergy friendly bakery we have come to know and love!)

Overall- there are so many options to choose from! And desserts. I am shocked at how friendly this place is! 

But before we get to the food, let’s talk about the atmosphere. 

It’s very laid back here- very southern style. AND they have sweet tea, something that is surprisingly hard to find at Disney World! 

Our waiter was super sweet, especially considering I was solo with three young kids. They fit right in as it was very family style. Not loud like Chef Mickey’s, but not quiet like Grand Floridian Cafe. Just the right kind of place to enjoy a home made meal with your family! 

Let’s talk about Allergy Friendly Options. 

So what you’ll see is all Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Shellfish Free, Egg Free, Peanut Free, Treenut Free. We did have fish- but this is something you could easily avoid. I ordered a bunch of kids meal so I could sample all of the goodies (seriously can’t believe how great this allergen menu is!) 

First up are the appetizers- the rolls are a top 8 option- not like the ener-g rolls that have egg. They normally come with earth balance butter (or whatever butter you can have) but they were out so I was served olive oil!

Steak was great. Cooked Perfectly!

Fish was very plain as kids items are. Perfect for those that don’t want spices. 

Potatoes were deeply cooked- not the norm, but the kids thought they were great. 

Let’s sit for a minute and talk about the Chicken- this is likely the only thing I wouldn’t recommend getting and I had a nice long chat with the server about this. It doesnt say it clearly, but the Chicken is cooked with some herbs. I didn’t realize this at first and truly thought the chicken was spoiled. 

BUT the Chicken had rosemary cooked on it which made me think it was rotten. Turns out it wasn’t the chicken, it was the rosemary. Not recommended- the kids wouldn’t eat it and neither would I. 

We also grabbed some noodles- sauce was perfect especially since their was so little because kids tend to get it everywhere!

I will say that it took awhile for dinner. We’re at an hour here and just getting dessert, thankfully the food was phenomenal for allergy friendly offerings and it was a great place to sit and enjoy your time. 

The talk of the town- DESSERT

Dessert is a sore spot for many with allergies- but there were MULTIPLE options to choose from here! Amazing. We got all of the allergy friendly ones we could have. 

Rasperrry, strawberry and sweet tea sorbet trio- heavenly. 

bananas are in the top corner!

Then there was Rice dream ice cream with sides! This was the last of the Rice Dream but I hope it becomes a thing again. 

sprinkles are allergy friendly but contain soy lethicin

Last but not least was homemade (homemade!!!!) chocolate covered bananas. Absolutely a delicious frozen treat! 

The Food Allergy Friendly Menu’s for Boatwrights Dining Hall

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