Gluten Free Blizzard Beach (Disney World) Menu, Photos, Snacks

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Blizzard Beach is back open at Disney World, and we went to try out some of the Gluten Free options available. 

Since the location is typically only open from 11am- 5 pm, most of the items are very ‘fast food’ lunch style choices. And these items are available at other locations around Disney Resort, so nothing here is stand out as a must get item. 

There is one other Water Park, Typhoon Lagoon, and while they are closed right now, they do seem to have a more diverse menu if you get the option to go there on vacation. 

Can you bring in Gluten Free food to Blizzard Beach?

Yes! And I’d recommend bringing in some snacks or even a meal. My favorite thing to do is order lunch at the Resort Quick Serve around 10:30 and pack it to go since Blizzard Beach opens at 11!

Can you mobile order Gluten Free food at Blizzard Beach?

Yes, and this would be the one place I’d recommend mobile ordering! They typically have pretty low wait times, and it’s very easy to flag down a coordinator to check items before you consume them. Place your mobile order while your hanging out in the park, and then check with a Coordinator right before you hit the ‘I’m Here’ button to make sure your order is right for you! Mobile ordering also leaves out a lot of modifications and ‘secret menu’ items, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, order in person. 

✨ First time to Disney World? Grab your Gluten Free Disney Guide

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Gluten Free Blizzard Beach Menu at Lottawatta Lodge 

There is one ‘main’ quick serve at Blizzard Beach where they have an allergy/gluten free prep station. It’s called Lottawatta Lodge and it’s very close to the entrance of the park! We’ll talk about a few more options below where you can find the occasional gluten free goodie, but for main eats, head to Lottawatta Lodge! 

Gluten Free Menu offerings at Lottawatta Lodge

Double Bacon Cheeseburger for 16.79 on a Gluten Free bun

Gluten Free Chicken Breast Strips for 10.49

Plant-Based Bratwurst Sandwich for 10.49  on a Gluten Free bun 

Entrees are served with Apple Slices, House-Made Chips (Gluten cross contact) or French Fries (dedicated fryer) 

Florida Garden Salad for 9.29. 

Allergy Friendly Cookies (David’s Brand) 

Kids Meal includes the Allergy Friendly Chicken Breast Strips or Rice Noodle Mac and Cheese. Served with Apples or Mandarin Oranges or Fries. 

While your here, the Gluten Free Disney World FAQ is essential for knowing where to start!

Allergy Information is available by speaking to a Coordinator and checking the Allergy Book. I do like to confirm that brands used are the ones listed in the book, as some updates are not labeled or there has been a supply chain change.

On that point, it is different (and slightly problematic for me) that this guide is formatted so differently from the other ones in the parks, and that there is no ‘updated date’ listed at the bottom of the pages.

Note that while Enjoy Life Cookies are listed in the book, they were not available at my visit. They were at Typhoon Lagoon in 2022 and I hope they make it over to Blizzard Beach soon!

Wait times overall aren’t bad, but there are a few things you should plan for on your Blizzard Beach trip!

Other Gluten Free Items “Secret Items” Available at Blizzard Beach 

There’s several options at Lottawatta Lodge that are not on the menu that can be made gluten free! 

For starters, the Roasted Chicken Rice Bowl can be made Gluten Free. 

There is also a Hamburger at 11 dollars, and the option to add proteins to the Salads. You’ll have to talk to a Coordinator to order any of those combinations. 

Over at the Cooling Hut you’ll find popcorn, yogurt and fresh fruit. Plus Mickey Ice Cream Bars, Olaf Bars, and drinks. 

At the I.C. Expeditions trailer you can get ice cream. There is a lot of cross contact here, so stick with items you feel comfortable with. We typically just get a pail of soft serve ice cream with no toppings after a glove change. 

Joffrey’s has coffee available.

SnowBalls/Blizzard Beach Artic Expedition has Roasted Nuts. (It’s one name on the app and another in person). 

Lastly the Warming Hut which has Dole Whips. They also have two menu items that would be interesting to those that are ‘gluten light’. The Shrimp Louie Lettuce Wrap and the Loaded Nachos. 

It’s super important to note that not all options above will always be gluten free. We learned this the hard way when we had a several different items actually *not* gluten free.

If you need more recommendations, menu options, secret menu items… go to the Unofficial Gluten Free Disney World Guide

Old 2019 Review of Gluten Free Blizzard Beach

This is very typical gluten free fare at Disney World.

You can expect burgers, tenders and salads to be common at quick service locations, and it’s exactly what we ate here!

blizzard beach gluten free
Typical Burger- but we did enjoy the steak fries!
Standard allergy strips. I’m not a huge fan of these so I normally get them with cheese! But the kids ate these ones.
My husband loved this chef salad.

I will say though- that getting a hot burger/fries/tenders was probably a bad idea considering it was SO hot at Blizzard beach over the summer. I would recommend getting one of the lighter options, especially since they dont have A/C. If you want more tips for staying cool, I have them all here!

blizzard beach gluten free

blizzard beach gluten free
back side of the allergen menu

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