Blizzard Beach at Disney World- Gluten Free Review

Water parks are a lot of fun in Florida’s weather- at least if it isn’t raining!

We went to Blizzard Beach the other day to cool off in the water and have some fun in the wave pools. It really is a great place to go as a family!

I’ve noticed that we tend to spend more time together just talking and laughing when we are at the water parks. Less hustle and bustle and more of a relaxed atmosphere!

But we need to eat too- so I packed up some snacks, we ate before we left, but we also grabbed a bite to eat at the park!

You can also check out the other gluten free options at Disney World, I’m reviewing restaurants that my family has eaten at and documenting it along the way!

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Where’s it located?

When we first arrived we asked where to eat, and the cast member said the best place was Lottawatta Lodge.

This is located directly when you enter the park. It is one of the very first buildings and absolutely impossible to miss.

Is it kid friendly?

Super family friendly!

We had a great time at the parks and the restaurants. It really is a low stress way to enjoy a disney day. Nobody cares if your kid is laughing loud or hollering. They are outside and it’s very casual.

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What’s the atmosphere like?

It’s cute. It’s quaint. And it’s all outdoors!

Makes sense, since we’re all in our suits, but I wish there was some A/C!

I wasn’t super impressed with the cast members. I personally had to go from spot to spot to find the allergen menu and they were way more laid back than i would have liked.

I also had to be #thatmom that asks them to change their gloves when I got a drink, because the same person giving out food and touching all the gluten foods was also the same one that grabbed my drink.

I know that CC is inevitable- but my kids can only handle so much when we go to the parks, and blatant disregard for CC is a no go for my kids! My husband does ok (plus he gets exposed to all sorts of weird stuff at his job). Just keep your eyes out for other people that aren’t aware.

What’s the menu and what we ate!

This is very typical gluten free fare at Disney World.

You can expect burgers, tenders and salads to be common at quick service locations, and it’s exactly what we ate here!

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Typical Burger- but we did enjoy the steak fries!
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Standard allergy strips. I’m not a huge fan of these so I normally get them with cheese! But the kids ate these ones.
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My husband loved this chef salad.

I will say though- that getting a hot burger/fries/tenders was probably a bad idea considering it was SO hot at Blizzard beach over the summer. I would recommend getting one of the lighter options, especially since they dont have A/C. If you want more tips for staying cool, I have them all here!

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back side of the allergen menu

Will we be back?

Yeah, we really like the water parks, so it’s inevitable that we’ll be back to grab some yummy eats!

I am going to try to go to the other smaller places and see what offerings they have. Since we only ate at the biggest place, I didn’t feel up to hunting for more food.

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